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Reviews for Stein Krieger Arborist Chainsaw Trousers - XL

4.8 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 19 reviews

This pants have been good to me - 04/20/2018
Reviewer: Zilos

I’ve had these pants for about a year now. I’ve been wearing nearly every day expect those 90 degree days. Little nicks and tears have developed on my saw side of the pants none have really gone all the way through. I wear these pants rough and they treat me well, only real complaint about these pants is the cell phone pocket doesn’t fit a cell phone and there just a little heavy other than that I do really like em

Best pants - 04/04/2017
Reviewer: Paul Geurtze

These pants are great. Very comfortable and much better quality than husky pants.

I wanted to love them - 04/04/2017
Reviewer: Cindy

I have owned 3 brands of chainsaw pants, since beginning in this industry. These have been the best yet, but I hope to help make them even better. I am from Ontario, we do tree work all year round. In the fall, winter and for most of the spring these pants are okay temperature wise. In the summer months, not so much. I find the overall pant to heavy and rather thick. With no vents, it gets pretty hot and sweaty quick. The light weight material used on the back I am not a fan of. From the first day I wore them, the tiniest stick would snag the pants, sometimes stopping me in my tracks. I have put about 50 holes and tears in them, some tore 1"-2". Along with the tearing, the buttons all fell off within the first two months and both front pocket zippers broke.Being a women in this industry and a smaller frame, it makes it difficult to find a pair of chainsaw pants that fit my waist and my height. These have been the closest yet. I wish they came in a slightly smaller waist size, maybe a lighter colour and with vents.

Owner Tree Works Unlimited - 03/29/2017
Reviewer: Robert Albritton

A really good pair of Saw Pants,, kind of pricey, but they're everything you would want in a pair of Saw Pants, light weight, comfortable, they take a lot of punishment and I haven't had ANY ISSUES with them,,, YES I highly recommend them

Heartbroken - 03/19/2017
Reviewer: PKB

These pants are amazing. I ordered a size large long about a year ago. They are worn 5-6 days a week for climbing, cutting, dragging, and everything in between. They were washed weekly and line dried. Even through the summer months here in Georgia, they never got a funky odor and were never uncomfortable in the heat. After a year of daily use, the only wear point is a hole in the crotch area from (I'm assuming) saddle and fall arrest harness abrasion. I'm still wearing them, but going commando is no longer an option.

I'm 6'2", 215lb in the summer and significantly more in the winter. These pants fit perfectly year round; usually wear a 36x34.

I recently ordered a pair of saw pants from another vendor only to be disappointed that they were no where near the quality of these. You see, the large longs are no longer available. This is why I am heartbroken. If they have your size, order these pants. ORDER THE PANTS!

Climber - 11/02/2016
Reviewer: Scott Davis

These pants are the best pants I have ever owned...ever I don't want to wear anything else.

Great! - 03/17/2016
Reviewer: Andrew

Love these pants. Been wearing husky pants for some time now, but decided to upgrade, what a difference. Very comfy, ideal pocket location and construction. Treestuff even helped get me the full protection model from the UK. Thanks guys!!

My pick - 02/02/2016
Reviewer: Chris Bramlage

All quality here in these Kriegers. No problems with stitching, tearing, etc. They have a "loose" or "relaxed" fit compared to Phanner, Husky, Stihl, and SIP. Which those others have a closer fit. I'm not a fan of the loose fit because of "snagging"or catching on surroundings. However a decent tailor can accommodate your fit with no affect to the saw protection, as what i did to mine. I like them and wear them often.

high quality chainsaw pants - 01/09/2016
Reviewer: tony L.

I just received the pants today and after looking it over, i think its great. There is no doublt that this pair of pants is made from quality material. I have not used it yet but the only thing that concern me is the back side; the material is soft and stretchy and appear to be weaved in a tear resistance pattern but I am not really sure how well it will stand up to use such as sitting on stumps and boles. I will be using it soon and will give an update. One last thing, I wish the pants come with at least one back pocket.

Great pant - 01/07/2016
Reviewer: Murph

Bought these pants for climbing and groundwork. Very well constructed. Have a nice snug fit. Have held up great so far after a couple months.

Rugged yet breathable - 01/04/2016
Reviewer: Jed

I bought these pants as an alternative to chaps or more traditional summer logging pants. I am not climbing trees in them, rather climbing over trunks and limbs and through raspberry, brushy beech, hobblebush, etc. They fit really well (with suspenders) and breath better than any other chainsaw pant I have worn. I love the cell phone pocket and the tougher fabric in high wear areas.

I have noticed some fraying and slight tearing in a few areas, but that is to be expected. All in all, these pants strike a fine balance between being lightweight and durable.

Awesome pants - 01/01/2016
Reviewer: Dan C

Good fit, not too hot. Been wearing these pants for about 5 months now, they're holding up great . Highly recommend them

Great for three days straight - 12/31/2015
Reviewer: Todd Gorham

Can't stop wearing these pants to work. Very comfortable, not hot at all, very easy to climb in. Tough pockets, too!

Awesome Pants - 12/02/2015
Reviewer: Ian

Ive been wanting to buy a pair of chainsaw pants for a while but couldnt pull the trigger with the prices. I tried these on at the 2015 expo in pittsburg and was extremely happy with the way they fit. They are a little long (i have a 26" inseam), but other than that they have amazing range of motion and seem very durable. They have great ventilation on the back side of the pants, and the double button is a nice feature. The pockets are in all the right spots, and not too huge. i would def recommend these pants to anyone looking to buy a pair of protective pants.

Pleasantly surprised - 05/24/2015
Reviewer: Cormac Nagan

I have been wearing chainsaw pants everyday for the last 5 years and have used Phanners, Francitals, Sips, husky and Stihl.

These rank high up there for me. When I took them out of the box I didn't think much of them. The cut of them didn't seem to be as good as the Phanners or Stihl and the liner seemed a bit cheap. The outer fabrics were high end and well put together. The melt resistant fabric at the top of the thighs is a great addition.

I have worn these pants for the last three weeks straight in temps reaching 90 degrees with North Carolina humidity and they have performed fantastic. The cut has been great for leg movement , holding waist height and room enough in the lower legs to allow for good air flow but still be tight enough to protect you properly. The lining has surprised me as well, it hasn't torn or stuck to my legs in the heat. Super comfortable pant and has shown to be quite durable as well.


Very happy - 05/01/2015
Reviewer: Nick bjornson

Just got my stein trousers today! Overall very happy it has been a challenge finding good chainsaw pants with wiggle room. Material is very impressive highly recvomended.


Legit - 04/06/2015
Reviewer: mt

Excellent chainsaw pants. Cut roomier than Pfanners but not as much as the Husqvarnas. Light material on the back of the legs makes them cooler in warm weather. I haven't been through the summer with them yet but they seem like they will be great. It would be nice if the cuffs had a zipper like the Husqvarnas to accommodate larger boots.


Awesome made - 03/24/2015
Reviewer: Joe brower

This are hands down awesome pants. They are light and stretch very well. The material used is of very good Quality. The stitching looks and feels very strong. Thank you treestuff for sell top of the line Products.

Overall great chainsaw pants - 02/08/2015
Reviewer: Jon Perry

Have had a pair of the Kreiger's for almost a year. I don't wear them every day or even every week. Here in Hawaii the prospect of using chainsaw pants is daunting with the humidity and high temps. I've found these relatively cool and easy to wear in the warmer weather, not noticing I've got them on during the day which is a great sign.

The only downside I've found is the lack of gators which the planner's have and is a great part. I think if they developed them more they could be perfect, for example make a grey color and use ventilation zips behind the legs. The material used in the front is tough and the sticking has held up well. The fit is as good or better than any other brand of pants I've used. Happy climbing, JP

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