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Reviews for Courant Cross Pro Gear Bag

4.5 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 22 reviews

Awesome Bag - 12/02/2017
Reviewer: Matt B.

I love this bag. I dont work in the Trees, but do Work at heights and am a Fire Service Rope Rescue Instructor. This bag has been great to transport around all my personal gear traveling from location to location teaching! I currently have 18 Steel G rated carabiners, My Harness, Slings, prussik, 3 Pulleys, an Aztek kit and Petzl ID all loaded in here and haven't had a single issue!

Best gear bag i've ever had - 11/15/2017
Reviewer: christopher

So far this is the best gear bag I've ever had. I love how it opens up and allows full access to all your gear. I found that top loading bags would always hide that one carabiner that you were looking for deep in the bottom.
Lots of storage compartments and comfortable to wear with a full load.
I am hoping it is durable and lasts.

Needs improvement - 08/21/2017
Reviewer: Josh

this bag is great if u love organization. I keep 8 caribiners, 2 figure eights, 2 basal anchors, treemotion, 3 micropulleys, a haas, 2 throw line cubes, a handsaw and some other misc stuff in this bag. I used to carry a 120ft climb line as well but I had to sit on the bag to get it closed up.

This bag is not what most durable. I have had 2 plastic snaps break off of it and the stitching around the bottom flap tore in the first 6 months of use. Luckily I had it sewn up with some denim on the inside and it's solid now.

I'm glad I got my bag before they raised the price by 20$ Because I wouldn't have bought it for the current price. It's just not worth 170$. If it was just a little bigger and was more durable maybe.

Lots of gear storage - 04/05/2017
Reviewer: Gus

The bag zips out and lays flat allowing you to see and access everything quickly and easily. Pockets can be labelled allowing for quick communication to ground crew if you need something while up in a tree. It's not to difficult to close back up.

There's plenty of room for biners and odds and ends of climbing gear but don't expect to be able to fit a whole heap of bulky stuff inside. For me it fits a petzl harness and seat. 12ft lanyard and throw cube with the pockets full of assorted climbing kit. With a little bit of space for something more if I wanted it to be a squeeze.

It's comfortable to wear and has sturdy carry handles. Overall It appears to be well made.

Not so tough - 03/05/2017
Reviewer: AaronM

I did like this bag a lot. It fit all my things and organized them really well. I kept 150 feet of climbing line in a separate rope bag, my new tribe onyx with lanyard and all attached, usaver, snake anchor, various carabiners and hitches and rope runners, etc. and my petzl throw line bag all inside this gear bag. Would hook a few things to the outside like my handsaw, spare carabiners, etc. The velcro pockets were great for spare gloves, buffs, hand pruners, foot ascender, HUP, etc.

The only downside to the bag was the time it took to pack everything back up and get the bag buttoned up, as it was at full capacity. But no big deal, a few extra minutes for some extreme organization...worth it.

Then one day I didn't move my bag far enough away from the tree and I dropped a two inch diameter piece of deadwood on it from about 60 feet up. The entire bottom of the bag blew out, the stitching just gave up in a catastrophic failure. could say this was my fault. And I would agree, to a point. However...If this same situation would have happened to my my metolious pack it would have shrugged it's shoulders and the piece of wood would have been more injured than bag.

Moral of the story- cool bag, but not very durable for daily tree use. Complicated and time consuming to pack it back up. I have a feeling the stitching would have failed within a year even if I had not hit it with a branch.

I loved it now I am disappointed - 11/05/2016
Reviewer: Binger

So...I bought this bag about 6 months ago give or take a month. I don't climb everyday so my gear sits in my bag and that sits inside my gear box. A safe clean area. I only keep about 8 carabiners (different sizes and shapes no steel) 6 looprunners, hand/foot ascender, back up eye to eyes, 3 micro's, two silks, a tree motion saddle, and my rapid hitch climber My ropes...don't fit. But that is not the issue. For the price of the bag and the amount of gear I keep in it bothers me. It doesn't seem that much? Am I wrong? It seems to be well put together so maybe when the person who stitch mine was a little hung over. I think before I gave this bag a 5 star. I would still hold to that if the bag lasted me a year of everyday use. It is what is. It's not Treestuffs fault. I still think knuckle heads are pretty cool! Bring the JAMBO to San Diego!!!!

Dave R - 09/05/2016
Reviewer: Dave Rohach

I must say, I've tried just about every haul bag that the 3 major distributors have or had for sale. The Courant Pro is by far the greatest gear bag that I've ever purchased and used! The lower back support is incredible, after installing the waist belt only made it better! Don't waste your money on thin walled bags, this will definitely be the best bag for your money. We don't like wasting our hard earned money, and with this bag, you won't be! On a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 12. More attachments and pockets than you could ever imagine. You will never be disappointed with this gear for/rigging haul pack! Do yourself a huge favor to your back and shoulders, and never forget a piece of gear again!

meh - 06/10/2016
Reviewer: Jean-Luc Bengle

Well after reading all the amazing reviews and needing a new pack to haul my gear in, I decided to give this one a try. I really wanted to love this bag, I really don't like spending money on something and then having to return it. If you are using this just to haul rigging gear and some rope then by all means go for it, but if you actually want to put a saddle, light duty rigging gear, your spikes and a couple different handsaws in it like I do, your s*** out of luck. I started always bringing my spikes in my bag after leaving them at the shop a couple times when I had a removal and I don't mind hauling them around everywhere as long as I never have to drive back and get them again... The opening system is a bit awkward too, if you have some heavy hear in the sides you have to put in a bit more effort to zip up the sides, and I really dont like the velcrow as the only main closure as debris invariably are going to get in and weaken the system. Maybe if you like spending all your time opening and closing bags, the layout would be super awesome, but personally I just need something that is super bomb proof, I don't need to put much effort into getting that seldom used item, and I don't have to worry about all my gear getting wet because it started raining again in the NW and I didn't feel like zipping the whole convoluted thing up because I knew a groundie would need to grab me some slings and a pulley in a bit and thought it might take longer than I really wanted them to spend on the project... The crowning fail of this pack is they put the shoulder straps on the bottom, maybe it never rains and dogs don't poop in the yards where the people who designed this pack are from, but where I live it does rain, and sometimes people dont mow their lawn and do have dogs and racoons, and I dont want my shoulder straps to be all muddy at the end of a long day. 

Great Investment - 03/04/2016
Reviewer: Dan Wyer

Just got this bag and I was expecting it to be good from the reviews and pictures, but when it turned up I was blown away at just how good it is!

Super heavy duty, the zippers and material feels really robust and durable. Plus you can pack this thing chock-a-block with gear! more connection loops and pocks then you could hope for...

In short I really love this bag already, you won't be disappointed if you invest in one, and it looks bad ass which is always a bonus.

Best bag! - 02/11/2016
Reviewer: Roots & Shoots

Love this bag, did my research and was stoked to order once I finally settled on the cross pro. Had to wait 2 months while TS was out of stock and waiting for the new model. Well worth the wait!. I love this bag. Has tons of adjustable pockets, loops, velcro, crazy woven elastic gear attachment thing... Love it. Super functional velcro opening with 4 zippers (2 top, 2 bottom). If your a nut about keeping you sh organized, with simple easy access, this bag is for you. My buddy can't fit his rope in with his saddle and the rest of his gear in his bag, but I have no problems fitting my 150' in with my gear with extra space. Highly recommend this bag.

Great Gear bag - 01/22/2016
Reviewer: Jim MacDuff

I love this bag. Had all my crap in a large heavy duffle bag with multiple compartments and a separate rope bag. Now everything fits in one bag, even the rope bag. Its so clean and organized now. It is so much easier putting on as a back pack and I now can carry my chainsaw in one hand so I only have to make one trip. Have had it for about 10 months and no sign of wear. I am glad I spent the money on this bag. The red and black is a great color combo.

Love at first sight! - 01/10/2016
Reviewer: Mike

I love this bag so much, I want to spoon it at night. It is tough, stiff, and not too fat. Haven't tried the back pack straps but it would be nice if they would stow away to keep from getting muddy while on the ground. I like the way the side pockets can be divided into various size sections. You don't have to open it all the way to use it; you can unzip either end cap to access one end, or you can unroll one side or the other to access gear in the sides. I got the optional rope bag and managed to stuff 200' of 11 mm into it, but 150' is more reasonable.

Great bag - 01/06/2016
Reviewer: Sam ellis

I felt it may be a bit expensive but you get what you pay for with this bag. It gets thrown around alot and its only just starting to show some signs of wear after 12 months of solid use now. Even non tree workers compliment this bag.

stoked - 11/14/2015
Reviewer: Bruce

Just got this bag, sturdy HD fabric should last awhile. Really like the color too, can't wait to hit a trail w/ it and climb a big dog!! thanx TS

Tree Stuff came though! - 11/06/2015
Reviewer: Dan

Love the bag. No complaints here. TS hooks it up again. 

One Sweet Bag - 09/23/2015
Reviewer: Randy

Looked at a lot of bags and finally decided on the Courant.
Wow, this thing is sweet, Very well built with all kinds of attachment points. I have been hauling everything around in the back of my Jeep and found a place for everything including my helmet. I also received the rope bag but waiting to get another rope before filling it but it looks like it will work great and will fit nicely.
No regrets.

Great bag - 06/06/2015
Reviewer: Brian Perna

This bag is so sweet holds all my gear. Great feel on ur back. Tons of handles for easy pick up. The layout opening makes find thing a breeze. All around great buy. really took great care of me . 

AWESOME BAG!!! - 04/06/2015
Reviewer: Ricardo Vazquez

I have been using this bag for about 8 months now, the bag is still in great shape. Holds all of the gear I could possibly need and the backpack carrying straps are a plus. The only thing that has kind of failed was the stitching on the velcro strap, but nothing some quick sewing couldn't fix. Overall I'm really happy with my purchase and would definitely buy it again!

Sweet gear bag - 02/27/2015
Reviewer: Isaac Dunigan

This bag is awesome. It fits everything you need to climb. It is comfortable to haul with wide straps that don't bite into your shoulders and a nice lower back pad. The storage for caribiners is perfect but if you don't fill it up you get the urge to buy more gear so beware. Great purchase, arrived quickly and I would suggest this bag to anyone. 

Love this gear bag - 08/08/2014
Reviewer: Dallas stephens
This bag is everything I thought it was. I have had the bag for little over a month now, and I'm stoked to have it. It offers so many different options for storage of all types of gear. I am able to fit a number of x-rings, slings, omni pulleys, loop runners, micro pulleys, two throw line kits, miscellaneous gear, tree motion saddle, and geckos without and problems. It's so nice to walk up to the tree undo the bag and have easy access to the tools needed for the job! The bag rides well on my back, and stores nicely in small places in the trucks. The only thing I have bot mastered is the helmet holder. It gets twisted up, and can be a pain to deal with at times! I will be acquiring another bag ( or two) to accommodate more GEAR!!! Thank you tree stuff for offering this product and offering amazing customer service.

Cross over to the organized side - 07/20/2014
Reviewer: Brandon Dobnick
I actually bought this bag around Christmas last year, but from some French website after one of my good friends asked my thoughts on its design for our industry. The bag, originally designed for rescue/ tactical work makes a great gear bag for any, or I should say most, gear heads out there with its 10 sectional pockets that can be configured in all sorts of ways. I hold a literal, ton, of stuff in this thing and still it rests on my back and is comfy enough for a long trek into the woods to your work zone. I have had this bag in production tree work for 6 months and it has withstood my semi abusive nature. It did break one buckle, which I tied up with the extra webbing, but other than that it is really a great bag. I will have it at the IL comp here in Sept if you wanted to see the pack job this thing offers. I have the black diamond haul sac as well and when you put them up head to head I like the cross better because it's ease on grabbing gear and not fumbling around in the bottom of a haul sac. There are a few things I would change about it though. It's pictures show a waist belt, mine was without one, so I stole the one off the black diamond bag, and fits perfect. And second it is not waterproof due to the way it unfolds. My black diamond will take on a monsoon and still keep everything perfectly dry, but find a dry spot for this thing if you encounter those wet conditions. The last thing is the helmet holder flops around a lot. It works good but needs two more attachments so it doesn't smoke me in the back of the head when I'm getting all nasty while hiking. It is a great bag for those of us who have a lot of gear and like beaners, this thing can handle a ton. I still have a small pot bag that I throw my primary Climbing line, harness and lanyard and handsaw in, but other than that I have everything else organized and clipped into its spot in this Cross bag. I would spend the extra money on it if you are in the market for a bag with versatility and durability, small enough to carry easily and yet big enough for production needs, and one that is honestly pretty bad azz if you ask me.

Such a great bag - 07/19/2014
Reviewer: Silverbackarb
I've been doing a lot of hiking into many many mountain areas doing limited access fire mitigation and hazard removals for high end summer cabins. This bag fit EVERYTHING I need to climb. Treemotion, 150' poison ivy, all my rope gear and carabiners, and straps on outside perfect for a set of spurs. It was comfortable and so much more ergonomic walking in today then my other rope bags and hunting pack I've been using. We'll see how it holds up to almost everyday use.

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