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Reviews for Notch Sentinel Harness

4.6 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 30 reviews

Disappointed - 11/14/2018
Reviewer: Scott S

Size 2 and I have large Quads, but still can’t tighten the leg straps tight enough!! And because of this leg straps ride up and crush your package!! Not to mention all the pressure is on your waist/Back allday. Don’t buy it! You will hate it! Only positives I can say.. Colors are cool and it’s super light!

Great harness, but needs longer leg bungees (size 1) - 08/31/2018
Reviewer: David from Alaska living in Switzerland

This harness is great but the leg bungees just aren't long enough. The shortness of the leg bungess causes the leg straps to ride up too high and smash your frank and beans. Other than that, it's super comfortable (I burned the old leg bungees and replaced them with custom ones). For the money, you can't beat it.

Great harness, but needs longer leg bungees (size 1) - 08/11/2018
Reviewer: D. Smith

So, another reviewer already mentioned this, but I have to say it again: the leg bungees need to be longer. I have the bungees fully extended but they're just not long enough and aren't going to work. If you have male parts, they'll be smashed. I'll need to remove them and replace them with longer ones.

Also, the leg straps aren't tight enough around my legs and I have them as tight as they'll go; my thigh circumference is 20 1/2 inches and I'm 6' tall and weigh 160 lbs.

Those are my only gripes about this harness. Notch guys, I hope you read this!

Otherwise, great job on this bad boy. The Velcro belt was a great idea to keep it in place.

Cheers, guys and gals.

Awesome Harness - 05/04/2018
Reviewer: Ken

Wonderful saddle! Coming from an older, heavy Buckingham leather saddle to this was like going from a Ford Pinto to a Ferrari. It is greatly comfortable, plenty of loops for gear, it is lightweight, and grants extreme versatility and range of motion without pinch points on the waist. This is one awesome harness indeed!

Kickass saddle - 04/17/2018
Reviewer: Adamxx34

Origanally was using a old school leather buckingham saddle, which at the time was decent enough for me. thought it was time for an upgrade so i ordered this bad larry and gave it a whirl. Ill tell yah, this harness is pretty kickass. Super light weight. Has plenty of spots to hang whatever tools you want off of it. As everyone else said, the elastic straps can be a bit tedious as the pads do kinda ride up into your junk, which i kinda just deal with it. As always, treestuff took good care of me and sent me some stickers and all that. Thumbs up to Notch and Treestuff, you dudes kickass 👍🏻

Awsome notch sentinel saddle - 03/17/2018
Reviewer: Swampman the cat rescuer

Now that i have had a chance to work in it more,i give it 5 stars. The extream freedom of movement,all day comfort and feather lightness makes me excited to get into it.and the ability to carry so much gear is awesome. I feel like i died and went to heaven when i float the canopy in this cadillac tree saddle

Climbing pole & trees for 38 years - 02/04/2018
Reviewer: Swamp man the cat rescuer

I just got my new sentinel and spent a few hours tree hopping and swinging around and pruning a few poplar limbs.the first thing i did was removed the two bungee straps to each leg strap. Then i could easily keep them lower on my legs for more comfort.the bungees keep the leg straps to high for me,crushing my stuff.the sentinel is very comfortable,ultra light and plenty of loops to carry stuff on. The only fault that i have are the very small leg straps that im not sure if they are gonna last.i would never jump with these dinky little straps on my parachute rig.a 50 foot fall is just as bad as a 14000 foot sure it wont last as long as my early 80s klien tree saddle with the butt strap, but its a hell of alot more comfortable.

Awesome saddle!!! - 01/26/2018
Reviewer: L, yount

Just started climbing and love my notch saddle. Feels like sitting in a chair and you almost forget you are wearing it. I replaced the ring on the rope bridge with a notch rook pulley and have been very pleased!!!

Harness - 01/20/2018
Reviewer: Johnathan

This is a great harness its comfortableand light well worth the money i started with the weaver floating dee amd im glad i made the change

notch sentinel - 12/17/2017
Reviewer: Pascal Frenette

Been climbing on this for roughly 4 months now. I find it very comfortable and easy to move around in the tree with. I like the plates on the bridge as another option to connect your lanyard if desired. Plenty of loops for gear storage. Don't really feel the weight of the ms201 on the hips which is great. The only thing I didn't like at all about it is the 4 bungee webbing that holds the back of the leg pads are way to short and it makes the leg pad ride too high on the legs. Since this has nothing to do with life safety I had a sewing shop cut me some longer one...looks identical but makes for a much more comfortable saddle.

Arborist - 12/15/2017
Reviewer: Alex Llamas

Don't get me wrong this is a great harness. The only reason why I am giving it a 3 is I ordered a large size but the description never gave the leg straps measurements. Waist fits perfect but leg straps are to large and sometimes I hurt my nuts.

best saddlea - 12/06/2017
Reviewer: billy g

This is the best saddle ive ever had on. I feel so comfortable in this saddle. Thanks tree stuff.

Sentinel - 12/05/2017
Reviewer: N.B

I do love this harness. comfy easy to put on and take off. I have been using it for about a yr now the only thing is that the leg pads ride up a bit feels like the Bungie is too strong. I also wear a size 36-38 pants so I bought a size 2. I probably should have got a size 1 just cuz the waist is little big at times. but it is not a big deal at all I can still tighten it up properly. I also have added on to it weaver suspenders and works really well even tho there is not really a spot on the harness for them.

Works for me! - 12/05/2017
Reviewer: Rob Eller

I just started climbing and this is the saddle that my company bought me. I have tried out the treemotion as well and I defiantly prefer the sentinel. I'm a smaller guy so the elastic waistband is really nice and overall the saddle fits a little snugger. It's also lightweight which is a plus.

Best harness I - 11/14/2017
Reviewer: Luis Briones

I purchased this harness last thursday after debating for week on ergovation or sentinel
the budget was a big factor but i seen some good reviews on the sentinel
i had a treemotion super light and i hated the legs on no quick connectors and had tried the petzl sequoia before and i wasn't impressed

once i stepped thru the sentinel i knew it was a very comfortable saddle and the range of mobility is amazing!!

Worth every penny - 08/22/2017
Reviewer: Zach roberts

Love this harness!! The mobility is amazing. Very comfy as well. Coming from an old leather weaver harness this is a large improvement. All positive about this harness.

NICE ride - 08/19/2017
Reviewer: Andrew m.

Been climbing for about 5 months so security is a big issue for me and this saddle has it. Along with comfort quality and storage. Walking limbs is a breeze

NICE ride - 08/18/2017
Reviewer: Andrew m

I have been climbing for about 5 months now, and this is the third saddle I have tried out. I was walking limbs on an enormous red oak today and was completely at ease. It is by FAR the most secure feeling and comfortable, Countless adjustments, and very high quality. I highly recommend

Great saddle - 08/17/2017
Reviewer: P Durham

This a great saddle. Excellent locking clips that are easy to adjust. Lots of loops for carrying gear. Only negative I have is the bungee straps on the leg pads are to tight and not adjustable enough.

Nice saddle - 08/14/2017
Reviewer: Treeman

So i purchased this belt the first week It came out Been climbing 4months with it and i love it. Plenty of storage.even more comfort. Would buy another one when this is goes.


The best - 08/06/2017
Reviewer: Ben Baker

This is the best saddle I've ever put on. Incredibly light yet has a very secure feel. Day one I was suspended for 3-4 hours and had little to no discomfort. Great saddle!

Awesome - 07/15/2017
Reviewer: Darryl McCue

An Incredibly light and comfortable harness, great maneuverability and positioning of the straps and rings, I highly recommend this saddle as it's easy on the body after spending all day up in the canopy. I should have listened to Nick in the first place after I realize they care more for the customer than profit, Thank you for awesome service and products. God Bless

Nice quality!! - 07/14/2017
Reviewer: CLB Tree Service

Ordered this harness in size1 I am 6'2" and 200ish lbs with 34" pants. Size 1 was just a touch to small so I sent back for the size2 much better fit only complaint is the leg straps are a little loose. Overall quality seems really nice lots of places for hooking equipment. Excited to get climbing in it!

best saddle hands down - 06/30/2017
Reviewer: colton guffee

Just received this from tree stuff and hands down best customer service and online site iv ever seen. Bang in the bullseye. Love it will be the only one I ever use. Thanks tree stuff

So far so good - 06/07/2017
Reviewer: Conchobar42

So much better than the borrowed Sequoia I'd been using. Super comfy on the back. Plenty of room for gear and customizable as hell. My only complaint would be the leg loop sizing. I've got some skinny legs but not that skinny. Overall, satisfied!

This is the best ever!!! - 05/27/2017
Reviewer: Kevin Jacques

This is the best saddle hands down!! Delivery was prompt!!! Lightest saddle I've ever worn !!!! Feels like it is not even there!!! Really impressed with the construction and durability!!! Thanks TreeStuff for always knocking it out of the park!!!!


Sentinel - 05/08/2017
Reviewer: TX

New climber..this is my 3rd saddle to try..awsome..very light..very comfortable..been up in a tree everyday since I've had complaints..wish I wouldve got some stickers with my order though haha

Notch saddle - 03/29/2017
Reviewer: Tree guy

So I received this belt this morning, messed around a bit added all my accessories I have and I still have more room, let's talk about comfort, this belt has awesome adjustable waist and legs with upgraded leg and waist clips also has a velcro waist strap under the belt buckle strap, oh it must be heavy then, not at all, I picked it up and was amazed how light it is. The rope bridge and plates are quality. Shipping came next day, don't wait folks


Mr - 03/25/2017
Reviewer: Norman Fairow

Best bang for the buxk .wow!!!!!!

First impression - 03/24/2017
Reviewer: Doug From OHIO

Got this in Wednesday. Put it to the test that evening in a small storm damage job that evening. Then again today in a large oak removal. Upon first use saddle is pretty comfy, light and adjustable. The work I have done hasn't required any seated work. The work today was all standing in gaffs first impression is that it is a good value at a great price. My only hesitation in giving it a 2 thumbs up is I am unsure of the buckles as they were a little difficult to attach and undo. I assume I will get used to that but wish they had a set up similar to they ISC nickels of the Ergo series saddles.

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