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Reviews for New Tribe Monkey Beaver Saddle

4.8 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 15 reviews

Super Comfortable - 12/11/2017
Reviewer: Allen

This saddle is perfect for me. I was climbing in a sequoia and it was starting to show its age. It took me about three climbs to get it really dialed in and I haven't had to make another adjustment. This thing is a like sitting in my living room recliner compared to the sequoia

I am using it with the MCRS suspenders and a shembiner. Works great!

New tribe hit a home run with this one.

Made for this - 12/10/2017
Reviewer: Rp

This saddle is durable, comfortable, and we'll designed. Owned mine for over a year now, and I love it. Best investment ever. If there was padding in the leg straps, instead of the velcro. That would be nice. But hands down a great saddle. I'm not going to lie. I do love this saddle, but I also want a bad*** TreeStuff t-shirt 

Bummer - 12/05/2017
Reviewer: RD

Absolutely love everything about this saddle except for the cheap plastic leg clips. The fit, the ability to customize, everything. Why cheese out and put these on a $500 saddle? Totally bummed. They take zero effort to break on a cold day and your done. Total turn off.

Awesome saddle - 08/16/2017
Reviewer: Alex

I was skeptical at first buying a saddle online that I've never seen or worn. Every time I went to order they were out of stock. When I finally did receive the saddle I was more than surprised with how comfortable it was and how well it fit! It only took a few minutes to set it up the way I wanted. It has surpassed my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone! Thanks for providing an amazing saddle!

Wow! - 07/27/2017
Reviewer: John

There has been a small change in the MB. The SMC rigging plates have been replaced by black Rock Exotica plates. The large hole is empty and faces forward like a lower D. Now, you can hang from your lanyard just like in a tree motion.

The straps on the MB are extra long so you can wear heavy clothing and rain gear and have the saddle loose enough so you can get it all arranged and tucked under before cinching down. In the summer, the ends dangle.

To measure, look to see how your pants belt is fastened, remove it and measure it. That is your waist size, not the size that's on the little tag inside your pants. The government no longer has clothing size standards and pant size no longer has much meaning. This is why even though I gained 30 lbs in 30 years, I still buy the same pant size and my old clothes seem to have shrunk.

simple & comfortable - 06/26/2017
Reviewer: Nick Desrochers

It's tough to order something as important as a saddle over the internet. I decided on the Monkey Beaver without ever seeing let alone trying one on. It's been a great addition to my gear. comfortable and simple is as good as it gets in a saddle. try it, you wont be disapointerd!

Great product - 04/25/2017
Reviewer: Chris

This saddle fits like a glove. It took me a little while to get used to the configuration, but once I got everything dialed in I really started to enjoy the saddle. It is not a light saddle but the quality is there and it is soooooo comfortable. Great job to everyone at New Tribe and August/Joe.

god and country tree service - 04/01/2017
Reviewer: Travis j Barney

i have worn alot of saddles in the 14 years ive been climbing and these men here in oregon have made a game changing item in the monkey beaver line it is a great set up for any configuration of climbing and since i have paired it with the new tribe floating ring suspenders its a pleasure to wear every time hats off to august joe and casey

Superb - 03/30/2017
Reviewer: Jared Cutshall

Wow, I tried this saddle on at EXPO with the help of the Monkey Beaver himself it was super then and has only gotten better the longer I have owned it. I would recommend to error on the smaller size if you are close to a size break. IE I wear a 36" waist pant and bought the Large and often wonder if I should have bought and Med. Prob is even the large is super comfortable and amazing I would not want to be without it. The big Ds on the back take zero time to appreciate. I love having a built in saw ring as well. The leg pads are amazing and the extra pads make them even more amazing. The rope bridge is great in the aspects that it is easy to adjust as well as easy and cheap to replace. I went from the MCRS to this and not looking back anytime soon.


Best there is - 03/28/2017
Reviewer: Sam finco

After climbing in the MCRS, the Treemotion, the sequoia and the Treemotion lite this is by far the best saddle I have ever climbed in. I've had it for 3 months now and new tribe got it right, they build saddles with excellent structure, rather than a bunch of padding to make it comfortable and the MB has more than enough gear storage options and carries a large saw well. Earlier today I was climbing with a 661 and it felt like nothing. I never notice my saddle anymore and never have to adjust or think about where my gear is. Well done New Tribe and August.

Backorder wait was worth it - 03/27/2017
Reviewer: Greg Jackson

I waited three weeks for my saddle to come in since it was backordered from nearly the moment it went on sell, and it was well worth the wait. I have climbed in the Tree Motion, Ergovation, and several earlier Buckingham saddles, and to me this is the most comfortable, most ergonomic saddle I have used. I like the short bridge, the big gear hangers on back (Speedline mollies, cabling gear, drills, blocks and slings), and the way that the leg buckles have an additional thigh strap. All is customizable, and once you get it dialed-in, you won't at all regret purchasing this saddle. You are going to want to purchase a transporter or caritool however as the saddle comes pretty bare for ultimate customization.

This thing rocks - 03/06/2017
Reviewer: Travis clark

This is the best saddle there is it is very light easy to set up to your liking will never climb in anything else ever again

Climbing trees just got even more fun!! - 01/22/2017
Reviewer: Reon Rounds Monster Tree Service

I have been climbing and cutting trees down for 11 years. By far this is the most comfortable harness I have ever worn. It actually makes my job easier because it's more comfortable and I am less fatigued throughout the day! This harness was designed by a Couple of guys from the wild west where the big trees are. If anyone would know what's good and what's not it would be them! Don't contemplate it any longer, just pull the trigger, and buy the most comfortable and functional harness made! In case you were wondering, when you step into this harness you will turn into a monkey Beaver too!

Adam Zoppo - 01/01/2017
Reviewer: Adam

Best harness I've ever owned! Works even better with mcrs suspenders, but not needed! Fully adjustable and love the ease of putting it on and off over rain gear. (Oh and I got the very first prototype of the monkey beaver, beat that, lol!!)

Amazing saddle - 12/28/2016
Reviewer: Devon Hutton

I got one of the first production run saddles, best fitting one I've ever worked in, amazingly comfortable on and off Spurs, the best crane working saddle as well. Doesn't pinch anywhere and superbly crafted ! Get one now !

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