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Reviews for Edelrid Talon Climbing Gaff

4.5 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 20 reviews

Save your money - 11/14/2018
Reviewer: Eric

Less than 30 days velcro was worn off pads and straps were starting to tear, comfortable but bulky in the tree, heavy. Switched to Gecko carbon fiber spikes and loved them, still using them. 2 stars because they did return them for me so i could exchange for gecko.

Meh - 11/08/2018
Reviewer: Bobby
Bought with high hopes from my old set. Performed about eight removals and already the straps are coming off (around the calfs) during climbing. I prefer my old style with the full wrap around the leg. These are comfortable and lightweight but I don't like how they designed the velcro staps, even adjusted as tight as I can get it they seem to pop off.

Comfortable... - 10/29/2018
Reviewer: plorenz
By far the most comfortable spur I’ve ever put on and wore. However one front strap needs to be shortened so you can cinch tighter without overlapping into your spike. I can’t seem to get them tight enough in the foot area even being a size 11 in a thicker mountaineering boot. Simply just need to make a shorter strap option.

Most Comfortable Climbers YET! - 08/20/2018
Reviewer: treewiz

I have been a Tree Surgeon climbing for 43 years and have owned numerous climbing hooks including the old TALONS which had a swiveling foot plate. The pads wore out and you cannot get parts for them anymore, they were pretty comfortable for what they were, but bulky. I now own these Edelrid Talons and these are by far the most comfortable climbers I have ever climbed with. Time will tell how they hold up. Tree Stuff was quick and good with the sale and they sent extra goodies in the box. Great company!

I love them !! - 08/09/2018
Reviewer: Oliver

Best hands down . I have had since they came out , no problems whatsoever with straps or pads . Thank you tree stuff and edelrid !!!!!

Most comfortable spurs - 12/14/2017
Reviewer: Guatavo Martinez

The most comfortable spurs I've used ever
The only problem with this is the Velcro adjuster from the angle it overlaps a lot is ( I wonder if there is another smaller option?) But even like that they're super comfortable hopefully edelrid fixes the overlap problem but for now thats the only downside I can climb all day with these
**ive Compared it to the gecko aluminum and the edelrid are still more comfortable !!!

very comfortable - 12/12/2017
Reviewer: elagagegilbert

coming from geckos this is much more comfortable
drawback is the time it takes to put on whereas the geckos just slaps on your shins and off you go

Buenísimo - 12/05/2017
Reviewer: Maycon flores

Estas espuelas son las más confortables que hay son de metal pero son muy libianas como las de aluminio se pueden ajustar la altura el único problema que encuentro es la corea para ajustarla al pie cuesta un poco ajustarla

Excellent - 12/04/2017
Reviewer: Steven

I've only used these once so far. Borrowed them from my coworker. They're very comfortable and lightweight. I mostly climb on Geckos

Straps too long for - 10/24/2017
Reviewer: Phil Chi

While these are by far the most comfortable spurs I have ever used there are some drawbacks that keep me from giving this a full 5 star rating. They're close and I'm eagerly awaiting the adjustments that TreeStuff and Edelrid are saying will be available before the end of the year.

Pros: That said the improvements in these spurs are numerous. They are incredibly light, especially for a steel shank spur. Leg cuffs and straps offer unbeatable adjust-ability and comfort, though if you have small legs the straps are still very long. Velcro leg straps are super convenient and secure. The padding and leg cuffs are unbeatable and kudo's for up-cycling the plastic.

Cons: The main downside for me has been the foot straps. I have size 10 boots and even with the smallest adjustment option I have to cinch the straps all the way to the point where there is barely any overlap for the hook and loop closure. My friends with larger feet have no issues and they feel super secure. However, it's been a struggle for me. It works but just ok. I've contacted TreeStuff and they say a fix is in the works with Edelrid. However, for the price I wish this would have launched as a more complete setup with options for smaller foot straps, gaff guards, and ascenders ready to go. I've been informed the Gaff Guardians won't fit these.

Overall, these are still the most comfortable spurs I've tried (compared to standard Buckingham T pads, Geko's, Carbon Distels). Anxiously awaiting the updated straps and other accessories that are in the works. Till then at least the days of sore shins are gone for good.

Climbing on a cloud - 10/15/2017
Reviewer: Erik

Holy comfortable! I have been climbing on these the past few weeks and holy smokes, they are comfy. I have two plates and 14 screws in my left ankle and was afraid to venture from what I was used to, I am so happy I did. The adjustability of these spurs are great. Holding up well in all weather. Just a great buy all around

Beast - 10/10/2017
Reviewer: Wca2011

All I have to say is that theses spurs are great. I had surgery on both my feet When I was born and every spur I used before the Edelrid spurs use to kill me w/pain I couldn't last more then 10 mins on the tree. About a week ago I removed a three-story hi ash tree and I was in the tree for about 3 hrs (Do to lack of space I had to drop pieces at a time;-) and let me tell you NO PAIN AT ALL & BEST OF ALL NO BRUSING.
Highly recommended for comfort durability to be continued. 👍🏼👌🏼


Great! - 10/07/2017
Reviewer: DMaloney

I have had geckos for a while and these are more comfortable! One thing I really like is that even with arbpros I don't get any movement, my geckos used to slide around on me a bit.

Very comfortable and super adjustable.

Two complaints:

1: Gaff guardians don't fit on them

2: I must have skinny feet or something but the front strap is to long, I have to tighten it about an inch and a half past the red mark for max overlap. And yea I adjusted the buckle to the shortest setting.

Tried to upload a video to show the strap but couldn't get it uploaded. The straps are easily replaceable so maybe treestuff could make a shorter version of the strap.

Other that that they are awesome!

Miss - 10/02/2017
Reviewer: Annalize wright

I've recently got the Edelrid spikes and they are the most comfortable spikes I've ever had! I love that there are two straps in front and behind the foot as this means you can alter the position slightly. Two straps on the leg make for a tight and secure fit. The pads wrapping around the leg are perfect and although the gaffs were longer and at a different angle than I was used to after using them I actually found this better on the larger timber. I'd highly recommend!

The only spikes I will ever wear - 09/30/2017
Reviewer: R&K Tree Service LLC

First off I want to say thanks to Eric at Tree stuff for helping me out so many times. I'm 6 foot five 240 pounds the first time I stepped into the tree with the spikes they felt amazing I would recommend them to anybody. I have long legs and tree trunks for calfs his spikes for great and they're so comfortable in the tree it's like they're not even there I wish they came out years ago i'll never go out another tree without them on

doesn't get any better - 09/29/2017
Reviewer: Treecycled, LLC

Ok, so i went ahead and submitted a video review on these beauties - even though i can't stand to watch myself on camera, let alone talk to one! Instead of watching that miserable thing, just read this...
First off, i HATE wearing gaffs, to the point where they don't even stay in my truck - but lately i've been having to take down several 100 ft + dead pines and it's just the easiest way to do it. Well, now that i have these, i don't dread the time with gaffs on. The Edelrid talons have a tremendous amount of padding for your shins and the ergonomic design of the ankle flare prohibits any part of the gaff from rubbing during your climb. They also feel much cooler than the heavy padded velcro style that are on my others. So far, nothing negative!

Best by far - 09/25/2017
Reviewer: Big E

I have to say that these spurs are great.
I had surgery on both my legs from my knee to my feet when I was young but now as a adult spurs hurt my legs do to the surgery. When I seen these spurs I had to grab a pair. Well I just used them for a 45ft Ash tree I removed and let me tell you that w/any other spurs I could not last more then 15 mins w/them on and w/the Edelrid Talon spurs I was in the tree for 3 hrs and could have been up there longer if needed to. These are great and different but don't let them fool you they perform great.

Gaffs - 08/22/2017
Reviewer: Matt

So first off I ordered a pair of geckos in a big order(which tree stuff hooked me up on) a week befor these came out. Called up treestuff and they switch them out for me so kudos for that. I've got two real climbs on them other then just playing in the yard getting them adjusted. They are by far the most comfortable gaffs you'll put on. There are so many different configurations and adjustments that your bound to find a set up you'll like. If I had to say anything I disliked about them is that the front foot strap is hard to feed threw the loop then again I guess I'm not quite used to them. Now just waiting for an ascender and haas hook up

Super comfy - 08/16/2017
Reviewer: Matt Kornely

The most comfortable spike I've ever worn, the pads are ridiculously perfect. That being said, the foot straps are a little funky and I had a hard time getting the super tight fit that I need when spiking, and the straps seem like they may not be as durable as the traditional leather ones . Oh, and we couldn't figure out a way to wear them with a foot ascender so I hope an attachable ascender is coming soon.

Hover spurs - 08/06/2017
Reviewer: Matt Sherman

Just unboxed yesterday... So can only review my first impressions... Will update this week after hovering into the tree..
First impressions
Was concerned they may feel "Fisher-Pricey" with all the futuristic high-tech materials. They did not. Feel well built and solid.
Comfortable! Feel no pressure points and seem to cradle the calf and foot with no slippage. Also the alignment feels spot on compared to other worn in the past.In the tree will be the next test.
My one concern is that the uppers do seem a bit bulky and I like to be as streamlined and aerodynamic as possible, however I think it may be how I felt when I bought my first Protos helmet and thought it was a bulky astronaut helmet... It's now a part of me and won't wear any other..

To be continued....

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