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Reviews for Cross Sight Tree Height Gauge

4.5 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 11 reviews

Eliminates guessing - 12/11/2017
Reviewer: Allen

This little device is great to have in the truck. It has made the "where is the end of this spar going to hit" game a lot more accurate for us.

Cheap solution for a $$$$$ problem - 08/24/2017
Reviewer: Gregory D. Lammers

For so little money, this little guy is pretty amazing. Why guesstimate a distance that is the difference between a good day and a not-so-good call to your insurance company?

Yes, there's a bit of thinking involved, but if you can dream up a complex rigging system and comprehend dynamic forces in/on a tree, this little guy is cake.

Climber - 08/21/2017
Reviewer: Mike Farrell

Very useful to determine height. Lean. Only thing is it is a bit complicated for your average joe. I hope you paid attention in school....

It's alright - 12/07/2016
Reviewer: Phil

This is certainly helpful for determining the lean of the tree but estimating the height is kind of eh. Nice to have and worth the money, just not my thing.


Tree Works Unlimited - 06/24/2016
Reviewer: Robert Albritton

Been using this for years,WELL Worth The Money, I keep one in all of our trucks.
After just a little practice, All the guess work is gone. Sight it in, walk forward or backward until Tree is in line and mark that spot, Dead On

Don't trust it - 02/22/2016
Reviewer: Craig N

According to the instructions, the device works by aligning your sight along the sides of an equilateral triangle. If true, this would help you gauge your distance from the base of a tree only if your eye were elevated to half the tree's height. The device actually appears to give its user a 45 degree angle (not the 60 degree angle of a equilateral triangle). While this would be helpful on relatively flat ground, the stated correctives are hazardously misleading when standing on a downhill slope.


Tim Ard responds: There is a calculation of elevation that has to be done if lower than the base of the tree. You move up the ground fall toward the tree. If above the level you move back the ground fall. I always suggest if not on ground that is level then measure side hill and step it off in the felling direction.


It is very accurate. And if anything, the measurements on level ground will always be a little long until you practice. The way Craig explains it he would be twice the tree height or close to it. The lines on the side of the cross piece are mostly for decoration.


Steps -

  • Turn cross piece with points toward object. The lines do line up on both sides of the horizontal if it is turned correctly.
  • Hold against forehead at bridge of nose with the cross piece toward the object to measure.
  • Site the lower point of the cross piece to the base of the object, tree. Always align that point first.
  • Without moving the site, with only moving your eye, look at the upper point of the cross. Whatever you see there would fall height wise below your eye.
  • So you back up or go forward until the total tree is between the two points. Lower and upper- and the height of the tree or object is below your eye on the ground.


Good Sawing!

Saw bag worthy - 01/13/2016
Reviewer: Tim M

Very handy little tool. Takes a lot of guesswork out. I keep one in my saw bag. Great price!

Handy - 01/13/2016
Reviewer: Dan Merchant

Good thing to have on hand

handy - 01/03/2016
Reviewer: butch

handy little deal i just learned to do this with a stick but the stick don't have a lift guide on the side
everyone should have 1 of these
thank you treestuff

Arborist - 12/02/2015
Reviewer: Billy grose

This is nice we really like this thanks.

Owner - 09/05/2015
Reviewer: Robert Albritton

I have been using this little Jewel for years. With a little practice, this takes All the Guess Work Out And no more wondering how tall the tree is. And at this price you should have one in every truck.

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