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Reviews for Notch Talon Handsaw Leg Mount

4.3 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 16 reviews

love it but not durable - 07/01/2018
Reviewer: kevin vauls

love climbing with this product but the only problem is that a week after using it the rubber strap broke on me now i have to figure out how to get it attached to the scabber again

Ehh - 02/13/2018
Reviewer: Joshua burr

This is a great product but as I’m seeing all these other reviews the rubber broke right away on mine. First the top and now more recently my bottom strap. Great idea maybe just needs some fine tuning.

scavenger - 12/07/2017
Reviewer: koko

just here for the scavenger hunt finally found one!
these are definetly on my wish list though!

Another great notch product - 11/30/2017
Reviewer: Bill

Not only is this great for climbing but when I'm chipping brush all day it's great to have on your leg to cut stubs that the chipper fights. Thanks and notch

Best I've tried - 08/24/2017
Reviewer: Dm

This is the best leg scabbard on the market that I have found so far!

I have two complaints though.... I bought them when they can out a couple months ago and have blown trough a set of the rubber each of my two sets. Also on one set the stitching holding the Velcro to the elastic strap has almost completely come undone.

I'm gonna have to break out the sowing machine. Also wish the ankle strap was shorter by 6"+/-

Works Well but.... - 06/12/2017
Reviewer: Tim

So I ordered one right when they came out and have been using it from that point on. Works great - gets the saw off the leg so your leg does not sweat underneath the whole length of the saw, keeps the saw teeth further away from your leg/pants when removing/replacing the saw from the scabbard so you don't cut yourself, is comfortable so long as you don't wrench down on the velcro straps, and helps the "wow he looks like he came right out of the catalog" appeal to the customer. Now the bad -
The top rubber strap broke very quickly after I began using it making the top "mount" slide up and down the scabbard rather easily on its own. Not convenient to continually deal with. The holder does place the saw further from your leg allowing it to hook on things easier when you are moving around. - While it is not perfect it is better than the other options currently on the market and I WOULD buy it again. 4.8 stars if the strap didn't break!


*replaced under lifetime warranty!*

What a good thing to have - 06/11/2017
Reviewer: Gabriel Thompson

I like Tom Vanderbeck's review the best. The fact that you decided to wear it all day means you walked around with a weapon all day. A 13" saw of limbs. I feel like I've got a pistol on my literal leg now while I climb. I can bust out my handsaw faster in some specific situations like small structure pruning and removals. I still prefer a scabbard on the saddle for working in the tree - the saw sits off of your leg, which makes it super comfy but it will also snag here and there. I run it cross draw on my left leg and it has suited me well that way. Good materials. I'm liking what I see with Notch so far. Thanks TreeStuff!

Another awesome product - 06/05/2017
Reviewer: Joshua burr

Super great product! I always wanted to wear my hand saw with the leg mounts that came with it but they where so dang uncomfortable. I put these on and right away I fell in love. It keeps the whole scabbard off your leg and the padding is really comfortable. Great product!

It's ok - 06/03/2017
Reviewer: Tr33Climb3r

I have been a sawpod user. When it wore out the talon came onto the market. I really liked the idea of it. My first model broke and treestuff replaced it no questions. In all honesty I feel it is too bulky. I also don't understand why the two straps are the same length. Usually your ankle is thinner than your upper calf. The little tab on the tip of the straps are a cool feature. I think I am going back to the sawpod. If only sawpod could have a shorter lower strap and that unique tab on the tip of the strap.

Like it - 05/02/2017
Reviewer: Dustin shatner

Ok so I got this wondering if it would put the saw out of reach at times and boy was I wrong it is the best thing I have ever gotten and I want to get my whole crew a set

top rated for comfort - 03/29/2017
Reviewer: Tom Vanderbeck

Mine came in the mail yesterday so naturally I put them on my handsaw late that night. Then the next day I wore my handsaw all day... while driving, then climbing, in the bucket, on the log truck, picking up lunch, (cop frowned at me) and then to the playground with my daughter, then i had to take it off because the boys wanted to play with the "knife" All in all its super comfy, preforms the way it should and gives a badass look to your climbing arsenal

Highly recommended! - 03/29/2017
Reviewer: Annalize Wright

I've had the Talon for nearly a month now and I really like it. It makes it so easy to find and reach your handsaw even when in awkward positions. It keeps the saw firmly in place while moving around the tree and is comfortable on the leg.

Step up - 03/24/2017
Reviewer: Ian

Used this for the first time today... def a step up from just elastic straps. Chaffing gone, knicking my pants while pulling the saw out, gone. Granted it's not summer yet, but the fact that the whole scabbard isn't smooshed up against my leg makes me think it'll be cooler in the warmer months.

Fits my leg perfect - 03/22/2017
Reviewer: G miller

Talon holster is a very well made device. The solid body is very rugged and the padding is comfortable against my leg. The straps are adjustable to fit any size leg. Holds the saw nice and snug. Best one made to date. Well done!

It's the bees knees - 03/06/2017
Reviewer: Kyle armijo

Looks awesome, feels awesome, is awesome. Wish I had it long ago. Can keep any handsaw "with a scabbard" right where you want it, on either leg. Even over your spurs is not a problem.

Living up to it's Advertising! - 01/31/2017
Reviewer: Rob Gillies aka, Treehumper

I've been using this since receiving it back in November. In all respects its been functioning as described. It keeps the saw scabbard in place, no chafing as I experienced with my sugoi and somewhat with my zubat. It has minimized the nicking of my pants. While it's not perfect in this respect, this is much better than without. The installation is somewhat involved. 

All in all, a good product and one I'd recommend for anyone looking to secure your handsaw to your leg.

Well done folks!

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