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Reviews for Rope Logic Ultra Ring Sling #1

4.7 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 11 reviews

Not For Smooth services - 08/11/2018
Reviewer: Frank Dylan

I recently used this convenient sling to lower sections of a Royal Palm. The sling doesn’t choke enough to grip the smooth cambium of the palm. The sling slipped, bumped my spikes out and continued to slide for about 10 feet before catching. I strongly suggest not using this sling on smooth surfaces and stick to an eye sling that finishes with a cow or timber hitch.

Great addition to rigging arsenal - 12/09/2017
Reviewer: Rob cochran

Makes rigging simplified and work great. I've used them for small and very large pieces. I would definitely buy another one if something happened to mine. I have all the different sizes. My advice, buy one, you won't regret it. Might even make the job go faster. Faster jobs= more money.

Amazing All Around Sling - 12/01/2017
Reviewer: Adam P

This was one of the first ring slings I bought and I am in love. I am about to pick up a 5/8" one now too. I use it almost everyday now and it is just so easy and quick to use and take down when done. Plus it isn't very heavy and I have put some decent weight on it. I can't wait to get more of these. Only thing I would say is to custom order it a little longer cuz I have found the 6' length can limit it a bit.

knotless - 01/14/2016
Reviewer: Nick

ARB really has a great product here. it is super quick to set up and has a wide variety of applications in the tree.

Perfect - 01/06/2016
Reviewer: Dan C

Easy to use, versatile, outstanding quality, quick to setup and adjust. This is one item that gets overused but in a very good way.

Get multiple Lengths - 01/01/2016
Reviewer: J. Cutshall

I have also written a review for this guys larger brother under the Ultra Ring Sling #3 please read that one as well. For this size there is a few sub notes that must be added. Buy many different lengths. It its stock configuration it too long for little stuff and too short for the larger size stuff. It covers the middle but sucks at the other two. The short stuff is a pain as being that it is double rope it makes for a lot of rope to find a home for. I have almost picked mine with a chainsaw multiple times.

Great sling for the most part just has the above downfall I wished I would have ordered a smaller and longer one not one this size. Just my two cents

Great Product - 10/29/2015
Reviewer: Todd

recieved my ultra ring sling last week and put it to the test for the last few days. I have to say that this sling is awesome especially for lighter rigging situtaions. Very easy to set up and much lighter and less bulky than carrying around a mid size block to do the exact same thing. For the price you might as well buy one and im sure you will be happy with it.

No knots, lots of uses - 04/12/2015
Reviewer: Jon matych

I'm realizing now that this is my most used x sling, so fast and easy to set up, and there is so much variability in the size. Really solid and useful tool.


Great product! - 11/11/2014
Reviewer: John Pomeroy

Really nice. Very well constructed. Sets up in a flash. I'd like to recommend production of a 12 foot version.

My go to sling - 11/03/2014
Reviewer: derrick martin

Simply perfect! This is my go to sling! Lightweight, It has so many applications and uses. For simple rigging use one, for extensive rigging I would use multiple ultra ring slings and open up rope angles as well as back up rigging points. When needing a little bit of mechanical advantage I'd use it as an anchor point for a 3-1 pulling system. Works perfect for redirecting lines into lowering devices such as the grcs. Light weight and versatile its my go to piece of gear! Get one you'll see why I rave so much about it!

Ultra COOL - 10/30/2014
Reviewer: Brian Bixler

It's as simple and as useful as it gets! Love it!!!

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