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Reviews for Rope Logic Thunder Sling

4.8 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 10 reviews

Great for the arsenal - 08/24/2017
Reviewer: Aaron

This is a great piece of gear to own. It allows the amount of friction to be set up by the climber. You can set up your rigging point and friction point with one piece of gear. I have found that it is better used on heaver pieces and not as effective on the smaller stuff but that just my opinion of how it feels to rig. It is a great piece of equipment.

Great addition to the bag of tricks - 03/26/2017
Reviewer: Mike Carter

I use this pretty regular. I often have inexperienced groundies helping me and this lets me take over the load control in the tree after the cut and they can focus on managing the load. It can be a little work pulling the rope through even when unloaded, but I usually have the groundies do that. And I don't have to worry if they loaded the port-a-wrap correctly.

Fantastic option for rigging - 11/28/2016
Reviewer: Brett Seidel

Fantastic for light to medium rigging. It reduces forces applied to the tree, as well as offers the invaluable ability for the person in the air to control the piece being lowered. It's very simple and easy to configure. I know I'd buy another one the same day if I ever lost the one I have now.

Bingo! - 09/09/2016
Reviewer: Drew

This tool is the answer when I have a few heavier pieces to lower and the guys working the ground don't want to install a porta wrap, and I HATE trunk wraps. It does restrict yor ability to lift and it's significantly more difficult to haul back(friction both ways). With all that said its a great tool to have in your bag of tricks.

sweet product! you better get one - 05/06/2016
Reviewer: jason

Got this the other week and been using it none stop. Great for when you have an inexperienced groundie that can't seem to let just one piece run a little now I have all the control in the tree. Very great product. Only down fall is the rope is very hard to pull back up when you go through all four holes other then that I am very happy I got this for my rigging bag.

hell yeah! (aka: Thunder Whoopie) - 04/28/2016
Reviewer: Michael Minardi

This is a great addition to your tool box, and a good way to add a margin of safety when you have to rig a tree with structural problems, and want to minimize rigging loads in the canopy. My groundie was very impressed with how smooth and constant the friction was, and that he could move around as much needed to receive pieces. This will be a go to piece of gear. I did convert the standard tail on it to a whoopie sling, much happier. #ThunderWhoopie

Awesome - 04/08/2016
Reviewer: Chris Everest

I got this the other week and love it. Beats having to set up a block and portawrap. Even heavy tops dont pull you and still lets you let it run easily. Best part is being able to control it from the air. Highly recommend it.

Must have for light rigging! - 01/26/2016
Reviewer: Beau Nagan

I love this tool! It eliminates the need for a block and ground friction device doing the job of both. Keeping in mind it is designed for light rigging and a 1/2inch rope, it allows a ground person to pass a load to the climber in the tree. This enables the climber to maintain the extra friction created by the thunder sling in the tree while the ground person handles the load on the ground. Invaluable in those super picky clients yards that expect zero impact.

Review of Abe thunder sling - 01/21/2016
Reviewer: Ronnie Caravalho

love the Abr thunder sling it's a must buy for any arborist. Several things I like bout it is how I can easily lower larger limbs from the tree that I would have not been able to do other wise. One over look aspect I like is how it also allows me to keep the weight of the limb at the point of cut at oppose to transferring the weight to another part of the tree which was a huge advantage for me on a job I did today where the mango tree was unstable in part because of previous butchered Prunning jobs in the past. Highly recommend this product and at its price point it's a it's a truly amazing deal.

owner - 10/27/2015
Reviewer: mike duffy

Ok I have use this thunder sling and it is very good I would recommend this to any one this is a good tool to have in a climbers bag

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