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Reviews for Notch Modular Chainsaw Lanyard

3.5 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 10 reviews

Disappointed!! - 05/17/2018
Reviewer: Cal

I think this is a brilliant idea being able to clip saws on and off with ease, unfortunatly however the exceution is rather poor. The lanyard length is a bit to short and the "bunji" effect is almost non existant. On top of that the lanyard itself is fraying considerably near the ring you clip on to your harness after only 2 days, quite dissapointing.

broken 2..... second lasted 2 months atleast - 04/11/2018
Reviewer: colton guffee

the first lanyard i bought was broken before i ever opened the bag it was shipped in....both have the same problem witch is the bungie inside snaps free from the saw end and ends up in the middle of lanyard in a ball. with no bungie stretch or pull left. in no was was it misused no rear handle saws i one used it for about 2 months with not every day work... vary vary weak bungie termination inside of the lanyard... if they stitched the bungie more at the termination ends.... thanks

Meh - 12/05/2017
Reviewer: Arblife

I found the bungie doesn't recoil long and just becomes a tether to my saw.

Nice layanard - 12/04/2017
Reviewer: Channing Hinkle

Great laynared! I got this a couple of months ago and it has worked well. The 2 clips for insuring that the saw stays attached are a great idea. Also stays out of the way wile cutting.


Too short! - 08/25/2017
Reviewer: Chris Robinaon

I love the concept of this lanyard system. Clip on and off for the different saws is great. However it's wayyy too short! I maxed out the reach on many cuts on my first job with it. I had to add a piece of webbing sling to lengthen it. Also the material is pretty's been through one day of use and is already getting "fuzzy".

notch on notch - 08/23/2017
Reviewer: colton guffee

Love the new notch saw lanyard great idea and plenty srong for small or larger saws two clips gives u an extra for quick saw changes and refueling I have it on my new notch saddle and live it. Just enuff room to girth hitch the big loop into the pre made Caribbeaner spots on saddle. I use the caritool for saw but also has a movable saw clip that can girth hitch next to lanyard I love it. Fixs like it was made for my saddle.

Innovative - 08/19/2017
Reviewer: NapTown Johnny

This is a great concept, especially with multiple climbers using multiple saws. Switching saws is quick and easy. I have been using this for over 1 year now. It has routinely held an MS660. It would be better if it were longer. I routinely maximize it's length as my reach is greater than the length of the lanyard. I also cut off the ring and installed a small non-locking carabiner enabling me to store it almost anywhere on my saddle after use on either side.

- 08/18/2017
Reviewer: Kaimana heinicke

The best and fastest chainsaw lanyard EVER! The plastic buckles makes it super quick and easy to exchange saws. I like that it came with two
clip-in snaps. It made changing saws a breeze. At first I thought the clips were to weak to hold my big saw but I was wrong! They are strong!

great lanyard - 08/16/2017
Reviewer: Mike T

This lanyard is an excellent idea. 1 lanyard for multiple saws. I love the fact that when its time to put the 201 away, and send up a bigger saw for chunking, my ground guy doesn't have to fight with removing the lanyard from the saw.

Tree Removalist - 05/15/2017
Reviewer: Aaron Isbell

Really good well for unclipping saw in a hurry and for switching saws easily while in the tree...however webbing material could be better quality! Started fraying on the edges almost immediately in several spots... didn't last more than a few months:(

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