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Reviews for Buckingham Bullet-Style Throw Weight - 12oz Orange NULL

4.1 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 16 reviews

Poooooop - 10/26/2017
Reviewer: Nick neylon

It's a loose sack of poop. It just flops into crotches and gets stuck. I was going to use it strictly for extra weight, but the only attachment is the giant ring, that loves to wedge in stuff. Also not very durable. 2 stars, because yes you can huck it through the air, it's just that everything after that point is regretted.

Don't bother - 10/11/2017
Reviewer: Matt

Don't bother with this throw weight. I used it for a few throws and the stitching managed to break very quickly. It only gets a 2 because after I had it sewn up, it's done ok.

Already broken - 10/05/2017
Reviewer: Matt

After only a few uses, the stitching on this broke. This gets 2 stars because after i got it sewn up, it's done fine. I wont be buying this again though.

Already broken - 09/29/2017
Reviewer: Matt

Im dissapointed with this. Used ot for a couple days, the stitching came undone already. I had it sewn up and it's currently fine, but that shouldnt have happened

Dissapointed - 09/27/2017
Reviewer: Matt

After maybe a week of light use, part of the stitching came undone. I now have to buy another throw weight. Spend a bit more on something else.

Great for the price - 01/09/2016
Reviewer: Joe

Good deal and very durable.

Nice - 01/06/2016
Reviewer: DW

I recently added this to my gear bag. The quality is exceptional for the price. Works no different than a much more expensive version. Way to go buckingham. Thank you

Buena - 12/31/2015
Reviewer: Maycon Flores

Tengo una de 12oz es increíble súper fácil de lanzar para competición

Great throw weight! - 12/07/2015
Reviewer: Justin Smith

These throw weights are great! Definitely like the "bullet-style" better than traditional weights which often get stuck in tight branches. Large, closed ring, allows different size ropes to run through. Thanks TreeStuff!

Affordable and well made - 04/05/2015
Reviewer: Justin Grabosky

Very affordable and seem very durable. Bought an extra one to see how much abuse it could take and I still havent broken it. These shoot out of my homemade throw ball lauchner well and throw well. I would recommend.

owner/climber - 03/05/2015
Reviewer: frank soltis

this is a very good product and very highly recommended. they r super affordable and make my job a whole lot easier. i bought 2 of these now and will keep on getting them if i need them. the fabric is double stitched and very strong, ive put my first 1 through the ringer and was still in perfect shape before the theft of it...

such a tiny object - 08/13/2014
Reviewer: Ryan Moffenbier
Such a tiny object thats huge in quality, if you need throw weights use these. I would expect them to sell for twice the amount but our people over at keep the prices rock bottom

Great product & Super Fast Shipping! - 05/22/2014
Reviewer: Kelly E. McClelland
First order and I am impressed with the speed of getting it out of INDY and down here to me in Orlando! WAY TO GO. Nice to have a little extra surprise thrown into the bag and will get some use out of that!

I am a casual user of throw weights. As a ham radio operator, I use it to get antennas up in the trees for portable operation. I'm great with a slingshot but in heavy canopy or tight quarters the throw weight is a winner for up and down control. This one seems to be a winner for me as the quality is nice, the price is outstanding and it is Kelly Green too.

I'll be sure to spread the word about to my ham radio club and through my blog posts at too.

My tshirt size is large and I'll wear it proudly.

Thank You TREE STUFF - 04/21/2014
Reviewer: Eric K.
Thank you TREE STUFF for you better than anyone customer service as well as ahead of schedule shipping. You have exceeded my expectations on product quality every time that I have ordered from you, this last order you even sent me an extra throw weight simply because my exact color on the order could not be fulfilled, that in and of itself says enough. I will be a TREE STUFF fan for life!!!

nice, durable - 04/15/2013
Reviewer: Colin
Works well and is a good price. Stitching is holding up so far, but the seams are bulging a bit after multiple falls onto pavement.

Here i thought i was going the buget rout with these... - 01/12/2011
Reviewer: rulgert the tree saucer builder
I wasn't expecting this...but these Buckingham Throw Weights are really nice!...i'm not joking.

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