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Reviews for TreeU Splicing Series with Nick Araya

4.9 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 21 reviews

Great Investment - 12/11/2017
Reviewer: Allen

I have been wanting to learn to splice ever since I started climbing. I watched youtube videos on it a few times and never really took the leap to try it myself. That changed after I ordered this series. I immediately started out with some simple tools and was hooked. Not only has it saved me money whenever I get a new climbing rope or gear, but I have been able to make all kinds of slings, eye and eyes, and lanyards that are exactly what I want.

Thank you treestuff and Nick for putting this together.

Excellent! - 12/05/2017
Reviewer: VanDerp

This is one of the best investments I've made. This video series is the bridge to understanding splicing and how to manage all the little problems and snags and how to understand and execute manufacturers splicing instructions. I've always wanted to splice but had no idea where to start. Now I'm splicing 24 and 16 strand climbing ropes, I can make slings and i2i hitch cords and friction savers. I made an ultra sling for my cmi block and safebloc. I think I spent around $200 including this video series and all the basic tools and supplies I needed to start splicing. Ive done way more than that $200 worth of splicing in the last few months. You cant really put a price on investing in new knowledge and skills that you can put to use and keep with you for the rest of your career. If you want to splice, this is the place to start.

Fun with Splicing - 08/20/2017
Reviewer: Brian B

Bought a Bag O' Rope. . . what am I gonna do with this? I'll get the splicing videos! I'll also make my own wire fid. Got some clearance 16 strand somewhere else for a short climb line and put eyes on both ends. Climbed on it and survived. I've made some ring savers with T Rex (because it easiest to splice). Hmm. . . a $16 ring saver or a $70 ring saver. I was a little fooled by how easy it is for Nick to pull core strands and splice 24 strand. I guess a little more practice (or maybe he's got a height/weight advantage). Nice to have the info in one place. Thanks TreeStuff

Bueno - 08/20/2017
Reviewer: Maycon flores

Estos videos son muy buenos enseñan bien fácil de entender para poder haser nuestros proyectos

Great tool and very informative for beginner splicer - 05/01/2017
Reviewer: David Anglin

Without this series I would not feel comfortable with my splicing skills. I have acquired an amazing amount of knowledge from these. The format of how things are explained is simple and the speed slicing part show you actual events.

A must have for someone starting out with splicing.

Thanks TreeStuff and Nick for doing this.

Well Worth It - 03/06/2017
Reviewer: Fred Roewer

The splicing class was set up well with a class lecture that was combined with hands on learning. Nick and the tree stuff staff are great teachers and really take the time to help you if you have questions along the way. I highly recommend attending the class if you are interested in splicing.


Spliceing - 01/01/2017
Reviewer: Nels Backstrom

Very informative. As a beginner this series is well worth the money. Nick explains things very clearly. The tips and timed splices are great. I learned patience and persistence are key for beginners. I look forward to more videos

Fantastic Resource - 12/30/2016
Reviewer: Matt

This series is invaluable to anyone who wants to custom build their own gear. Good sound and video quality, and Nick is easy to follow. I don't mind listening to him speak, either... A trait i wish some of my college professors had. The biggest value to me is knowing i've done my splicing correctly, and i can trust my gear.

Growing up sailing, 4x4ing, and flying gliders, I've had some experience splicing. This takes it to another level. It is no replacement for having specific manufacturer's instructions, but my boss' 9 year old daughter could do any of these splices after watching the videos with me. Nick clearly has a great deal of experience to draw upon, and has some awesome tips and tricks to share. I bet even the most seasoned splicer could learn something from this series.

It is also worth noting that there is minimal product placement in these videos. Most splicing can be done with home made tools, or no tools at all. A short flash of text shows you what he's using if you're interested in purchasing some specific tools.

They've recently cut the price in half, in which case i wish i could give 6 stars.


Very well done - 12/17/2016
Reviewer: Ted

There are many splicing videos on you tube but this is a well put together series and I was very impressed. Nick is a great teacher and explains every detail of what he is doing. It is designed ffor the beginner to the more advanced and will take a beginner and make them an advanced splicer. I got a bag of rope and it was all hollow braid rigging rope. I thought it would be simple being hollow braid it was trickier than I thought but Nicks tricks got me through it. I made a thunder sling a little different than Nick Bonners but it worked out just as well and definitely not as pretty. It's made out of 1/2" Tenex Tec and I think I will make the other end into a whoppie. sling. Great Splicing series I would highly recommend it.


good instruction - 10/11/2016
Reviewer: mt

Great teaching tool for splicing instead of trying to use the printed manufacturer instructions alone. It would be nice if there was an occasional Q&A follow up session for issues or specialty splices.


Awesome splicing series! - 10/10/2016
Reviewer: Marek de Savigny

Have been looking for some helpful pointers in splicing my climbing lines a bunch of rigging lines. These videos are very clear and easy to follow, plus i trust what i'm seeing which is kinda a big deal. Well worth the money. Its all there in one convenient spot. I've got some splicing books and they lack the small verbal details and tricks to help get you through some of the more complicated splices. Thanks!

Owner of Heritage Tree Service - 10/10/2016
Reviewer: Sam Chapman

This is a fantastic tutorial. For me, video instruction certainly seems better than written. He can add his tips and thoughts at the moment they are relevant.

I also like the timed splice he does at the end of each instruction. It shows that when one is experienced it really doesn't take that long.

Thanks so much!


Love it! - 10/06/2016
Reviewer: Jason Dudek

This series is awesome. Very informative and easy to follow along with. Nick does a great job explaining what he's doing and why. The little tips he gives are invaluable. Hoping they keep adding videos like a throw line splice or friendship bracelet.

Splicing video review - 10/06/2016
Reviewer: Stptree

The treeU splicing videos are clear, concise and well-presented. Nick covers a variety of splices, going through the details and process to complete each one. He also offers several tips that make the splicing easier, and aren't covered in any splicing directions.
I would recommend it for anyone interested in learning or improving their splicing skills.


Time saving tutorial - 10/05/2016
Reviewer: Luke O'Quin

This series is a great addition to my splicing references. Nick shows a lot of tips and tricks that usually come after a long time splicing. This series is a great investment for any splicer, from novice to expert. Everything is working great now.


Best way to start splicing - 10/05/2016
Reviewer: Josh

When I stated to learn to splice I was using the Samson splicing book and dvd. It was ok but was a little hard to figure certain techniques. The treeU series is light years ahead of the Samson dvd. The clips are easy to follow and nick does a great job walking you through each step. i would definitely recommend this for any beginner or intermediate splicer.

Mr - 10/05/2016
Reviewer: Corbin tattersall

Very well presented videos! Have learnt heaps already just through the tips and tricks of the trade.
Nicely produced and is a great reference for many styles of splicing

Informative Splicing Introduction - 10/05/2016
Reviewer: McVannel Arbor Care

This series is really helpful for those who are just starting to splice, and who enjoy making their own gear! Or for those who need more of "the method" demonstrated, and get confused following written instructions. I've found many of the "trick's" SUPER helpful! Excellent resource!

Very informative - 10/05/2016
Reviewer: James

This series is very good. Going from the basics into intermediary splicing. Through out are many helpful tricks even for experienced splicers. If you want to learn more about how you splice, this is an excellent start.

Splicing Series - 10/05/2016
Reviewer: Eric R.

Nick did an awesome job with this video series. We have the Samson series on DVD as well and the TreeU Splicing Series blows Samson's out of the water. Nick does an awesome job explaining his techniques in a way that even us dumb tree trimmers can understand. I would highly recommend this series to anyone who spices Arborist ropes. Great job Love Nick!!

Great! - 10/05/2016
Reviewer: Seth Wilson

I love these! My only complaint is they don't send us a unlimited supply of scraps to practice on.

Also it would be great if you add in tachyon splice

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