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Reviews for Notch Pro Gear Bag

5 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 6 reviews

Space Space and More SPACE! - 09/07/2017
Reviewer: James Simmons

This thing is GREAT!! You will be more than surprised as to what all you can put in this thing and still have room for more. I packed in mine: (2) Bag O' Ropes, 200' of 11mm climbing rope, about 150' of 11mm climbing rope, 30 slings, my 4 (30")Prusik cords, about 20 carabineers, my SpiderJack3, ART Rope Guide, Hand Saw, (1) Large Impact pulley, and (2) Small Blocks all at one time and I still have room for more. I have yet to take it to a job but it seems to be made of some heavy duty material, time will tell but I have a good feeling that it will outlast me. I ordered mine on the 1st of September and even with the holiday it still got here way quicker than I expected. I know I will need at least 2 more for my other 600' ropes, but I will probably buy more for camping, this thing holds the whole store.

Owner Budd Works LLC - 08/22/2017
Reviewer: Marvin Budd

Just got my stuff loaded in this. Awesome feel and durability. I like the hook fasteners with their adjustability. The drawstring at the top is different than I've seen - requires a pull instead of a pinch. It stands up, thankfully. After all my gear is in it with room to spare the bag is mega-heavy. Almost too much to lift on my back. Compared with my two old suitcases (cost $3) that I used before, the only thing I'm looking for a place for is my saw attachment for the pole saw. The Big Shot head fits. Wish there was a scabbard compartment for that. Pay attention to the order you pack the main compartment so it comes out in the order you use stuff.

Gear bag - 08/16/2017
Reviewer: Brandon

We won this from scavenger hunt treestuff had last month. Gotta say this bag looks awesome and looks durable. Holds all my gear with room to spare.

It's chill - 05/04/2017
Reviewer: Corey G

This bag is great! It holds stuff, like a 200' rope and a saddle with room to spare. The opening of the main compartment has a nice ridged opening so it's easy to feed in rope. It's durable and well built. The only neg is that I wish it had a waist belt for those longer hikes. It's Chill.

Mr - 04/29/2017
Reviewer: Lon Nutter

Super durable and spacious. Can fit all my climbing gear in this bag. Plenty of loops on inside for misc storage too.

Owner Tree Works Unlimited - 04/15/2017
Reviewer: Robert Albritton

What has taken So Long for a company to put together such an amazing, tough, and durable, gear bag,, 77 Liters of Hardcore Durability, Extra Large, Extra Pockets, Extra Handles, Extra Daisey Chains inside and out. And finally a company that stands behind its product,, unless you absolutely need two of them, one is going to last you probably longer than you Gear

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