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Reviews for Rope Logic Secret Weapon with DMM Rings

4.8 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 8 reviews

Real slick - 06/07/2016
Reviewer: Mark Young

Very useful. One of the few pieces that stays on my saddle on every climb. As well as DdRT off of an SRT line it also works great for a second TIP or even TIP in smaller trees or trees with narrower limbs. Simple, useful, strong. Buy one already.

Great tool, great investment - 01/12/2016
Reviewer: Greg

I really love this was neat to mess around with when I first got it after reading about and loving the concept, but when I went to an SRT workshop with Jared Abrojena and Eric Whipple, I went home with my mind reeling with possibilities...

Working DdRT off of a SRT access line is a simple and effective means of getting up into the tree quickly, sure...but when you start talking about working on an SRT line and having a second climbing system (DdRT) that you can throw into a completely different part of the canopy to access without having to up-and-over a big mess of leaders... Major time saver.

Yes, as a few others have said, there are about a million other uses for it's a prusik with rings...what's not to like?

Thanks for the great tool.

a mild stone but... - 01/06/2016
Reviewer: Lawrence

one of the great innovations, marks a turning point. blends DdRT & SRT so seemlessly buuuut 30" is not long enough with those long rigid spliced ends...

Finally - 06/22/2015
Reviewer: The Flying Arborist

I just received my SW after it being on back order, I guess everyone wanted to step up their climbing as well. This replaces my hand made one that was just to clunky on fast ascents with my frog walker. I cant wait to see all of he uses I come up with for this thing. If you work on a doubled rope this will let you easily break in to SRT with out having to worry about the dangerous change overs. If you already do your ascents on SRT this thing will let you increase your production on a daily basis. Climb the best of both worlds.

Great piece of kit - 04/04/2015
Reviewer: Mark Tournier

I had Nick Bonner splice me one up. Like last reviewer states this tool has many uses. I use it on smaller tree limbs as my friction saverand on my larger ABR friction saver to make it adjustable for spar work. As far a SW style it really comes in handy when you don't have enough climbing line. If you have another climbing line you can use this tool to add the two together safely. Make sure you leave a long tail on your SRT line along with a butterfly knot and a biner and your good to go! Thanks Nick!


Cool innovation with a multitude of uses - 06/22/2014
Reviewer: Aaron Danforth
I bought this to use on an SRT or doubled access line, which it's great for. Really cool to be able to run DdRT off of an access line. It can really be a "secret weapon" in the aerial rescue at a competition. Beyond that, I've found a host of other uses for it. It works great as an adjuster on a friction saver or a basal anchor, great for setting up a quick and dirty 3 to 1. Anywhere you can imagine needing adjustment and a textile friendly surface, this will do the trick.

Add to pulley saver sling - 06/01/2013
Reviewer: Tommy
I use my secret weapon in place of the pulley on my pulleysaver so I can use the same device to climb off rings or a pulley. The secret weapon passes through the semi-rigid eye easier when trying to retrieve the system from the ground lessening the chance of a very frustration bind up after a long tiring climb. I use the small red retrieval ball that comes with the pulleysaver for "remote retrieval". Lately I've been using this configuration more often than the pulley.

A True Canuck innovation! - 02/19/2011
Reviewer: Gibson Tree Care
Okay, so Frank Chipps may have come up with one of the most useful tools known to the modern arborist... This thing is amazing. You can install it on your SRT access line after reaching your TIP, then rig your DdRT system thru the SW and climb DdRT off your SRT line! Or you can rig it at ground level with your pre-rigged DdRT system taking the place of your SRT tether. Once you reach the desired height? Push the SW up a bit above your handled ascender, cinch it into place and transfer right to DdRT. Tie an alpine butterfly under the SW and you are good to go. Once done, you can descend to the ground on your DdRT rig, untie the ground anchor for your SRT rope, and gently bring the SW back to the ground along with the SRT access line. Easy, breezy :) You can also use the SW to replace your footlocking prussik for footlocking. simply rig your DdRT system thru the SW, extend it to your desired length and footlock up pushing the SW and your rigged DdRT system as the tether. Once aloft, tie stopper knots in the down lies and climb via normal DdRT. You will have to climb back to your TIP for this though and descend on your DdRT rig with the SW as the back up. Kudos to Frank, Rich and Luke for bringing this gift to us! and props to Marc Powell for suggesting the sexy components used it it's construction. i made some Youtube videos on it's use, you can view them on my youtube page - ontarioclimber

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