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Reviews for Stein RC-2000 Floating Lowering Device

4.9 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 10 reviews

Good lowering device. - 08/31/2017
Reviewer: Rick

I agree with the other reviews that this is an excellent product. It's heavy and that's a good thing since it can absorb some heat. The adding friction at the tie in point makes sense but it also adds heat. This thing works well. I have some 5/8" Husky rope to go with it but can't review that unfortunately.

Really nice friction brake, very well made... - 06/14/2016
Reviewer: Jeff Guenter

I first bought the RC-1000 and liked it so much, I bought the RC-2000 the following season. I don't own anything larger than 5/8" rigging lines, and this device, paired with a good rope, will handle anything that I need to lower. They're tough, well engineered devices that are much easier for your help to get accustomed to and operate smoothly. Install the top attachment point with a light duty sling, and you don't have to fight the weight of the device during installation of the big anchor sling.

Bueno - 01/07/2016
Reviewer: Maycon Flores

Buen aparato de fricción este es liviano.y se puede ajusta en dos formas

Beefy - 12/05/2015
Reviewer: Caleb Lawry

Recently purchased this lowering device after owning a Buckingham portawrap for some time. The RC-2000 has its pluses and minuses. First of all the device has a very nice bend radius, it is built very strong, it does not gouge the bark of a tree, and it does not flop around as much as a conventional portawrap. The down side is that you cannot cinch the device tight against the tree if you want to be able to install a lowering line. Overall I do think this device is an improvement on the potawrap design.

this thing works great! - 04/05/2015
Reviewer: Larry

I took a chance on this and absolutely love it. I don't know how I did it before. I safely lowered a 500 lb log with one hand, could of done it with a finger. This thing makes life easier.

Why didn't i get this sooner - 03/11/2015
Reviewer: Elliott Lifton

I was trained "old school" where you take wraps on the tree or neighbouring tree with the rigging rope. Even for an experienced groundsmen that process is nothing more than a pain in the a$$ and takes too much time. You know that feeling when your up a tree and looking down at the groundsmen thinking "@!%$!&^@&#^!&@^#$ why is this is taking %^*#%(*#^%@*^#forever!!!!" Well this device is the answer! Even the newby groundies can figure this one out and I proved it today. Had a guy on the crew, was his first day. Showed him a 5min demo and he rocked it all day. It Saves your ropes, makes the friction predictable, easy to set up and take dawn, safer, the groundsmen love it, you'll stop cursing them for taking too long... I love this unit and will be using it all the time!!!

omar's roof and tree service - 02/14/2015
Reviewer: jose omar hernandez

works great! easy to take down the heaviest trunks and limbs!

Arborist - 06/21/2014
Reviewer: Jason gutierrez
Love this simple but yet effective lowering device. Compared to my old portawrap it's definetly stepped up my rigging capabilities. I like that when used with 2 slings to make it a standing device it's easy to take up sudden slack. Great product!

Smooooth - 01/22/2014
Reviewer: A Sprague
Excellent lowering bollard. Smooooooth control, vey quick to set up, its about 5 seconds more than a porty. SMOKED it with a log because of poor set up, and this thing didnt even mind. Minor bend in the fair leads.
We work in two man crews and the capabilities of this unit make it easy for one ground guy on the ground to be able to manipulate pieces how they want pretty easily once one becomes acquainted with working with it.

ground guys love it. - 03/17/2013
Reviewer: Ian Smith
The RC-2000 device has proven to be a great upgrade over the standard p-o-w. With a larger barrel diameter and reduced rope pinching, the RC-2000 is a simple, highly effective tool for lowering operations. It handles everything from lowing limbs in close quarters, to blocking down big wood. It is a very well thought out design, making it worth the extra couple bucks.

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