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Reviews for Arborwear Original Tree Climber Pants

4.2 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 17 reviews

Buenos - 08/20/2017
Reviewer: Maycon flores

Son duraderos pero no tan cómodos

Solid work pants - 11/29/2016
Reviewer: Spencer

I've rotated two pairs every work day for the past year. This is a solid pair of work pants. Stiff at first bit loosen up relatively quickly. Reliable durability, though now you can see how after a year they are showing age and weakness in the material as they are starting to tear easily. Pocket on side fits hand pruners perfectly. For the price and what I've gotten out of them I couldn't be happier.

They're ok I guess - 01/07/2016
Reviewer: TJM

These pants are a lot like the heavy carthart pants. They are pretty durable. I still have a pair in rotation after a year. Not overly impressed with the fit, but they're nice.

Durable - 01/07/2016
Reviewer: Ian

These pants are great... I used to wear the double knee carhartts but always hated the limited mobility in a harness. With the gusset crotch, these are my go to climbing pants.

wish they where better for me - 10/14/2015
Reviewer: Erik

I Hate the pocket setup on these pants. The 2 large front pockets are very high and hard to get my hands in, the little pocket on the right thigh is worthless, make that worse than. I had my pocket knife in the little pocket and it got lost chipping. 2 days later same thing with a new knife.
Cell phone wont fit in anywhere useful, have to leave it in the truck, not good when I am the Foreman.
The sizes run small and short, granted I am 6'5" with a 35" waist, so pants are always hard to find.
The gusseted crotch is the ONLY thing they have on Carrharts.
The pants are very tough and will work great for some guys.

Liked them so much I had to order a second pair! - 04/23/2015
Reviewer: Trevor

I have had these for 3 or 4 weeks now and I been wearing them ever since! They are extremely comfortable but can be a little restrictive when up in a tree. I was really bummed when I nicked them for the first time with my hand saw, but I was very happy to discover that I had only gone through the first layer, thank goodness for the double knee! I was also very pleased when I realized that the side leg pocket fits my favorite pair of hand pruners perfectly!


Dislike - 04/14/2015
Reviewer: Anthony

These pants rip at the seems of each pocket. I also dont know what is supposed to fit in the left side leg pocket, Im guessing marbles would fit or something. They are also very stiff, none of my co-workers like them either.

Wonderful - 07/07/2014
Reviewer: Runningbowline
I have two of these pants now, and have had them for about a year. The first step I took in them was easier than any other work pants I have worn. I try to sell friends, family, and strangers on these pants. They wear out in amount of time, got a big hole in one after getting it caught on a log cart, but for the comfort and durability, totally worth it.

These are my winter pants. - 06/30/2014
Reviewer: Brett Mattison
I use to wear carhartts for winter time but now I only wear these. They last a long time.

Great climbing and motorcycle pants - 08/20/2013
Reviewer: F Rupert
The double front panel really protects you from the tree bark and the pants don't look half bad either, but what I really like them for is riding the motorcycle. When it's a bit chilly out the double panel on the front really helps keep the legs warm. The double panel extends well above and below the knee, unlike many actual motorcyle pants (go figure), which helps keep the leg warm.

Rock Climbing/Hiking and Tree climbing - 03/14/2013
Reviewer: Kalani Philippart
I bought these pants to get something that wouldn't catch my knee and to protect myself while working and hiking the Superstition Mountains in Ariona (where spiny plants are a plenty). They do a good job of protection against the cactus out there. Maybe top level fatigues would be better. With that being said these pants are very mobile on my sprinter legs. I hiked 2 miles in 6-18" of snow which forces you to do a high knee step and I had no problems. I followed that muddy hike with work the next day (with mud on the pants) and I hardly noticed that I had worn these the prior day.
I have worn these pants for 2 months without a scratch. Very Durable! These pants are totally worth the money.

Great for rock climbing, and general work, too - 09/09/2012
Reviewer: Tom Stahl
These pants are great. I picked up my first pair from (the local store in Indy) last week. I've had a hard time taking them off since. I bought them to replace another brand of canvas pants (an expensive brand from Jackson Hole, WY whose quality has gone way downhill). I have to say, I'll never go back to that brand, and these will slowly replace my other canvas pants for both climbing and for work. They are really thick, but somehow not stiff, and not too warm to work outside in. I don't know how they did it, but I'm sold on them.'s price is also the best around, and the guys there have top notch service. They even let me use the restroom to try on a couple pairs to make sure I got the fit right! When I need the next pair, I'll most definitely be giving my business to

Arborist - 03/18/2012
Reviewer: Keith Stevens
These pants are well worth the money. I was hesitant for a while because of the price until a buddy of mine that works for davey gave me two pair. They lasted two years and I've been sold ever since and that was 4 years ago. I'll continue to buy these pants as long as they make them because they hold up so incredibly well.

arbor student - 01/24/2012
Reviewer: Reis Lebeau
Love these Arborwear pants, tough enough without being too heavy, only pants I haven't ripped a hole in yet.

good pants - 11/25/2011
Reviewer: Bill D
I'm very satisfied with these Arborwear pants. The gusseted crotch is a definite improvement over the standard inseam and the double thick material in the front knee thigh area will outlast a standard jean. That's where they wear through first. After days of working hard on and above ground in these pants, I'm ready to chuck my 10 dollar wal mart jeans. Also, the chestnut brown color doesn't get as filthy looking as jeans so you may get a couple days out of them before having to wash them. Just hang them up. Better than regular jeans for me in comfort and mobility.

Poor mobility - 10/29/2011
Reviewer: Ethan
I have been using these pants for about 5 months. Maybe it is my body type but i have talked to other people at work who wear these and they agree that the mobility is horrible. Arborwear markets these pants to have extreme mobility but when i compare these pants to a pair of work jeans the jeans have more mobility than the "tree climbing pants". I find that you can only lift your leg so high because the fabric catches your knee and restricts your movement from making a high step. The gusseted crotch also didn't help because i blew mine out picking up a large log. Despite the negative I do think the pants are very durable and priced right. I would not buy these pants again though because of the horrible mobility.

great pants - 05/25/2011
Reviewer: Liaminthetree
As they claim, these Arborwear pants feel broken in right off the shelf. Comfortable but heavy duty. For me, I prefer a pant with a taper to it, these are the perfect cut.

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