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Reviews for Singing Tree Rope Runner - Olive

4.8 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 60 reviews

What a great tool. - 06/01/2017
Reviewer: Dave Mason

Just started doing SRT a couple months ago. Tried several items before falling in love with the runner. Finally paired it with prism rope and it's smooth as can be. On a CMI foot ascender and a Veloux knee ascender, super fast and smooth.

Reviewer: Ryan

Brilliant product , versatile, easy to use , saves so much time ! Thanks to tree stuff I cant recommend them enough , I'm from the U.K. And fast delivery was quickly produced by these guys arriving in just 3 days 10/10 service guys !

Reviewer: Handy Andy

I've been hanging from the STRR on 1/2 vortex! Works great! Amazing craftsmanship! Rope still fits into the bird with one tab of the Slic pin still inside the bird, preventing me from losing the pin. Witch was my only concern, using the device.
I love the speed that you can descend, with reliable braking power! And once stopped it stays putt, no creep with my medium sized build.
Also want to say, the folks at Tree Stuff are amazing! Very fast with shipping!

I will be a life long customer at,

Handy Andy

Stellar gadget - 02/18/2017
Reviewer: Kyle armijo

Awesome gadget, lightweight, midline attachable. I use it srt, drt, I use it on my grapple lanyard. Its a dream to fly this thing.
The uni is a little more versatile for me but I use this all the time still. The unis biggest advantage to me is that it does not crave slack like this does......I know what your thinking, that's a good thing that it loves to eat slack.....but let me tell you it is a blessing and a curse at times. All in all its bombproof, super easy to use and you wont regret buying it.

best device yet for working SRT - 10/17/2016
Reviewer: mike tacinelli

the rope runner advances smoothly, and decends smoothly. I use this on the sterling scion rope, and have had no issues. unlike the unicender, the rope runner is a breeze to work with! highly recommended.

One Advantage That Hasn't Been Mentioned - 10/14/2016
Reviewer: Ed

So after giving this a good trial over the summer of 2016 I have to say STRR V 1.0 IS a pleasure to use. Lots been said on this already. However I haven't heard a lot of talk about one of it's other advantages over prussik based systems - to me at least - it is easy to clean up!. Here in Alberta we broke a long drought period with a wet wet summer and our pines seemed to be dripping sap - some in long sap strings from the pine cones yet! A lot of trees were a mess to climb. Ropes lasted one tree. Yet more than the Zig Zag and certainly more than textile based systems, the STRR came easily clean as a whistle with acetone or some ethanol. Saved me hours of fiddle time! Thanks.

Great Product - 06/01/2016
Reviewer: Chris B

I got the rope runner and I am very happy with it. I had to adjust it but once I got it right it is very responsive and easy to control. I am a heavier guy and on a longer faster decent it will slip a little but will still stop on its own or if I use my brake hand it will stop with very little effort. I love it and don't ever want to climb without it. Thanks to for the great price and fast shipping.

awesome awesome awesome - 03/20/2016
Reviewer: Heath Lanning

this thing is just amazing I bring it to every job. the bigger the tree the better it is worth way more then the 300$. at first I didn't trust it but now that I do I sail around the tree like nothing makes climbing and trimming so much fun.

Super Slick - 03/12/2016
Reviewer: Roots & Shoots

The Rope Runner is a clutch piece of equipment. It's bomb proof, gets better with wear, fast on ascent, and smooth on descent. Only downside is that the quad action pins are a little awkward to use while attaching/detaching midline. If you never want to worry about your friction device again, make the investment, you will soon forget the price tag. One-day the Bulldog-Bone will take the RR's place as the best ascent/descent system, but until then this little guy will be your best friend.


wouldnt climb on anything else!! - 01/17/2016
Reviewer: JeremyR

I have been on the RR for 5 months now! Use it for every climb. Once you get the bollard adjusted for the right rope its smooth and fast. Rope falls through while tending slack. I did make some small adjustments for my chest harness. didnt care much for the small clip for tending. Other than the hitch hicker being bomb proof, the rope runner is the way to go!

Should have lisened earlier - 01/15/2016
Reviewer: Travys Richards

I debated quite a bit to get this and make the switch from my wrench, should have listened to alot of friends with these when they said I wouldnt be dissapointed, they were right.

Awesome. - 01/12/2016
Reviewer: Brendon Phillips

I wasn't happy at first, but after the anodization wears off and a groove develops in friction plate its nice and smooth. Now I love it.

Wow - 01/11/2016
Reviewer: Mike P

This is a high performance piece of gear. Descent is amazingly smooth. Works perfectly with Yale 11.7 ropes.

It is truly worth the money.

A winner for sure - 01/07/2016
Reviewer: Dan C

What a great product. Works flawlessly. Easy to install. Quality, functionality, and a variety of colors. You feel very secure when the Rope Runner is in use.

this is how you fly - 01/04/2016
Reviewer: Lawrence

the name says it all! i find it works best with static rope because they do not flatten as much and there seems to be smoother adjustment that can be found with the slick jacket. get two.

RopeRunner - 01/02/2016
Reviewer: Jimbwe

Crazy fast! Super smooth Best investment of 2015!

wow just incredible - 01/01/2016
Reviewer: kyle

ive been using a buddies and wow this thing is crazy, its super smooth if adjusted correctly and its a blast to use definitely saving up for this bad boy

Super Smooth - 12/31/2015
Reviewer: Ian

I was gifted this device while at the expo in PA this year, im used to using a rope wrench (when i DO climb sRT), so it was quite different at first. It took me a little bit to get used to, but I found that it is incredibly smooth ascending, descending and tending slack. Looking forward to using it more.

Súper rápido - 12/31/2015
Reviewer: Maycon Flores

Lo mejor súper suave para trepar en srt grasias nick bonner me dio este producto en buen precio en pittsbugh pa grasias tree stuff

Love It - 12/31/2015
Reviewer: Will Breckenridge

I have used several SRT and DDRT mechanical climbing systems. And the RR is by far the best! Smooth, tough, and fast descents! Worth every penny.

Incredibly smooth - 12/30/2015
Reviewer: Travis Kosnicki

I love the rope runner, it is incredibly smooth. Being a larger guy, friction hitches always seemed to lock up on fast descents. The rope runner is consistent friction and tends like a dream.

Incredibly smooth - 12/30/2015
Reviewer: Travis Kosnicki

I love the rope runner, it is incredibly smooth. Being a larger guy, friction hitches always seemed to lock up on fast descents. The rope runner is consistent friction and tends like a dream.

Rope runner work good - 12/30/2015
Reviewer: Charles-éric Bourgeois

Very good desing , but if you think that's a upgrade to your Rope wrench you're false , they are totally 2 different creature ! Fully mecanical world is a whole new game ! At first it was not intuitive has a wrench , but with some pratice.

game changer - 12/03/2015
Reviewer: andy kcmo

This will turn an ok srt system into a great system! i climbed with the wrench for over a year now and picked this thing up on the black Friday sale and let me tell you, i liked my srt setup before the purchase... now i LOVE my srt setup. Right up there with a good running Stihl T200 IMO. Dont let the price scare you either like i did! You get what you pay for in this industry. You wont regret!

Truly Revolutionary - 11/29/2015
Reviewer: Brett Seidel

Truly amazing invention. I have looked at it for a while before buying it, seeing it on youtube and a fellow co-worker had one for a while. I finally made the investment and only after about the second climb with it i fell in love. Its very smooth and easy to work with. I climb with 11mm Samson Velocity and it runs like a dream.

Climber & company owner - 11/21/2015
Reviewer: Matt

I bit the bullet and purchased the Rope Runner after researching it and talking to other climbers. It works well but is not as smooth as I expected. Obviously, they have corrected the problem as Singing Tree now sells a replacement friction plate called "the baby bump." Bottom line: at the price point this device sells for, I feel that it's a bit of a rip off to charge $50.00 for a piece of milled aluminum to get the performance that was expected when buying the Rope Runner to begin with.

Awesome - 10/13/2015
Reviewer: Jean-philippe ayotte

Order it, take a week or two to get use to it and you will FALL in love!!

You need to find the good rope to enjoy it all


Rope Runner - 10/05/2015
Reviewer: Josh Wrubel

I've only been using the rope runner for a week but I'm hooked. I wish I would of made the switch from DRT to SRT sooner. The rope Runner is smooth and easy to attach even while in the canopy. Great piece of equipment to have in your arsenal. :)

I love this device - 10/05/2015
Reviewer: Jeff Cochran

RR gen 1 is amazing. It is a complete game changer much as the first rope wrench. But in my opinion we need a second generation. If produced correctly this generation could be the most revolutionary device on the planet involving tree care since Alex Shigos a new tree biology

I have an idea for the rr2 if I may be so bold.
I would like an attachment point for a spliced eye to be used ddrt like the zigzag with a rubber O-ring to prevent accidental side loading and to be used as an attachment for a slack tender when used srt. I believe it is necessary to produce the product with smoother round sides to be more rope and user friendly with thicker heat treated aluminum like the isc produced rope wrench for better heat distribution. I would pay to demo such a unit

Very disappointed - 09/28/2015
Reviewer: Nick cook


Unfortunately my experience with the Rope runner wasn't quite as good as everyone else. The device constantly slid with my weight on the rope (I tried various diameters). Swinging or bombing was nearly out of the question because it would result in up to a 4m free fall before the device would slow me enough for myself to be able to stop manually. Slight bollard adjustment would render the device inoperable and nearly impossible to decend with out cutting my fingers on the unfinished "beak" of the device. Even ascending after bollard adjustment was painful as the device would not follow my movements up the rope. Ended up selling it cheap and buying a Unicender, which even though it has its issues I've never felt unsafe on one. Definitely try before you buy as I'm sure my case isn't that uncommon.


TreeStuff comments: The recommended and tested rope for the Rope Runner is All Gear Rocket because of the inner core which gives additional firmness. We might also have suggested that Nick try New England KM III 1/2" (for its larger diameter and firmness) or Samson Vortex (for its larger diameter).


Best SRT device out there - 08/31/2015
Reviewer: Kevin Mabry

I have been using SRT for the last 5 years, never full time. In 2012 I committed to SRT for 3 months to really start getting comfortable with it. Even with a rope wrench I found that DdRT had better overall use. I wasn't sold on the runner until JAMBO. After being given the opportunity to play on a few, I purchased one. Even before the "groove" begins to develop I can tell you that this tool is a game changer. SRT is easily more viable on most climbs than DdRT. My rope runner has become my go to piece of equipment, that one piece of gear I can't really do without. Do yourself a favor and buy one, or two.

The next amazing thing from Bing - 08/25/2015
Reviewer: Royce

Another step in the SRT revolution. I've only been using it about two weeks, but it's already an irreplaceable part of my climbing kit.

I've been using it on Escalator, as well as Tachyon. On wet rope, I've had a little slippage - but that may have been the rope (Esacalator) - not sure this is the best choice anyway.

Also, I've not adjusted it yet, and may try that and report back. Still giving it 5 stars because it works amazing, is beautiful, and is greater than ever not having a hitch cord any more.

Thanks Kevin and Treestuff!!!

love it - 08/24/2015
Reviewer: james

i have been recreational climbing with the rope runner for about a year now and have to say that i wouldn't trade it for anything

Example - 08/13/2015

This is an example for Scavenger Hunt #20. Check out our scavenger hunts, contests, and more on our Facebook Page. LOVE TREESTUFF!

Owner - 08/04/2015
Reviewer: Steven

I'm very impressed and happy with my rope runner. Got to use it for dead wooding mature Douglas fir and its dreamy and speedy. Great tool.


GreaT Product - 08/04/2015
Reviewer: Brad A.

This was my first step into the SRT world..Why did i go straight to mechanical, Cause i can that's why!! Lol. What a great choice! Great product, that works awesome! Quite a different climb then my spyderjack.. If you cant tell i love my mechanism.. If the zigzag wasn't so sketchy with problems id have that to.. The reason for my 4 🌟 review is simple because of the room for improvement.

Superb once you get used to it... - 07/23/2015
Reviewer: Andrew Mead

Took me a few climbs to get a feel for this device but now have it wired. This is an awesome piece of kit. Seems tough on the hands and quite jerky at first but it is all in your technique.....Climbing on anything else just seems like a pain in the rear end now. Very pleased with it.

I can't believe it!!!! - 06/18/2015
Reviewer: Jimmy p

Straight off this thing is amazing!!!!
I have been climbing with this now for 2 weeks, and it just gets better every day. It tends slack like there is no tomorrow!!! With so little sit back it's crazy. If you have to spike back up just attach your chest harness and boom no slack!!!
I can see why som people do like the decent it takes a little bit to work out, it's like driving a standard car, you gotta find that bitting point. I'm using it with cougar blue and it's a drem!!! Just buy one now and fall in love with it!!!!

Worth if if you spend your time aloft and have the spare bones - 06/10/2015
Reviewer: Ason_Unique

I am not much of a reviewer on products because some people like liver and onions, and others like the hottest of the hot Thai food. Everyone has their opinion when it comes to the best way to perform a task. To me it is very simple efficiency.

I have been climbing on a hitch hiker for three years and am very grateful that Paul Cox took the time to develop it and make it available to us. It is a very simple and durable piece of equipment. To me, what really separates the rope runner is hitch trending. Much less labor is spent tugging on the rope to get that final adjustment with the rope runner. In my mind it is simple, the less energy expended fiddling with your rope results in more energy available for cognitive thought. And it is not rocket science, cognitive thought is at a premium at the end of the day when the pieces get bigger and your escape route is very limited.

If you have the extra bones laying around and it is a piece of equipment that you can justify using you will not regret it.

Oh yeah - 05/15/2015
Reviewer: Drew Nelson

This thing makes me look like such a good climber in the tree. So smooth and almost no sit back. One day I'll be able to afford another for DRT. I've let several friends whom I work with fly it and they love it as well. Just a few weeks after purchasing I forgot what I spent on it, just happy climbing. Thanks Kevin Bingham. I love you.

Nice! - 05/01/2015
Reviewer: John Pomeroy

Definitely an awesome piece of kit! Runs very smoothly and holds very well.

Two things for comments:

I am not crazy about the little clip used to tend the Runner. Because it is on one side it naturally makes the Runner go crooked when tended. I am using the suggestion made by CountryboyPA who uses a small clip placed around the rope through the 'biner at the bottom of the Runner. That works very well.

Secondly I find the edges of the Runner to be a bit sharp. I was expecting it to be like the machining on the ZK2 which is much easier on ropes.

Other than that, awesome!

mr - 04/07/2015
Reviewer: jamie wilkin


Worth the price - 04/07/2015
Reviewer: Sean C

Wish I'd gotten one of these instead of another rope wrench set up because:

Rope wrench: $100
Stiff tether: $35
Hitch Climber: $60
e2e: $30

= $225
Real cost is only $125 more, oh well...

Slides along the rope so smoothly that you can just install it and leave it on the rope.

BRILLIANT - 04/06/2015
Reviewer: Benjamin Maurer

I've been waiting a LONG time to get one of my own.
The Rope Runner is flawless.
No friction on ascent and no hitch cord to worry about.
Just run up the rope, hand over hand. Rock the job out with all the saved energy. Bomb out.
A brilliant piece of gear that will change tree climbing for anyone who uses one.

Revolutionary is right! - 04/05/2015
Reviewer: Joe Legate

The Rope Runner has changed my climbing for the better. Tends perfectly and the amount of control you can achieve when descending is untouchable. I think I will need to get a few more back up rope runners so I will always have one. My advice is get one while they are available at Treestuff!!

can't be beat - 04/05/2015
Reviewer: steve

This is a very innovative piece of gear. The rr had made my work life a lot easier and more efficient. The lack of effort it takes to ascend the tree ,leaves me with a ton more energy to do other tasks on the job. This thing eats up algal on ascents and decent are smooth and quick. I've found that limb walls seem to be a little jerky when your trying to let it out slow. Mechanical advantage is a bit of a pain as well. Over all you can't beat it.

Rope Runner's Creed - 04/05/2015
Reviewer: fabrice

This is my rope runner. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rope runner is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My rope runner, without me, is useless. Without my rope runner, I am useless. I must fly my rope runner true. I must climb higher despite my enemy, gravity, a force of nature who is trying to kill me. I must counter it before it counters me. I will...

My rope runner and I know that what counts in the tree is not the logs we drop, the noise of our chainsaw, nor the sawdust we make. We know that it is the speed that counts. We will climb...

Love it - 04/04/2015
Reviewer: Mike Brough

You should put it in your cart right now and check out. The only regret you'll have is not getting one sooner.

One of the original Dirty 30 - 04/04/2015
Reviewer: Chris Sallows

Over the past year and a bit I have abused, ran with and in general had a lot of fun with this little guy.

I use it both SRT, Ddrt and soon DRT as well (still polishing that skill)
Very customization for response on rappelling, friction-less aescending.

My favorite place that this shines is in crane removals Ddrt, you can footlock your rope, and pull yourself up into a working position without even using your hands. Great comfort without having to worry about your knot loosening and not grabbing if you fly a VT or something.

This is the future of mechanicals, I love everything about it. I hope the ISA allows them into competitions this year. I had to bench mine last year for a while just to get used to rope on rope again.

Great product, amazing innovation, crazy fun bo,bing put of trees as hard and fast as you can.

Thanks Bingham, for the next big thing.

Rope Runner - 04/03/2015
Reviewer: David Campana

The rope runner is just simply amazing. i use my coworkers rope runner from time to time. He has had it since they first came out with it in blue.

What is great about this device is that it can b used SRT or DRT. Its midline attachable which is just fantastic. I like how smooth and fluid it is, I have complete control over the descent. I was always skeptical about mechanical friction devices because of the sudden release. Not a problem here, i feel like i have complete control over the friction and i love it. i would definitely recommend this device to all tree climbers out their. Even if you never like mechanical friction devices before, give this a try, definitely worth it. It will change your world.

Incredible tool - 04/02/2015
Reviewer: Tom Vanderbeck

I order the Singing Tree Rope Runner about a month ago and am so happy I did. It increased my speed, safety and efficiency in the tree 10 fold. I would highly recommend this product.

Great Investment - 03/26/2015
Reviewer: Brian Mickelson

I like the RW, but this RR I tell you is a game changer, ascending and limb walking are a dream. If your on the fence on buying one, just do it, it'll be the best $350 you spend at TreeStuff.

sunrinse tree - 03/17/2015
Reviewer: Shane W

just got my rope runner and got to use it today for business. it is everything I thought it would be and more. great job tree and Kevin! Shane W from lake city FL

Love it! - 02/15/2015
Reviewer: Matt Davis

Have been using mine for close to a year now and love this thing! Effortless to ascend with, runs smooth and fast. Much more compact than it looks.
Wouldn't want to be without it for a climb.

Buy one - 01/19/2015
Reviewer: Casey Selner

I was apart of the original 30 that was released March of 2014, it was a learning curve to get used to but going from the rope wrench to this is night and day. I find that this device is going to be a huge hit. The wear on my device is moderate but I haven't had to replace anything as of yet. I am starting to get to that point though. I would have worn out a couple of hitch cords by now. This device is really awesome. Definitely give it a shot.

Best tool in my gear bag! - 01/17/2015
Reviewer: Ricardo Vazquez

I have been climbing on the rope runner for a couple of months now and it's my favorite thing to climb on, better than the rope wrench imo. Once you've got your top bollard adjusted to that sweet then you're set. limb walks are pure awesomeness, especially walking back from one, slack tending is great. I would recommend you buy one you won't regret it. Thanks Kevin for creating the Rope Runner!

Best bit of Kit - 01/01/2015
Reviewer: Ben White

Rope Runner has been the best bit of kit I have bought yet! I run 7/16 KM||| with it half open and its smooth. Been climbing on it since last March and I have not had to replace any parts. 100% great buy!

what are you waiting for - 12/31/2014
Reviewer: Bo Burke

If you are a climbing arborist and haven't ordered this tool yet, then I don't know what your doing with your Arb career. Srt in itself has made my job easier let alone using the RR to do it. For close to a year now it's all I really ever use. Works great on a wide variety of ropes too! Just incorporate a few things to the system and you could be literally walking up to your office in no time. They won't last, so order now!

Worth every penny - 12/30/2014
Reviewer: Ryan Rodefer

I've been climbing on the Rope Runner for about a year now and even though the Rope Wrench is pretty amazing it's now frustrating to climb with. Once you get used to the decent you really feel like the master of the rope. It is very consistent and easy to adjust to different ropes. KMlll is my favorite. Just buy it, you won't regret it.

unreal - 12/30/2014
Reviewer: robz

This device is incredible... Slack tending is extremely smooth and effortless not to mention the range of ropes you can use with this. I use 13mm htp static with the bollard wide open. It is perfect for smooth walks and fast bombs. Light weight and super easy to get used to. I feel very safe and happy while using the rope runner. Nothing compares. I would pre order at least 2 of these!

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