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Reviews for Rock Exotica TransPorter Tool Carrier

4.8 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 29 reviews

Another great piece of hardware - 12/10/2017
Reviewer: Ben

I bought one and can't wait to get another one ordered. I've used mine for so many things. It's my day to day saw biner. Also used it to pull rigging lines up, blocks, crane slings, you name it. Love this thing

Great product - 12/09/2017
Reviewer: Jonathon Quinnell

I've had several different styles of these and this is by far the best one I've ever had. Holds things in place and doesnt stretch like most!!! Highly recommended!!!

best thing ever - 12/06/2017
Reviewer: Isaac Schumacher

Of all the gear I have and tell people they should too this one is the most recommended. Yes it is fixed but sticks really don't get caught in it. You can put the lock down so that it is closed but still open. You can grab your saw and just tug it and it comes out and it slides right back it. It has popped out once while climbing, in 2 years. Its awesome. Or lock it completely shut so it won't let gear out at all. Get a few of them. And you can fit a splice on it (just for reference)

Great addition to harness - 12/05/2017
Reviewer: Rob cochran

Love this clip. Use for chainsaw connection. Easy to put chainsaw on and off. On my chainsaw lanyard I hook the end of laynard to a caritool and the end closest to chainsaw on transporter. When cutting, chainsaw is attached to caritool to allow for the chainsaw to break from my belt. Was doing a drop cut on a large leaning limb and didn't make top cut directly above bottom cut. Result: lost chainsaw and caritool ripped from belt.

Awesome - 11/26/2017
Reviewer: Quinton wiegand

If you're still using a plastic caritool, do yourself a favor and pick one of these up, ordeeing a second one soon to replace the plastic caritool i use for loopies.

Best tool holder - 08/25/2017
Reviewer: Ryan

Best tool holder of them all. Lock is easy to release, the gate opening starts low for super fast removal of tools and the hanger on top is long for access to the tools hanging under one another. Highly recommend.

Must have - no more broken caritools - 08/24/2017
Reviewer: K Blakeslee

How many caritools have you broke or pulled out of their slot while rappelling? With the transporter you have rock solid connection that wont break and wont come out of place, same place everytime. With 4 on two different saddles, i have zero complaints. I do wish they made a larger version though. Once you pile 3 carabiners on there they do become hectic trying to get one out through the gate. But still well worth the price.

Tranny - 08/19/2017
Reviewer: Jim

Lovely build quality
I purchased this not long ago from treestuff for my MCRS as TS had advertised it to fit the saddle.
Unfortunately with the long screws that came with the transporter there is know way in hell it would fit as shown in the pics for the MCRS.
Quite disappointed really as this isn't a cheap bit of bling

Good idea don't last - 06/30/2017
Reviewer: Treeguy

Had mine for about 5 months now.
The twist and pull action will release your saw quickly but does require some practice.
The lock function is a pro as well.
Con doesn't last long.
Mine spit out the ball and spring so as of right now it's useless.

Compatibility - 04/21/2017
Reviewer: Alexander

I am sure this thing is awesome. Feels good in the hand. Hate functions well. Only problem it is not compatible with my particular harness. I have the "Edge" harness. The spine of the caritool is 1&3/16" at its widest part (where the screws are)
Make sure your carabiner tunnel will accept it.

Awesome - 04/04/2017
Reviewer: Yimboob

So this thing is an awesome addition to any harness. I got it for 40 bucks when there was a sale before i seen it in person. Even if it wasnt on sale i would have payed 60. Completely worth it. Seems like a steep price til you have to put an 440, 660 or 880 on your saddle to finish a spar off. The locking is great as well. Not only keeps the saws safe, but is nice when you dont want to get snagged. Get one. Get two. Get as many as your heart desires, because its much more convenient to trust something then have to go back to a carabiner cause your 8th caratool broke while climbing a big nasty.

Tool carrier - 03/01/2017
Reviewer: Jared Boddy

Great saw holder only problem is I wish I had ordered 2 it really works great

Impressed - 10/21/2016
Reviewer: JMS

Absolutely impressed with this tool! One hand access of my saw from my harness.
I like the locking and unlocking feature as well.
I use the longer screws supplied but also added nylon lock nuts. Adds strength and piece of mind knowing my 200t isn't going anywhere. A+

One of the hottest items for the guys at the shop - 08/12/2016
Reviewer: doug m.

We have 9 climbers here and over half are using the transporter. i have not heard one negative comment on the product from any of the guys at all. Everyone loves the security and quality of this tool carrier. It stays oriented properly at all times for easy on and off of any tool lanyard. Highly recommend this product despite the higher cost.


I will never need anything else to do this job - 07/13/2016
Reviewer: Jared

This tool transporter is the most efficient device of its kind. I have been using it for about 3 weeks, it hasnt come off of my saddle like the caritool, the gate is easy to open, easier than the wire gates. The locking feature keeps me from getting hung up in brushy trees, unlike the caritool which seemed to catch all the tiny branches. I also love the size, I am rather short, but I can stand on the ground and my 201 doesn't touch the ground. Its great!! Worth every penny.


Awesome - 06/30/2016
Reviewer: Tom

Are these too much money.... Yes. With that being said they are awesome and I'll probably never have a harness without two. I guess you have to think of them as a long term investment. Probably went through 6 or more cartools in two years. These are built awesome and they feel a way better on your hip. Also much smoother in and out with saw or accessories. Buy 2!!!

One of the best - 06/23/2016
Reviewer: Rob Englaish

Ordered the pack of two and i couldn't be more happier. Best replacement tool carrier for the caritool. No more worrying about the gate not closing or getting it caught and breaking it entirely. Buy 2 and save!
Well done piece of gear 5/5


One of the best - 06/23/2016
Reviewer: Rob Englaish

Ordered the pack of two and i couldn't be more happier. Best replacement tool carrier for the caritool. No more worrying about the gate not closing or getting it caught and breaking it entirely. Buy 2 and save!
Well done piece of gear 5/5

Smoooooooooooooth - 06/13/2016
Reviewer: Craig

Put these on my Tree Motion and they are awesome. Easy to install. Solid. Smooth. And 1000X better than the CarryTool.
The look and function of the TransPorter's are better than Chuck Norris round housing all the Power Rangers at once!

But seriously, buy it.

Best thing since sliced bread - 05/29/2016
Reviewer: Jerad spry

Sorry petzel but the caritool has become obsolete. I have used caritools for years and they were amazing but these are just the logical step up. I ordered the double pack and yes they are pricey but after one climb I knew I had made the right choice. One handed racking and unpacking is a piece of cake and being able to lock it is just an added bonus.
Buy two you won't regret it.

FANTASTIC addition to any harness - 05/29/2016
Reviewer: Brett Seidel

I greatly anticipated it coming on to the market and I ordered on as soon as I saw it pop up on here. I use it every day for multiple applications depending on the day. I use it as a strong chainsaw holder, or webbing strap holder, or rope holder... ect. The options are only limited by your imagination. I know a lot of thought and care got put in to the creation of this product. The winged gate is great, and it does what it was designed to do; make it easy to use with gloves. The ability to lock the device closed is essential as it is obviously not a 'break-away' tool. Not only does the lock prevent small snags, it prevents life threatening snags that become possible during crane work. After going through multiple plastic petzl caritools that break with little snags, I'm in love with the Rock Exotica TransPorter.

tree climber - 05/26/2016
Reviewer: mike duffy

Ok so have use this product for about 2 weeks and there great they are a bite pricey but there are a great investment and very much worth the money. I Would. Very much recommend. This product

Tool storage done right - 05/26/2016
Reviewer: Joe McDonald

I purchased the double pack and they are worth every penny I'll be adding two more for that extra storage space can't say enough about the quality of them and ease of use

easy replacement for the caritool - 05/26/2016
Reviewer: Sam Desmet

These are an intuitive replacement for the Caritool and other plastic tool carriers. They can be locked open as well as closed and the little wings make finding the latch a piece of cake.

Attachment is rock solid.

best harness accessory - 05/02/2016
Reviewer: Colin

I got one of these as soon as it was released and have been using it daily since. Like all Rock Exotica products it's evident a lot of R&D has gone into it and the quality is the best in the industry. I love how I always know where it is since it doesn't move like a carabiner an the optional locking feature is nice although I seldom lock it. I plan on eventually replacing all the carabiners and caritools on my harness with this.

Awesome - 05/01/2016
Reviewer: Ernie W

This tool is very nice to use! So stable and positive when stowing chainsaw. Worth the $. A slight down side I have found is that due to its more stable and fixed attachment to the saddle (I have experienced) small twigs are more prone to get stuck in the gate and body of the biner. Because of that I am glad it has the locking feature. When pruning/climbing without a chainsaw I just lock the gate and problem solved. I'm very glad it has the locking gate feature. Get one of these and you will really dig it.

Great tool holder ever - 03/26/2016
Reviewer: Steve willes

Best clip tool ever. Ì I've been climbing for 14 years now and the only thing I'm going to use for my saw clip is this. I'm ordering more love it.

Awesome - 02/27/2016
Reviewer: Dave R

I had intended on trying just (one) of the Transporters, but after using it for the day, I installed a (2nd) on the other side of my TM saddle. I absolutely love the user friendly, and design of these tool holders. They work great! No more 2 handed fumbling for my saw or my excess lanyard, also able to place my saw on either side for snaking through heavily limbed trees. Thanks TS & RE! Fantastic game changer!

Best way to carry a saw aloft. - 01/28/2016
Reviewer: Mark Malmstrom

I have had a demo prototype on my saddle since June and never want to carry a saw again without the Transporter. I used to clip the saw into a paddle 'biner which took two hands. With the Transporter I can clip the ring on my saw lanyard with one hand which is much easier. The fact that you screw in a plate means that it does move around. I have had it on the saddle for 6 months and it has never moved. Carrying chainsaws, especially larger ones on removals has always been frustrating. The Transporter makes it that much easier. I have been hoping for something like this on the market for years. So glad that it is finally here. I am planning to outfit the whole crew with one. There are many other applications besides carrying a chainsaw. My recommendation- it's a little expensive but it will make carrying a saw that much easier. It's worth it.

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