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Reviews for Buckingham Ergovation Tree Saddle

4.9 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 33 reviews

High Quality saddle - 08/21/2017
Reviewer: Nick Johnson

I purchased the Buckingham ergovation about a year ago, fanatastic saddle overall only issue I have with it is the belt clasp won't stay in the tightened position that you fit it for around your waist. So you end up having to adjust it after every climb. Other than that it is a great saddle worth the money invested. Comfortable, light weight and easily customizable.

Comfort Comfort Comfort - 07/09/2017
Reviewer: James Simmons

I love it. Once you adjust it properly it evenly distributes your body weight wonderfully without sacrificing mobility. Every position I have been in so far with this thing, upside down, right side up, standing, sitting, swinging, or leaning, it has preformed awesome. Also gives you a real sense of security while either climbing, swinging or just hanging out taking a break and enjoying the view.

Amazing harness - 03/18/2017
Reviewer: Jayden z

I've had the same harness for about 6 years a Buckingham delux with a baton at least I think that's what it is I needed a new harness and looked and looked forever talked to several people with this harness a few said your too young your back isn't bad enough for this a few others said it's too expensive I looked at as many harnesses as I could find and no matter what I always came back here i got my harness about a week ago so not a super long time but even after long days of removals soar and tired as all **** I got home my harness with a few more pieces of equipment were sitting right there on the doorstep from the states to Canada a day after ordering I had it and so I had to try it out went up in a maple jumped out oh need to adjust this a few more adjustments over the next couple days and now all I do is clump on clouds this harness is amazing!

Ergovation is my favorite. - 01/03/2017
Reviewer: Nicholas Bennett

Love this saddle. Plenty of loops for all of my tree stuff. Comfy. Fairly light. Well made. Been getting the Ergo since 1st gen.

Totally worth the money - 01/02/2017
Reviewer: Randy Treeman36

I recently purchased/received my Ergovation from Treestuff so I haven't had a whole lot of time in it just a couple small climbs, that being said however, WOW, it is in another world compared to the previous Weaver saddles that I have used!!! I , like another reviewer was a bit skeptical at first about the extensive use of Velcro , but , it is NOT being used for PPE so it is totally ok!! Buckingham has done an OUTSTANDING job with this saddle though, so far it has surpassed my expectations!! Thanks Buckingham , and Treestuff , you guys Rock

best saddle - 10/30/2016
Reviewer: michael stevens

i love mine it best saddle i love it so nice

best saddle every - 05/01/2016
Reviewer: michael stevens

it the best saddle every love mine

Back problem fixer - 04/29/2016
Reviewer: Sean price

With having some back problems from over 29 years of tree work I email treestuff about what they thought the best saddle would be for me. Luke the owner of treestuff himself emailed me back and made a great recommendation . I love this saddle it put me back in the trees. 

Back problem fixer - 04/29/2016
Reviewer: Sean price

With having some back problems from over 29 years of tree work I email treestuff about what they thought the best saddle would be for me. Luke the owner of treestuff himself emailed me back and made a great recommendation . I love this saddle it put me back in the trees. 

Very comfortable and stable - 03/19/2016
Reviewer: Chris Everest

Upgraded from a pinnacle to the ergovation and the difference is incredible. Completely changes how i climb and makes it far easier to limbwalk. Very comfortable even after 6 to 8 hours in a tree and when i misstepped off a limb and took a decent plunge, the saddle was very forgiving even with a shock load on my climbing line.easily one of the best saddles on the market

Contest - 01/11/2016
Reviewer: Pat Russomanno

Beat Saddle for Removal's there is had down.. super comfortable fully adjustable everything about this saddle is designed in my opinion for the ultimate arborist that does mostly big removals there's nothing worse to me then having a 66 strapped on the side of you and it's pulling your saddle down hurting your back as you're in a very uncomfortable position as it is to me this saddle eliminates all those problems extra back support plenty and plenty of gear loops to put everything imaginable on your saddle while your in the Tree,you know what I'm saying I've had a lot of top notch saddles out there and this is the best there is in my opinion for removals... somehow if I win the grand prize for the $500 gift card I'm by me a true motion just to try something new and honestly and I most definitely keep in the saddle ride along next to my other one if I was hopin to win itso thank yew tree stuff maybe you can make my dream come true brother grand prize free motion saddle

A Career Advancement - 01/04/2016
Reviewer: Paul

This harness was a huge early-on upgrade for me from a very basic introductory saddle I received from a friend. I liked to climb before I purchased the Ergo, but after purchasing it I absolutely loved climbing and was comfortable to be in a tree for 8-10 hours easy. As I've advanced more into my career - I realize how much a professional upgrade purchasing the Ergo was and how that really changed my view on gear - sometimes using the best equipment possible can make a big difference. I don't regret buying it earlier on in my short career either - when I didn't have a lot of money to spend on gear - it was probably the best thing I could spend my money on.

Great saddle - 01/04/2016
Reviewer: Shayne Keller

Great saddle have been climbing in mine for about 3 months and love the lumbar support

Great Saddle - 01/01/2016
Reviewer: Jordan

I've owned this saddle for almost a year now for personal use aside from my daily harness at work. Fits great, plenty of gear accessory loops, durable buckles and above all its super comfortable to work in. I would recommend this saddle to anyone from beginners to seasoned veterans.

Great harness! - 12/31/2015
Reviewer: Treefrog

I have been climbing in this harness for over three years and have been very happy with it. I find it more comfortable than all other harnesses I have used to this point. It has held up well over the years. I did find it to be a bit bulkier than expected and all the Velcro had me worried initially but as I said it has held up fine. I have enjoyed this harness so much that my brand new treemotion has been sitting collecting dust. Curious to see how my treemotion compares but it's hard to not use what I know I already like. I have also had problems keeping my large caritool from slipping out of place. Still it's a great product! Thanks!

great saddle - 10/23/2015
Reviewer: lyle

2 years ago I got this saddle in a medium I bought it cause of the reviews and was not disappointed I just got another another in a small do to the fact I lost a lot of weight I would recommend to anyone that spends a lot of time in the trees

Great - 04/24/2015
Reviewer: Luke

This is a great harness for spending extended times sitting in the tree, we recently retrofitted a high ropes course with new flying foxes and rebuilt the landing platforms and it was not unusual to spend 8 hrs in the tree. The tree motion is great but for long periods using your hand this saddle kicks butt.


Excellent Harness for removals - 04/15/2015
Reviewer: RhysF

Straight off the bat, watched the videos on youtube on how to set up the harness. Stripped it down and adjusted it was nice to be able to move the side "Dee's" into the desired position. Have had the harness 2 days now and done 2 removals with it and have had 460 and 660 on it, guess what? didn't even sag!!!! such a upgrade from the treemotion (my opinion) will hang onto treemotion with tight trees and competitions in mind as ergovation is designed for comfort and support and working, slightly heaver than other harnesses, but like a hiking backpack once its all strapped on you don't notice the weight.

Review Contest - 04/10/2015
Reviewer: Patrick Russomanno

I have this Saddle I've been working in in 4 to 6 days a week for 2 years now !!! By far 1 of the best saddles out hands down. Extremely comfortable, Extremely well built. They definitely went all out when it came to the design and the structure of the saddle. #1 saddle for removal's No more pulling your saddle up cause your (big) saw is weighin it down. No more sore back with the extra lumbar support and the velcro strap that goes around your waist before the quick release buckle. Your mid section actually feels stronger with it on. "So if your looking for the #1 saddle out there hear it is.. Definitely Recommend It !!!

Best comfort you can get in a tree - 04/05/2015
Reviewer: Justin Grabosky

This is the most comfortable you can get in a tree. The back pad is huge so its like sitting in a chair. Everything is there that you would expect in a saddle of this caliber, gear loops quick buckles, etc. My only complain is the belt loop and the rope bridge adjustment come loose as you climb but thats nothing zip ties wont fix. Awesome saddle would recommend.

Arborist - 06/25/2014
Reviewer: Keith Stevens
I've had the liger, the Sherril edge, the buckingham master classic, and have used the tree motion. This is above all else the hands down best harness that I've used in the 9 years that I've been climbing. I've heard complaints about the weight , but that makes no sense really when you consider that you climb with a chainsaw and other gear attached . The weight is minimal for the quality that you get in craftsmanship and materials. Long term, very comfortable. Worth the 5 hundos

Glad I spent the money - 04/14/2014
Reviewer: Charlene
I hummed and hahed for a while before I pulled the trigger on this purchase but I am glad I did. I used this saddle for several years before but I did not personally own it so when it came time to buy my own I was not sure if the extra money for this saddle vs the new less expensive Ergo-lite would be worth it. I have decided that it was worth the extra money. It is comfortable, offers great back support and even though it is heavier I do not notice the weight. Tree stuff as usual offered great customer service and got it to me very quickly so I was able to start breaking it in as a competitor at the North American Tree Climbing Championship. I was impressed with how quickly it formed to my body, needing virtually no breaking in. Tree stuff's presence and sponsorship of the event was also greatly appreciated. Thanks again Tree stuff :)

this is the diference - 02/01/2014
Reviewer: cm
I bought this saddle last year and climbed in it over 8 months before it got stolen. My coworker has the ergolite (edge) and I can tell you the difference. First thing I noticed was the weight. The ergovation is slightly heavier but because it has twice the amount of padding on it than the ergolite. Second is that my ergo had a rope bridge and his didn't. This saddle is made for making you comfortable and it does it's job. The best saddle I ever had and if your looking for that no pinch upright posture saddle. This is it.

Year-long test - 01/12/2014
Reviewer: Arch Autenreith
I've been wearing this saddle since last March so Ive been in near every circumstance over the last 10 months in the Ergo.
Its pros are that it does distribute weight well-I often carry my trim saw on a caritool on my right side and it doesn't pull down too much, as you've probably heard before; it is comfortable if you don't wear it too high above your hips. The backpad is nice and bulky, which provides support, but it isn't necessarily "ergonomic"-the support comes from a square piece of padding which you can move depending on your setup. I was excited about the velcro strap that goes behind your waist buckle when buying this (thinking it would act like a kidney belt), and while it's a good idea it isn't rigid enough to provide real support. The saddle is easy to setup with different attachment points, although a rear ring for a trim saw lanyard would be nice (I installed one myself).
There are a few issues with this saddle: first, it is heavy. I work with someone who has a Treemotion from 3 years ago and there is a noticeable difference in weight between the two, the Ergo being the heavier. This weight adds to some bulk-you can feel it when pruning and moving throughout a large shade tree, in addition to having to squeeze yourself up a conifer in some situations. The rear leg straps are also too bulky-the Ergo Empire (light Ergo) has the right idea with thinner "bungee" looking straps to the side and rear-preferable over the heavier fabric straps on the regular Ergo. The D rings are huge, which is cool when you're looking for them but probably over kill-make sure not to rap your elbows off of them. Also, the waist buckle is a pain to adjust on-the-fly (which sucks come winter-always changing layers). My biggest issue with this saddle is that the adjustable buckles which go from the bridge to the waist band like to get hung up onto parts of the saddle during long ascents-it's not really a safety issue but it is annoying and happens often (I've adjusted them every which way but no real help). Also, the lower D rings (rigging plates) are a nice option but aren't a great design. If you're out on a limb or in an awkward position they can be difficult to clip into-I think the Treemotion has a better design on these.
Overall, the Ergo has been a durable, pretty comfortable saddle-but in reality, when you're dropping $500 on a saddle, it should be more refined. If you're really craving this design I would probably go with the Buck Empire -or something comparable. You'll lose some of the attachment points, but that's about all. This would be a nice saddle to have in addition to a lighter one as well-one for pruning, another for removals-but considering the price tag, as your only saddle I'd probably consider others.

Comfy but heavy - 01/03/2014
Reviewer: Markley
Good removal harness, also anytime tour going to be sitting for extended time in it like cabling and bracing and it is comfortable for sitting in but it's bulky and heavy for moving around the canopy in, rope bridge is a plus

PJs disguised as tree saddle - 05/15/2013
Reviewer: Shane
Climbed in a few saddles with most of my time in a Buck Deluxe Master... now kicking myself for waiting so long to upgrade to a real pro saddle. So good at distributing weight that I really thought I had dropped my 200t after hanging it on the Caritool. Excellent for spurs and prunes alike, very comfortable back pad when twisting and contorting to tie rigging, reaching for lines, etc... Nice adjustability, EVERYTHING can be moved, adjusted or replaced. I would recommend this saddle to anyone willing to pay the 5 big ones (which should be everyone). Word to new guys, don't waste years in sub par saddles, get a pro saddle early, it will make you more comfortable and more productive.

worth it! - 04/11/2013
Reviewer: Randy
Super comfortable harness! All I can say is if you do large tree removals , and large prunes this is the harness for you! I get no digging in my hips and my back feels refreshed every climb! Ive been climbing for 16 years and this is the only harness that supports my back correctly. Well worth it!

It doesn't get any better than this - 03/28/2013
Reviewer: Jared Brassard
This saddle is a pleasure to wear. It may take some time to set the saddle up when you get it but I think it's a small price to pay for a perfect fit. It's got all the right angles and features to make your climbing experience a blast. The lumbar padding defenatly prevents unwanted back pain wich is always nice. Tons of bridge options and other add ons! It's a great work saddle with plenty of places to put caritools and hang gear. You'll notice that it is well balanced too! Buckingham defenatly did there research and devolopment and it shows.

Ergo - 03/25/2013
Reviewer: Rob
The most comfortable saddle you'll ever buy, no comparison. You definitely get what you pay for. Buy this belt.

Excellent Saddle! - 12/02/2011
Reviewer: Peter Avelar
There is nothing more that I would ask in a saddle. Buckingham hit the bulls eye with the Ergovation. Extremely comfortable (even when hanging in it for extended periods of time), not too heavy/bulky, and totally adjustable to cater to the specific needs of the climber. As a recreational climber, I love that Buckingham created an SRT attachment (sold separately) that can be used simultaneously with the rope bridge...and it just plain looks cool!!!

cadillac - 07/30/2011
Reviewer: Ian Smith
I have been climbing in the Buckingham Ergovation saddle daily for the past month and have nothing but good things to say about it!! This saddle is top of the line, very durable, and far exceeds expectations. Previously climbing on a petzl navaho and weaver cougar, I no longer am looking for the next best thing... this is it. The saddle fits comfortably after about 2 hours of adjusting, but the time spent is critical, because when all is said and done, it fits perfectly. The weight distribution on the saddle is great and sometimes I can't feel which side I've hung my climb saw on, haha. The lumbar support has had noticeable impact on daily back pain. Weight effect is minimal due to the comfort and design. Plenty of spots for biners and gear storage and bridge can be adjusted to suit personal preferences. I would not think twice to buy this saddle again!

By far the most comfortable saddle I have used. - 03/06/2011
Reviewer: Casey Thompson
I bought th Buckingham Ergovation saddle and put it on right out of the box. Even without adjustment for my style of climbing and body type the difference was amazing as far as comfort. It is far better than my previous Glide 2. I have been using it for the past few days and finally got it adjusted nicely. I will say it was slightly heavier but once you put it on you will be suprised. I loaded my Glide up with all sorts of things including a chainsaw and wore it around then put the same stuff on the Ergo and wore it around.... big difference. The Ergo displaced the weight so well it actually felt lighter in the end. The only problem I can see now it I will have the urge to haul alot of stuff up the tree on my saddle now and that might cut down on my climbing speed haha.

Wouldn't trade it for anything.... - 01/12/2011
Reviewer: rulgert the tree saucer builder
most people may, at first contemplation, be somewhat apprehensive about trusting their life to Velcro....but i assure you Buckingham has done their homework with the Ergovation Tree Saddle... the finished composite structure is akin to a laminated beam, like engineered lumber ,where the nylon webbing is the hard wood laminate and the Velcro is the glue....i wouldn't recommend this saddle to cobble demands a thoughtful and pationent approch, with attention to detail, to really get to a polished custom state.... upon arrival, I personally have decided to remove the rear leg strap anchor and straps in favor of a zig-zag bungee chord system as the rear fall arrest provision is not applicable to my present usage...( storing the parts as optional ) ....Caritool placement was found to be ridiculous as per instruction, but with an outer most layer mount with careful forming and lashing into positions deemed optimal, i am more than happy with the results... Buckingham has gone to great lengths to be able to say "if this isn't the perfect saddle, don't look at us,'s all you"....and I totally agree....

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