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Reviews for HAAS Velox Ascent System

4.8 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 17 reviews

Essential for SRT - 07/29/2018
Reviewer: RVA Tree Guy

I was on the fence about shelling out the cash for one of these but I am glad I did. I'm new to SRT and could not imagine doing an access climb without one of these.

The system is very well thought out and it is a quality piece. The ascender is top notch and is easy to disengage from the rope.

HAAS Velox - 05/19/2018
Reviewer: Chew

This thing rocks. Gets you up the tree faster and easier than ever. So much smoother the the original HAAS. I have it paired with the CT foot ascender and let me tell you, for those tall oaks with no low limbs, it's so nice to not spend all your energy on the climb. I love it! You don't even remember spending the cash on it after that first climb. As always tree stuff rocks with the fast shipping and incredible customer service! Never shopping anywhere else!

Save your energy, GET IT NOW! - 12/15/2017
Reviewer: E Demos

Great energy saver, my co-workers all comment how easily I am ascending my climbs now. A short learning curve of attachment point to chest harness for best action with the elastic cordage. Reverse bicycle motion with short steps for most fluid action.

Good product, some minor issues - 12/07/2017
Reviewer: Valley Tree Care

So, to start with some issues with the product. It tends to snag on my pants during the recoil portion of its action. That could be because I have very short legs and perhaps I am trying to take bigger steps then I should be, but still kind of annoying. Also, I really wish the loop at the bottom was stiffer then it is because it tends to let your foot become almost sideways as you climb and does not want to let you straighten it back out. And last, part of the seam at the bottom has come loose, so far it has not done anything to interfere with the proper function but the metal anchor for the bungee cords hangs out of the fabric about half way.

And now the good parts, it makes SRS accents a breeze. I make up to my work height with about a third of the effort it used to take me. Very easy to use and set up, and once you are at height, take it off the rope and clip it to one of your gear loops. Even in MRS, it has become a valued part of my climbing system. Well worth the money.

This will change the way you climb - 10/27/2017
Reviewer: Ben

Do you dream of sprinting up that climbing line? Now you can. I ended up getting the footloop model and paired it with my CT foot ascender. I keep my ascender on under my Gecko spikes and use the haas for the long ascents on removals. I leave it on entirely for prunes where spikes arent needed. It works perfectly with or without spikes. My Yale Blue moon tracks beautifully through it and I'm so happy I bought it! Best $180 I ever spent

Get a rhythm - 10/25/2017
Reviewer: Patrick A

I am using the HAAS on Stationary rope and Dynamic rope systems and it's working great. Once you get a rhythm and tune your foot work to the climbing method, there is no going back to a single shoe ascender. The device is light, I keep it on my ascending device but it can easily be clipped to your belt. After 20 or so ascents, it still looks new.

NICE - 09/01/2017
Reviewer: Andrew/ Apex Land Managent, LLC

Very easy to incorporate into rope wrench system. With a neck bungee to assist your hitch you literally can walk up the rope like a ladder, freeing your arms to utilize branches to stabilize and pull yourself up. Only setback I've noticed is now I am now 2x as fast on ascent, making it necessary to watch foliage doesn't clog your cams; beyond this: all of you "old guard" climbers out there who scoff at these things normally, give it a try! Tech and ideas for us dedicated climbers are night and day since the days of tying a taught-line hitch from the end of your rope! Keep it up guys!

I loves it - 08/25/2017
Reviewer: Ryan

Great addition to the kit for drt or srt. No fiddling around with set up if it's being shared and the adjustment on the floor with this over the original whoopie is a good bit nicer.

Get more work done - 08/21/2017
Reviewer: Dr. Greenthumb

I use my HAAS Velox with a Teufelberger Saddle with Tree Austria shoulder harness (a small piece of webbing from my right shoulder to a DMM XSRE tends my pulley), ArbPro Clip N Step boots, DMM XSRE carabiner (at the top), small non-locking DMM 'biner (at the bottom/shoe), and a Rope Wrench. If getting a whole lot of work done quickly while minimizing fatigue is your goal you need one yesterday. 

Perfection - 02/13/2017
Reviewer: Kyle armijo

Just took the plunge to srt....let me tell you, where has this been my whole life! Foot ascender, and this little gem is like having nos.

I have the clip version and a floop. I just leave it on my boot permanently. Clip the haas to my right D and it's never in the way even with my handsaw on that side. First time using this and very new to srt and this and srt is a total game changer. I feel like I have a wraptor.....I'm no longer concerned about having to come down. Now I come whatever...then be back aloft in the blink of an eye, and you can to! BUY IT ASAP

Berkshire county climber - 01/27/2017
Reviewer: Will steinert

I have had this unit for 9 months I use it on every accent and when I get to my work position I just clip the bunjie lower for less tension. The velox stays on my foot for my entire climb. There for it's always ready to go. Clip the bunjie higher and you accending. My only modifications to the velox was adding 1.25" chafe sleeve to the foot strap. This will prolong the foot strap as I keep the velox attached to my foot the entire time I climb. Awesome product. When I ordered the velox tree stuff had it not in stock. I ordered it from Sherrill stink. But ultimately tree stuff gets the review.

Seems to add more complexity to my climb - 05/22/2016
Reviewer: NHArborist

I've only been on 10 or so climbs with the Velox; mostly on long hauls. First, I have to say that the build quality is excellent and have no complaints about that. I have been climbing for 30+ years so, I am probably one of those old dogs that takes more time to adjust to something new. However, I do climb SRT and my experience with the Velox has been unexceptional. I have difficulties getting the foot loop on and off, especially when in a tree or on a line. I also can't seem to find a convenient location to clip the bungee into. With a foot ascender, my Hitchhiker or Hitch Climber and all the other gear, I find that the Velox puts me into gear overload?. For long hauls, I have resorted lately to using a foot ascender and a hand ascender with a foot strap. It is easier for me because I just find it easier to quickly disconnect and stow the foot strap. Maybe it is a matter of technique. From the videos I've seen, the Velox seems to be the way to go but, I'm not there yet.

Improving the original! - 05/20/2016
Reviewer: Chris Lucas

The original and still the best! The original HAAS was the first real SRT rope ascent solution that allowed climbers to climb a rope as easily as a ladder, with very minimal gear. The VELOX takes the design and refines it with a new type of nylon webbing construction AND a new approach to the bungee cord design. The bungee is routed thru a milled aluminum sheave near the foot. This creates super smooth action with incredible range of motion for the climber.

The quality of construction is great and I expect to get a lot of good use from this thing. I loved the original HAAS, but the VELOX is where it's at!! Real advancement on every front!

Yes...I recommend buying one!!!

Must have - 05/09/2016
Reviewer: Joe Legate

The haas velox makes ascending SRT super smooth and efficient. I highly recommend adding one of these to your kit. I was on the fence about using knee ascenders until I tried this out. The added bearing makes the bungee work super smooth with a full return when lifting your leg up. Great piece of gear here! Get one!

Great piece of gear - 05/08/2016
Reviewer: JCUT

Just got the VELOX 2 weeks ago & this thing is awesome! I was using my bosses old HAAS and this is definitely a step up. The bungee travel is faster and it stays locked down on your boot as you are ascending. It works great clipped to the ring on my chest harness used in conjunction with the rope wrench. Buy it & you will definitely notice how much less energy you are using on those long ascents.

Awsome Advancement - 04/14/2016
Reviewer: Paul Goodman

Michael is a genius, I have had the original HAAS for over 3 years and loved it, after trying the Velox at Geezers this past January I have to say what an awsome idea with the machined brewing bungee block in it to give you twice the pull and twice the throw, it needed no dial in and was good at any attachment point from mid chest all the way down to bridge level. Awsome device and it will make anybody look like a David rope walking pro.

Props! - 02/04/2016
Reviewer: TL

Props to the original inventor. These things have made climbing oh so much better and more efficient!!! Gotta give props to Mumford too though. This new version has a lot of the ideas that he used to create the SAKA!

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