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Reviews for Notch Throw Weight

5 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 8 reviews

Buy Them - 08/25/2017
Reviewer: Dm

Best bags on the market. I have a tried all of them on the market too!

Oh ya, lifemtime warranty..... why would you buy anything else?

Awesome bags - 08/16/2017
Reviewer: Kaleb

Best bags I've used so far great design easy to see colors

Nice!!!!!! - 08/13/2017
Reviewer: Nate Moseley

Throws nice , slides through tight spots with ease , and shoots with ease out of the APTA . Definitely a good buy !!

(Top Notch) - 05/31/2017
Reviewer: Gabe J

(punn intended)

!!!Overall Best Throw Ball On The Market!!!

- Highly Visible -✓
- Perfect Shape-✓
- Cheap -✓
- Pin Point Trajectory -✓
- Easily Identifiable -✓
- Can Identify Weight By Colors -✓
- Sweet Color Variety -✓
- Takes A Beating Without Question -✓
- Fly's Like A Bullet -✓
- Impossible Not To Spot-✓



- I Bet No One Will Ever Have A Negative Experience With These Weights -

Worth their weight in gold. - 04/25/2017
Reviewer: Leila Ellis

Sleek, durable, high visibility, and color coded by weight! Shipping was timely as always and I will order more in the future.

Great product - 04/20/2017
Reviewer: Dan

Great product!!!
Well worth the $$$!
Best one I've used.

Great piece for a kit - 03/29/2017
Reviewer: Norman fairow

They throw nice and pull through crotches well

Throw the others out - 03/25/2017
Reviewer: Kyle Smith

Ordered a 12 Oz bag on the Saturday before the bag was avaliable for shipping I knew it would be shipped on the following Tuesday. I also ordered some other stuff. Monday my other things shipped and Tuesday the throw weight shipped. I received all of my stuff on Thursday. Treestuff does a wonderful job shipping. Always fast and they even threw in some saftey glasses and a pack of flower seeds for bees or something. But on to the actual weight. I've used many different throw weights in the past and none compare to how well this is constructed. Super durable and flys straight. I will order a couple more of different weights later this week or next week.

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