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Reviews for Black Diamond Magnetron RockLock Carabiner

4.2 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 12 reviews

Dont like it - 10/23/2017
Reviewer: VanGyver

I was really excited to try this thing out but my excitement quickly turned into disdain! While holding it in your hands and playing with the gate it seems like it would be excellent but using it out in the field reveals all of its flaws. The gate is difficult to open with gloves on. Its just too hard to get the buttons depressed enough to clear. If you do manage to get the buttons depressed all of the way then you have to open the gate perfectly. The slightest amount of lateral pressure on the gate while opening will cause it to bind and not open. The buttons are also susceptible to getting debris trapped underneath them preventing them from being depressed and impossible to open the gate. The only applications I can see this carabiner performing well in are where you dont need to open the gate very often.

Is that an autobot or decepticon - 08/22/2017
Reviewer: Jonathan

i actually really like this little gadget it is one of the easiest to open locking biners i have found however due to the nature of how the device works i do not use it in a (dirty) environment...but if ur looking for easy or one handed operation this is it...on a side note the gate is a little wider than other biners which means it may not rotate if the attachment hole is small

My favorite - 07/25/2017
Reviewer: Ryan

I love this thing. I used it for a while as the biner for my gri gri while climbing. It got daily use in the red River gorge (super Sandy) and had no hiccups. I now use them on my lanyard with no hesitation. It's super fast to open it and closes every time. I have a different set up for sappy trees as I do still have a concern of The manner area gumming up and not closing.

Meh... - 01/24/2016
Reviewer: Brian Arvish

I like the design. At this point I only use it for atttatching saw to lanyard/leash. The mechanism is easily clogged with saw chips if used on my bridge.

La mejor del mundo - 01/09/2016
Reviewer: Maycon flores

Esta es increíble el sistema magnético facilita el abrir y cerrar buena calidad

It's OK - 01/06/2016
Reviewer: Chad U.

I bought this biner hoping to be able to grab it off my saddle quickly when I need to, which I can do as long as I'm not wearing gloves. However, when you have gloves on, it can be a pain to get the clips undone to open the gate. I haven't had it open when I didn't want it to, but I still wouldn't trust it for my lanyard connection or to attach my lifeline.

Easy To Operate - 04/04/2015
Reviewer: Armstrong

I have been using a Magnetron for about a year now, with no problems. I don't consider it the same level of security as a triple locking carabiner, but for applications where it remains easily inspected throughout its use, the ease of opening is entirely worth it. Just as easy to open wet, dry, left, right, gloved or bare handed. The motion is even the same inverted. Very slick piece of gear.

so far so good. - 03/10/2015
Reviewer: Matt Crain

I picked up the magnetron a little while back, knowing about the various concerns it raises, but so far so good. It is amazingly easy and ergonomic to open with one hand which is by far its greatest asset. I decided to play it safe and have been using it on my lanyard 25+ climbs, not treating it any different than a regular biener and I haven't had any issues or noticed any degradation of the magnet mechanism. All in all 4/5 because its new tech and I haven't used it enough to be fully confident in it.

great - 11/28/2014
Reviewer: seth

I bought one of these when they first came out they are really cool and I love them but i have many friends that absolutely will not use them because they think the magnets will fail. The only problem i have had was that they some times the magnets close before it is back in position.

Great biener! - 10/11/2014
Reviewer: James Fairfield

Awesome biener, I have two of them and have used them for many many different setups. I had my concerns at first being that it is so different then what I was use to, but after using for a while I am more then confident with its safety. Never had an issue with the magnets not locking or an unintended opening while on rope. Also other gear that is metal has never had an effect on the proper functioning of them.

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