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Reviews for Arborwear Double Thick Full Zip Sweatshirt

5 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 15 reviews

Amazing Hoodie - 10/13/2017
Reviewer: Joe D

This hoodie is the best. So glad I found this site. I am not a professional tree guy. I just fell, cut & split my own firewood. This hoodie is perfect for New England fall/winter. So worth the price. Its a year old & still looks new.

Money well spent - 01/25/2017
Reviewer: Dan

Just bought sweatshirt this year. I wear it everyday. Very warm and seems very durable. Big hood is perfect to fit over over helmet with muffs. Will definitely buy another.

Awesome - 01/17/2017
Reviewer: Trey Robinson

Couldn't make it through winter without this! Cleans well.


CDoeg - 01/03/2016
Reviewer: Chris Doeg

Great product. Durable and warm! A heavier sweatshirt but that's what you get with double lined!

tree worker - 12/01/2015
Reviewer: tree worker

The way to keep warm is to own one or two of these sweat shirts.I highly recommend them.It's definitely a huge help to keep warm without those bulky jackets or coats on!

A new favorite - 04/07/2015
Reviewer: Andrew Z

This is my new favorite sweatshirt. I wore it the whole time during this past winter. Everyone is right when they say it replaces having to wear a coat, without being TOO bulky. Plus the extra large hood plus the little no chaff "sweet spot" up by your chin are a bonus. When you finally do decide to wash it it just takes forever to dry, but no big deal.

Niice - 04/06/2015
Reviewer: Mike P

This is a great sweatshirt/jacket. Plenty warm for the winter....almost too warm. But it is one of the few articles of clothing that you can climb in and stay warm. Jackets are tough to climb in sometimes and you may find it hard to efficiently find your D rings. This solves it. Nice large hood for over the helmet. I highly recommend it.

IF it had some kind of smooth liner on the inside so that its a little easier to get on and off, Id give it 6 stars : )



Well built product - 03/01/2015
Reviewer: Tom Froster

Thick and heavy. Very warm. The hood goes over my hardhat with ear muffs. Excellent product.

Like being hugged by a cloud if it were warm and soft. - 06/27/2014
Reviewer: Aaron Danforth
These sweatshirts are ridiculously soft and warm. Like all Arborwear I've owned they are super durable as well. Great for those cold mornings, with enough freedom of movement to throw in.

The Best! - 06/24/2014
Reviewer: Kirby Brokofsky
I've got 3 of these, they rule! Totally essential for Canadian winters, I wear these when I'm climbing in -25? C and they work great. They are made to last, my oldest one is finally starting to show it's age now after 5 years of fairly regular use. The hood is huge and can easily fit over a Petzl Vertex with muffs and a mask without getting in the way and the zipper goes all the way up to your chin so it keeps the whole thing together and your neck warm. Great product!

2 in 1 - 01/12/2014
Reviewer: Willow
This is a well constructed jacket/ sweatshirt. To be truthful, I only wear this thing in the winter. It is super warm. It is almost not worth categorizing it as a sweatshirt, but it is super comfortable. The oversized hood us perfect to fit over a helmet (with hearing protection) to keep you warm on the coldest days.

nice winter jacket - 01/05/2014
Reviewer: don churchill
I really enjoy this jacket come winter time. It is just as warm as a carhartt without all the stiffness and rigidity. It is bulky, but you are getting a double layer jacket, it is to be expected. The thing that I really enjoy about this is that I can still climb in it. It leaves me the mobility to reach and bend and twist while I am in the tree. The sizes do run small though. Plan on ordering a size larger.

So warm - 01/04/2014
Reviewer: Jon M
This thing is so warm that I always have to take it off before i start climbing, even on the coldest winter mornings.
I haven't found a piece of arborwear clothing yet that I'm not impressed with. Solid investment.

Great - 03/05/2013
Reviewer: Nick Bonner
I have 3 of these, zip and pullover. They are heavy and warm. Too warm for a fall day if you are 'working', great for football games. Ours have our company logo on them and look great!

I wear one for 4-5 days and then switch. You can only wash/dry 2 of these in 1 load of laundry in a normal size machine.

A great sweatshirt, I bought my mother and my wife each one. My mother wears hers walking the dogs and for football games!

Ultimate Hoodie! - 03/05/2012
Reviewer: CT
The best hoody, hands down. Tough as nails and just as warm as a winter jacket. I'm normally a medium but a large fits fine with winter clothes underneath.

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