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Reviews for Stein X2 Blue Aluminum Climbers

4.5 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 17 reviews

blue spurs - 04/24/2018
Reviewer: clayton

I rate this product a 4 because I tried only a few spurs in my life. This ones the best. The padding supports well around the calf without cutting in. It's not heavy and has very durable straps and strong hardware.Comes with a cool carrying case. It's easy to spur up thick bark trees and has great protection from angry raccoons and squirrels. 

Decent spurs - 12/07/2017
Reviewer: Kodiak

first pair of my very own spikes they are amazing although I had higher expectations, the leg support isn't anything special with foot straps made of plasticy material and hard to tighten up.

Great Spurs - 12/06/2017
Reviewer: Jed McFarlane

First time I put them on I thought what a waste of money. Once I got them adjusted right they performed awesome! Very lightweight and comfortable to wear on an all day removal. Looking forward to spending days in them.

Great switch - 09/30/2017
Reviewer: Hunter

I'm absolutely loving the light weight and design of these gaffs. I tree walked on Buckingham steel spikes for 6 years and finally decided to upgrade. Haven't looked back since. Just down.

Found the solution for me - 11/26/2016
Reviewer: Rob

I have had these spikes for about a year. They are my first pair I've owned. I absolutely hated them and tried to find out why. I got 1000 different answers from others, so I had to figure out what will work for me. I wanted real bad to drop-kickem and buy some distels. I had a revelation, maybe I would try Buckingham Velcro straps. That was the key. The spikes are great now. You can tighten the Velcro to right level. Now they feel safe and secure. Before the Velcro I gaffed out and fell so many times I can not count.

Stein Spurs - 04/27/2016
Reviewer: Robert Driskill

I think these spurs are comfortable and did not put much stress on my legs. However, after wearing these Spurs two times, the plastic fastener that holds the strap broke. I very surprised Stein would put cheap quality fastener on a really good product. Tree Stuff was kind enough to replace the whole straps for me. Overall, I love my new Steins and would purchase another pair.

Awesome Spurs - 04/07/2016
Reviewer: David J

These spurs are the best I've used yet. I can spend hours on them and feel great. They're light and rigid. Quality is top notch as well. I don't have anything bad to say about them

They suck bad - 04/03/2016
Reviewer: Thomas wilson

Worst Spurs I have used in 30 years. Only stein product I have liked is the arbor cart.. Everything else might look good but way over priced, copied from other sources and made cheap.
I will never buy another product .

Stein X2 - 03/27/2016
Reviewer: Christ

Spurs are of good quality and do to be durable, easy to use, really light pad, good idea to incorporate '' Grip '' below the aluminum spurs.

Stein spurs - 01/17/2016
Reviewer: woody

I just bought these spurs. I already own climb right aluminum spurs. They are almost identical. The spikes have the same serial number. Take the climb right version it's cheaper! both version didn't give me satisfaction! read my review on climb right spurs for more info

great spurs - 11/02/2015
Reviewer: joe millar

These spurs are great we got them for an apprentice climber he's loving them and ive tried them as well love them great buy nice and comfy.

SERIOUSLY NICE! - 08/10/2015
Reviewer: Jake

These spurs are probably the best in the world, i would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone! your legs hardly hurt after HOURS of laborous work in a tree, WITHOUT high-boots. I give a DOUBLE thumbs up to stein for their brains and hope everyone else gets the same experience i received!

Arborist - 07/28/2015
Reviewer: Jason

I love stein products. I've purchased many items such as the rc2000, arbor trolley, and now these spikes. I have to say compared to my gecko first generations they pale in comparison. I was hoping for something that would fit the contours on my calves not dig into them. They are light but very uncomfortable . I even adjusted them but still felt discomfort.

Best addition yet! - 06/16/2015
Reviewer: Dave P

We're do I begin, comming from a steal pair of spikes, I had a feeling anything would be an improvement. No more calluses on my shins, no more aches and pains in my knees and ankles, no slipage around the shin.
The pads are of excellent quality, soft yet firm were they need to be, stay securly were they should. And are easy on and off.
I still can't get over how light the spurs are.
The craftmenship and attention to detail is second to none that I have ever worn.
The gaffs dig effortlessly and set even on odd angles and hold securely.
Even the buckles are polished and very smooth to get tight.
All in all after about a month in the X2's I have not one complaint. They are everything a professional Climber seeks and Stein hit their mark here. When it comes to performance these are like a fighter jet compared to a city bus!

Fantastic Product - 05/29/2015
Reviewer: Gregory D. Lammers

Super light, super comfortable. Thrilled with this purchase.

Gaffs punch through bark and grabbed on right off the bat, no sharpening necessary.

Something to note:
Assembly is required...this isn't a bad thing. BUT: The blue lower section is painted, and the paint filled the first few threads on the outside. When screwing the lower shank to the pads, my first bolt met resistance from the paint, and the head sheared clean off. Thankfully, they included a spare bolt, so I played it safe with the remaining four. I would strongly recommend putting a bolt through the holes you intend to use on the blue shank from the BACK, all the way through, to clean the paint, etc. out of the threads. THEN you can back them out, and attach the pad to the shank from the outside without having to worry about breaking bolts.

These spurs climb great, and don't weigh my feet down at all; very comfortable, very worth the money spent...just clean out the threads first.

awesome - 04/04/2015
Reviewer: bill

i got these spurs about 6 weeks ago and love them so comfortable. these make my old steel kleins feel like lead boat anchors. the stein spurs are so lite and amazing to climb in all day doesnt hurt my ankles at all an my legs dont get nearly as tired or hurt wearing these.
tree stuff you guys rock
nick & luke thanks for all the help.

Love these spurs! - 12/20/2014
Reviewer: Shane A. Kerrigan

I love these spurs! I have recently purchased them to replace my Buckingham steel climbers and I am blown away by the manufacturing and the performance of these spurs! Super lightweight and the gaffs dig really and make it feel really safe while your climbing. The pads are super comfortable too! I highly recommend these spurs!

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