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Reviews for Notch Rapid Rig

3.9 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 13 reviews

Love the speed - 03/21/2019
Reviewer: Dustin

This device cuts time down both in top, and on the ground. If you have guys struggling to undo knots, buy this. Although it’s not suitable for larger ropes, you need the speed on small to medium pieces anyway... when blocking down with a bid bull rope, often times the ground crew has plenty of time while you’re re rigging in the tree.

can be useful but also has many flaws - 11/30/2018
Reviewer: Joseph
can be very fast if you have a very high rigging point and just constantly dropping small to medium pieces. IMO its too small first of all, (only works with 1/2" roap) and second of all if you reset you rigging point and the 2nd piece slides down the roap you have to basically drop the rigging roap and start over. I'd much rather just buy a nice rigging carabiner, that way its always at the end of the roap and you can interchange with different diameter roaps. sorry notch... kinda dropped the ball on this on IMO.

Fast - 11/06/2018
Reviewer: Shawn Barker
I've had this in my box for a while and decided to use it today for the first time because my helper doesn't have a lot of experience yet. This thing is so fast to do and undo. Much faster than tying a bowline. My only complaint is how small it is. 9/16 rope does not slide through it as easy as it should. For small rigging with 1/2 rope this will be a favorite for both the guy in the air and the groundman. Overall great device I just with they had bigger options for larger diameter rope.

Awesome product - 08/29/2018
Reviewer: Trent

Awesome.... idiot proof device. Its built for years of abuse.

I love it - 08/15/2018
Reviewer: Rick

I use a scoffold knot with Samson Pro-master 1/2 line and I don't experience the issues others have shared. Simple to use and it is rapid!!! I've used it with both positive and negative blocking with no issue and on logs up to 20" diameter. I'd recommend this product.

Owner - 07/22/2018
Reviewer: Michael O Brien

Don't waste your money its too small

Need to make one for up to 3/4 rope - 06/15/2018
Reviewer: Braxton

Used this and wasn't impressed with size, seems it needs to be bigger

Fast and easy - 05/28/2018
Reviewer: Lj

Very easy to use from the air or Groundman standpoint. I had a very inexperienced Groundman working with me and he moved along undoing the rapid rig faster than most of my experienced Groundman with a running bowline. I am using on a new ½" arbor Plex rope and it works amazing.

Mixed Opinion - 04/28/2018
Reviewer: Doug Duff

Ok so this is a very handle tool for use with somewhat inexperienced ground crew. Also while rigging limbs or wood in excess of 5 inches. I had a large eye spliced onto a 200' Tuefelberger Serious 1/2 line. The octagon ring kept falling off my girth bitched attachment problem A. So I simply switched ends and tied it on with a scaffold knot. The system seems to work better that way. Also as reviewed by others I am not a fan of how hard it is to set tight at distance. I tried the waving my arm to no real success. As I stated works pretty well for negative rigging medium sized firewood. Maybe I expected too much.

Good idea, could be better. - 04/12/2018
Reviewer: Bing

Good concept but has it's flaws.
My 12mm rig rope has had some work and is not as flexible as a new rope, flexing the rope to get the t bar through is a fiddle and attempting a running bowling style tie in is impossible, no matter how much wiggling you do, same issue with a wet slimey rope.
The rope attached to the ring also adds to the fiddlyness, slightly bigger ring and t bar could help. A loop added to the side of the main ring for rope attachment would have made the rapid rig far more usable.
So close, the mk2 will be a must have. ; )

So far so good - 03/10/2018
Reviewer: Frank

Easy to get use too. Fast to install to limb and unstall on the ground

Good thought, poor execution - 02/01/2018
Reviewer: Flyingsquirrel

Purchased this device and 200' of Notches 1/2" double braid. I spliced it to the end of the rope and took it out for work. Right off the bat it seamed to work well for the quick rigging close to the climbers location. Its flaw quickly became apparent when the ring was tossed out a limb and retrieved to have the line farther out the limb than the climber wanted to climb. Once the toggle was engaged the rope could not be pulled hard enough to cinch the device on the limb. In addition the splice was fat enough that it would not travel though the toggle on smaller limbs. Definitely could use some refinement.


***TREESTUFF SAYS To make it remotely cinch you need to wave your arm back and forth causing the choke point to slide and choke a little bit at a time. Building it this way was necessary so that it wouldnt loosen when un-tensioned. ***TREESTUFF SAYS 

Great for fast rigging on small and medium sized limbs - 12/21/2017
Reviewer: Devon Hutton

Got the rapid rig at the tree expo and have been using since then, its fast and eifficient for small and medium size limbs, have yet to try it on the winch though, its nice and shiny and afraid to get it dirty !

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