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Reviews for Buckingham Big Buck Velcro Pads

4.9 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 17 reviews

Best pads ever!!! - 04/21/2018
Reviewer: Lesley Shepherd

These are the best pads I have ever used! Way more comfortable than the old school leather pads! You can wear these for hours and have no pain! #shirt

Sweet pads!!!! - 12/05/2017
Reviewer: Drew

Beginer tree climber that purchased these after reading all the reviews. They were right, these pads are super comfortable and you can really make your feel secure and allow easy on and off.

Best - 06/05/2017
Reviewer: Joe's Tree Service

These are great very comfortable. If you dont have these you should get them best pads I have ever used hands down. Worth every penny.


Wow - 03/26/2017
Reviewer: Mike Carter

Started with leather T pads, then tried the climb rite pads, which hurt worse than the T pads. Got these and all I can say is wow, no more pain or discomfort at all. Only downside is they are hot because of so much coverage. But I'll take some sweating any day over pain and discomfort.

These things are awesome - 01/13/2017
Reviewer: Michael G

Best pads ever! I have always been a tree climber, but recently switched to a climbing only company (no buckets) Those T pads were tearing me up, got these and it's great no bloody shins and I can walk after 12 hrs on my spikes!

Never will go back - 12/09/2016
Reviewer: Anthony

These pads on the Buckingham T2 Spurs are the most comfortable set of Spurs I have ever climbed in. I used to climb on Buckingham steel pole gaffs, then onto the Gecko aluminum Spurs... Now that I have these pads I will never go back.

huge and comfortable - 08/08/2016
Reviewer: jason

this company is awesome, I love how fast everything ships and how great the customer service is. as far as the pads go I tried on and they're very comfortable and keep the spikes in place and secure.

Velcro Heaven - 03/19/2016
Reviewer: Dustin Sneed

I'm currently using these with the Buckingham lower Velcro straps. WOW!!!!
Literally, had this combo on all day earlier in the week. Forgot I was wearing them occasionally. Have been bragging and recommending them to every climber I know!!!
Fantastic product :)

Long overdue - 03/05/2016
Reviewer: Andrews ArborCare

Replaced my old original Klein pads with a set of these. Why haven't YOU done it yet!? Only regret is I didn't do it sooner. Push the add to your cart button now please

Best pads! - 05/28/2015
Reviewer: Pat

Best pads I've ever used. Super comfy and supportive.

amazing! - 05/23/2015
Reviewer: Chuck

These pads are amazing! Hands down the most comfortable pads I've ever had on my spikes. I'm able to stand for his pain free. The Velcro cinch allows you to get them perfectly tight and feel better than the resin straps of the old big buck pads. SOUTH EVERY PENNY!

Best Ever! - 04/09/2015
Reviewer: Roger

First time I used these pads I was in the trees 5 hours. My feet were sore but it was like I had nothing on my knees. No discomfort what so ever. Even with me at age 55 and a little overweight.

Stop looking now! - 06/18/2014
Reviewer: Matt H
The search for the ultimate spur pads is over. I can spend 8 hours in these things and come down feeling just as good as when I started. No more fatigue, no more shin pain, and no more agony with every step. The velcro strap just tops it all off with its ease of adjustability.

Shin Savers - 05/05/2014
Reviewer: Joe Wells
If you are tired of thinking about how bad your shins burn while climbing buy this product. They seem big at first but they will form around your leg and fit comfortably.

COMFY! - 01/02/2014
Reviewer: Mark13y
Was lucky enough to wear a friends spikes with these once and they are awesome-if your looking to upgrade your current pads these are a winner.

I've been chunkin' how long! - 07/03/2013
Reviewer: Kamil
Definitely a huge upgrade from the standard T-pads. The angle of the shank sleeve keeps the shank from putting excessive pressure on your shin bone. The wrap-around velcro is quick to strap on, however, make sure that it is secure or it can snag your climbing line every once in a while. Most importantly, you can do removals with these and NOT focus on the pain in your legs, but direct all your attention to the sensitive rigging maneuvers at hand.

Beyond Compare - 03/29/2013
Reviewer: Damian
Thanks again TreeStuff, I used them yesterday for the very first time and they're worth every cent. No twisting of the shank, no friction or pressure on my legs at all and the build quality is magnificent. Day one they paid for themselves, I'll certainly look after them and I'm more than certain they'll do the same for me. On a scale of 1-10 I give these pads a solid 11!

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