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Reviews for Rope Logic TriTech FlipLine with ISC Snap

4.8 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 21 reviews

Amazing - 09/20/2018
Reviewer: Justin

Been climbing with this WP lanyard for over a week and i absolutely love it. Would definitely recomend it to any climber.

TriTech flipline - 09/08/2018
Reviewer: E

I work in fire/rescue so I got this to use as a positioning lanyard for tower rescue. I prefer to use a VT for positioning rather than a Grillion or rope grab. Nothing new to add about the line; its a sturdy line and the ISCs are used often in rope rescue so all good there.
Lots of people are commenting on the color. I get that an arborist wants to be able to see his line to prevent accidental cutting. Just as an FYI - Technora can't be dyed. Thats why this type of stuff is always the tan color (or white as in the case with climbing slings that use Dyneema).

Awesome Lanyard - 01/03/2018
Reviewer: D.P.

This rope is proper! Used the 15' and made a custom setup somewhat similar to the Sterling Ultimate Positioning Lanyard and incorporated some of the Shizll rope sliders (They do fit over the eyes). Gives full on double tie in or offers the versatility of two lanyards for passing branches and even can tie into your bridge with single line and use as a short climbline. Everybody needs one of these on their saddle! P.S. make sure and get a lanyard manager clip to help keep the extra slack neat and tidy.

Very good lanyard - 12/11/2017
Reviewer: The Woodpecker

Recently started using this lanyard and isc snap.the triple action of the snap is very solid with no rough edges. Nice and light too. After putting a few climbs in with the tritech flipline I feel like it will be a long lasting piece of equipment.

Lanyard - 12/10/2017
Reviewer: Brandon

I use this lanyard with a rope grab and holds very well. Over all a good lanyard and would buy again.

Great quality!! - 12/05/2017
Reviewer: Cody Soliday

This is my first time using the tritech flipline with the ISC snap, I ordered the 20 foot length so I can also use it for a long climbing line. Would highly recommend this for everyone!!

awesome - 12/18/2016
Reviewer: Ricky

so this purchase of the 10ft tritech flipline came highly recommended, i give it a 5 extremely durable smooth with the configuration i use , dmm pinto dmm ultra o and 8mm armor plus prusik tied as a vt. i like the triple action snap takes a little getting use to , would like to see it in a brighter color tho, anyhow i would recommend buying this , 

Superb! - 04/30/2016
Reviewer: Eric

I bought this to replace my steel core flip line for when I'm not using a chainsaw. It's very durable and strong. Nice and stiff too for flipping. The ISC triple snap was a breeze for me to get used to (i've only used the double until now). Great flipline!

ABR TriTechFlipLine with ISC Snap, Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!! - 04/27/2016
Reviewer: Dan LaValley

ABR TriTech FlipLine with ISC Snap is my favorite lanyard, runs through crotches and hardware smoothly, unlike myself.

Very strong, solid, good hand, super sweet ABR splice and the ISC triple locking snap is my favorite for a lanyard setup as well. Burly precision equipment, bonus round yahtzee, JAMBO, you name it, its got it.

And with an ART Positioner 2 with a swivel, child please.

5 stars, five a's, five exclamation points and five y's, yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!

I miss this flip-line - 02/18/2016
Reviewer: Bryan Hill

i ripped this flip-line in an earlier review because of its color. Now that I have already worn out a flip-line made of 1/2" high-vee I realize how durable and smooth the tritech flip-line from ARB is. I will overlook its color now and order another. I still wish its color was less natural, but this is the best flip-line I have ever used.

Increíble - 01/08/2016
Reviewer: Maycon Flores

Increíble la firmeza súper duradera uno de las mejores

Great lanyard - 01/01/2016
Reviewer: Matt Heder

The tritech is the best rope material around for lanyards and the triple action snap is genius! It's a match made in tree heaven.

Last safety you'll ever buy! - 12/31/2015
Reviewer: ezra thom

absolutely the toughest flip on the market, lasts longer than any other cordage for the abuse it takes and can easily handle silkie kisses without issue

Great flip line except the color - 10/26/2015
Reviewer: Bryan Hill

I have used this flip line for about 3 years and think it is a great piece of gear. The rope is very durable and I like the snap. I was just about to order a new one, but I recently cut the tail in a tree full of ivy. The only problem with this flip line is the color. It is the same color as a lot of the branches I am often cutting. I have been very careful the last few years using this line to not have cut it sooner, but if it was a less natural color then that would be one less factor I had to concentrate on.while staying aloft. I really wanted to order another one of these flip lines, but I will wait till there is a less natural color.

Nice flip - 04/07/2015
Reviewer: Joe Hopper

Nice flip-line for pruning and general use. I got the 20footer and also have a 15 that I use more regularly. The triple-action snap can take a bit of getting used too but is a real nice piece of gear. I like how tough the TriTech is as well. I use a Bee Line e2e with a micro pulley for adjustment.

Awesome set up! - 04/03/2015
Reviewer: Aaron Byer

Fantastic product! The snap will take some getting use to, but already after an hour of use it felt better. I have this set up running in the ART Positioner2 and it feels great. The 11mm size is perfect for that device. So smooth. I like that the tritech is a little more stiff. It makes a great lanyard and flipping it around a trunk is effortless. Thanks TreeStuff!

Awesome product - 02/10/2015
Reviewer: Paul

I received this lanyard and was very happy with the tritech! The triple locking Isc snap is built well. Very tough and rigid like I was hoping. I bought the 15' option so I'd have lots of length to work with. So I'd strongly suggest buying this product.


Tritech submission - 08/18/2014
Reviewer: Drew
I've ran this lanyard for awhile which means that I like it. A bit slippery on rain days and absolutely no chance of a knot but all in all, great...really smooth with your hitch and great cut resistance. A 20 ft. option would be nice as well.

Tough Flipline - 01/10/2014
Reviewer: Mark Tournier
Cut resistant, 11mm is a nice size, slightly stiff which is great for flipping, non conductive when dry and clean, not as heavy as wire core, Longer life span than standard fliplines, triple action snap-safety, snap opens wider than older style lanyard snaps.

Being a bit stiff makes it harder to double wrap around smaller limbs, not spliceable, triple action snap takes a little practice to do it with one hand.

Overall I really like this flipline for removals especially on the spar. For pruning or if you use your flipline as a second line the stiffness can be a bit of a drawback at times but this is definetely not a deal breaker.

Solid piece of gear - 03/26/2013
Reviewer: Alex
Nice lanyard! Paired with ART positioner, so far seems like a great setup. Time will tell. Has a reputation for being durable rope from fire service experience. Not too keen on the triple action snap just yet, but since it has eyes on both ends, I may end up using a Triac biner on the other end and remount the ARB positioner the other way.

Durable and tough. - 03/12/2013
Reviewer: Pete
I've been looking for a tough and durable rope lanyard and I think I may have finally found it in the Tri-Tech. This lanyard hasn't frayed as others have to this point in its service life. So far the Tri-Tech is giving the Maxi-Flip a dead heat run for the money in terms of surface abrasion resistance. The MaxiFlip is losing some of its color. That race is going to take more time to tell, but for now, I'm thinking the Tri-Tech is the odds on favorite. The downside of the durability comes at the expense of some flexibility of taking wraps around small diameter limbs. If you're thinking that a Trango Cinch could work with this, my personal experience is a definite no. While it 'fits' in the Trango, meeting the 11mm requirement, it is a very tight fit in the two cinches that I have and has given very unsatisfactory operation in the Trango for me. For an overall durable lanyard, non wire core, the Tri-Tech cord gets high marks.

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