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Reviews for Teufelberger 5mm Maxim Tech Cord

4.9 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 7 reviews

I need lots more!! - 02/28/2018
Reviewer: VanDerp

I got some of this stuff to replace the nylon webbing I’ve been using for redirects, light rigging slings, foot loops, foot holds, rescue tethers and whatever other nonsense I do in trees. This stuff is WAY better!! It’s small and stiff and doesn’t get fuzzy like the webbing does and is actually a lot stronger. I make loops with 2 dubfish knots and use it for whatever. I’ve even replaced the busted webbing on my foot ascender and walked around on it for weeks with minimal damage.

Grea cordage - 01/14/2016
Reviewer: Ian

I really like this cordage... I originally used it for a foot loop on my haas system. It worked perfect, twisted up nice and small when i was done with it and it's super light. I also have some english prusiked on my flipline for work positioning. Again, nice and minimal and not in the way when you're not using it.

Escape line for emergency rappelling - 06/28/2014
Reviewer: Carolina Paragliding
I purchased 105' of 5mm Maxim Tech cord to use as escape line for an emergency rappel kit I carry when I fly (also purchased 23' piece to practice on). I was concerned about the the reports that this cord loses strength over time/use. I found what I believe to be the original paper that describes the testing methodology on the Internet under the title 'Comparative Testing of High Strength Cord' (2000). They state that the Black Diamond Gemini (Technora) cord is the same product sold as New England's Maxim Tech cord. In the test they passed the weighted cord through a hole in a block, then rotate the block 90 degrees one direction, and then back 180 degrees in the other direction. So the cord is being bent back and forth at 90 degrees over a hard edge. The data points on the Bending Flex Cycle Test graph indicate they did break testing at 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1000 cycles. Even though this is fairly harsh treatment, it is disconcerting that at between 50 and 100 bend cycles the Technora cord loses approximately 1/3 of its strength. At 400 bend cycles the cord has dropped down to about 1/2 its strength. Interesting to note, the Nylon based products that aren't as strong, didn't lose any discernible strength after 1000 bend cycles.

So all that being said, I'm still very happy with my purchase. The price to performance is unbeatable for my intended use. In my application I will be double looping it through a mini rescue 8 descender, and don't plan to use it very often hopefully. ;-)

Small size big strength - 01/04/2014
Reviewer: Markley
This is a good cord with many uses, if it is in a basket configuration it meets life support requirements and its super small and light, however lately I've been favoring the 6mm ocean vectran because it is supple from the start unlike the tech cord which is very wirey when new, and the strength loss overtime on this is unappealing

The best small diameter cord! - 03/02/2013
Reviewer: Nick Bonner
Maxim 5mm cord is the best small cord out there. Its uses are infinite from making loop runners for speedlining, choking brush and dragging it with the tractor, to using it as accessory cord for tying up a polesaw scabbard.

In my use a double fishermans holds fine (tested with a 5000lb winch) no whipping required. I had a piece get stuck under a tractor tire with a carabiner snapped to the bucket of the tractor, it broke the carabiner, not the cord!

One thing about this cord is it is STIFF, I like it but it definitely isn't 'supple'. My best application is to take a piece about 5' long, double fishermans it to a biner and put a loop on the other end with a yosemete bow line. With that loop clipped to the biner you can 'basket choke' things or if you need the extra length unfold it and choke through the large eye.

Buy a lot of this stuff though, because not only wil you find a million uses but so will your co workers and they will steal it!

great accessory cord - 01/28/2013
Reviewer: zentree.
great small diameter tech cord. fit perfectly thru my dmm thimble. it does arrive pretty stiff, but loosens up nicely over time. arrived within 2 days! thanks again for a great product

material science expanding our options.. - 01/12/2011
Reviewer: rulgert the tree saucer builder
this stuff is amazing, but not with out precautions...i had an app for this, and am glad i researched the Maxim Tech Cord fully prior to purchase... the parallel core requires special attention in whipping in the jacket, and a double fisherman's is inadequate, go with a triple and whip it in good ...the stuff does loosen up and become nice and pliable, though it is fairly stiff when new....i read a few papers on the new tech cordage, and it seems it loses strength over time, seems to me half is a good figure from the i would call this about 11-12kN over the life of the rope...22-24kN for a doubled section..

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