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Reviews for ART Positioner 2

4.7 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 20 reviews

Art positioner 2 - 06/08/2018
Reviewer: Chris Lucey #shirt large

Just bought this a few weeks back ,don’t know why I waited so long . I Love it ,so smooth . Got the swivel one ,only way to go

4 stars for rope lanyards - 05/24/2018
Reviewer: Joe Schmo

Was getting irritated with hitches not grabbing every single time & having to monitor them to make sure they were going to. I wanted similar smooth releasing but a spring loaded action to grab w/o question.. like a rope grab.. At the same time i was looking to kill two birds with one stone & get a better flip over my "not so stiff tri-tech" so i ordered the "s" cam as it is supposed to work on wire core... Idk if it's because both wire core & positioner are new, but this thing will not grab on the wire core.. not unless it's loaded extremely fast & the wire core is dangling out the rear at the perfect angle.. the spring is no where near strong enough to push the wire core into the belly of the device so it just runs right through it. Ok.. so break it in right? Well I'm not so sure i should even try to do that, when i say it's running right through, it's doing exactly just that when any slow weight is applied (slow as in anything but free falling).. So im not sure how I'll do so if i can't get it to grab. And it's put together correctly.. if it ain't I'll eat my words & correct this thing i swear.

As far as rope? Yeah.. the thing is the balls so far.. smooth as butter.. super small/short compared to a hitch system which was a huge selling point.. it's also not so that heavy compared to the rook i was using either.. Yes, i can get it to release by pulling the slack in the same manner you would pull the rope in a DDRT hip thrust (pulling rope straight down & out of the hitch/device but without touching the it), but i think that's the nature of it's design. Whereas to release, the entire device has to rotate, the lever is not connected to the spring/cam, so naturally if you pull your slack taught in the same direction its flowing through device it will rotate the whole thing as if your pulling in the lever. The is basically part of the problem I'm having with the wire core, it wants to naturally be straight. Unless i let the rest of my 12ft dangle out the rear of it, as soon as i clip it to the side of my harness to organize, it releases. This happens because the tail/slack is taught & being guided straight out of the rear & not directly down at a 90* dangling... Like i said though, on rope it's smooth & i have to physically try to make it release. My beef is with the wire core & i have a feeling if it the wire core was a true 13mm like advertised, it would be even worse. If i have to break it in thats fine, i just don't know how to do it if i can't use it.

Not for wire core flipline - 04/15/2018
Reviewer: Adam

Not so good for wire core fliplines. I have an Art positioner on a rope lanyard, and love it. But I have another wire core with the Art, and the problem is if the running end of the flipline is long, say if you have it around a stem, the running end will be heavy, and will constantly pull the flipline through, making it shorter, and requiring two hands to lengthen it again. Have to do this constantly, and now I have to buy another rope grab to fix this issue. But the Art is great on rope lanyards.

GAME CHANGER - 12/13/2017
Reviewer: Seth

I got the ART swivel positioned in last week, and let me tell you, well worth the money. Easy and very smooth to adjust even under load and with the swivel it is always in perfect position. It truly is a GAME CHANGER!

Awesome - 12/11/2017
Reviewer: Joe

I switched to this from my trango cinch. This is better. I have the one with the swivel and it's great. Have had no problems with it tending slack on it's own unless it was caught on something. I use it with sterling tritech and that has worked well. Super smooth.

One of my favorite pieces of gear - 08/31/2017
Reviewer: Andrew Giordano

I use the non wire core positioner for my lanyard / 2nd climbing system with about 15 ft of rope.. it's awesome that it's rated as an ascender so you can set it up for srt and also that it releases smoothly under a load as well.. I love it.. truely the art of climbing

So smooth! - 08/25/2017
Reviewer: Ryan

My favorite lanyard device after using a CE and petzl zillon. Most smooth I've tried yet and very compact. Get the swivel!

Great - 08/24/2017
Reviewer: Kaleb

Works good nice smooth action best rope grab on the market by far

Great for two months - 07/07/2017
Reviewer: Austin

Great device works really smooth but the are two issues I have with it 1 just the weight of the tail end of you lanyard will pull the working end of your lanyard snug up against the device making it difficult to to get slack when only one hand is available 2 the release lever fell off within two months not sure why or when it happen all that being said I will just buy a new lever fix it and continue to use it because it does work better than anything else I have tried

best device for lanyards - 05/08/2017
Reviewer: Colin

I've been using one daily for over a year now. Hard to climb without it. Functionally it works like a Trango Cinch but is more compact, takes bigger ropes, and has a built in swivel (definitely get that option). I've used it with Sterling Tritech and HTP 11mm static and it works flawlessly with both. Still no slippage from a worn cam but I try to keep my lanyard clean with washing it monthly. I prefer this device over hitches, Grillon, Zillon, and Cinch.

Best I've Found - 05/25/2016

Great piece of kit. Like any new kit took me a while to trust it over a friction hitch as some of the components are tiny. The swivel and size of positioner make it nice and easy to get right up nice and close for work positioning. Takes a little while to get the knack every time without hesitation.

AMAZING - 01/15/2016
Reviewer: Travys Richards

This is top 3 of my favourite peices of gear in the collection, I wish I had bought one of these sooner, smooth in any condition, compact and makes me that much more comfortable in a tree. Love this thing

Robot - 01/10/2016
Reviewer: Dylan Brown

One of the best mechanical rope devices I have used. It is intuitively similar to a hitch. It is quick and easy to adjust up and down on the lanyard. It doesn't bind, and it grabs hard and instantly with zero sag. Wonderful!

climber - 01/10/2016
Reviewer: kyle

this thing is by far the best positioner i have ever used. its smooth and effortless. it was also really easy to put together.i would 100% recommend this to a firend

Where have you been all my life! - 01/01/2016
Reviewer: Matt Heder

What's a bit of coin for the smoothest ride imaginable!?

Qualiy, consistent, compact. - 04/06/2015
Reviewer: Jacob

Unbelievable craftmanship, high quality precise machining. Smoother than any other device and it operates consistently no matter what the conditions: wet, icy, used/broken in rope and even pitch covered rope! To top it all it is as compact as can be which is nice. I know the price is a setback but this is quality costs! Buy it. You won't regret it!

King - 04/05/2015
Reviewer: Benjamin Maurer

All other devices cower in the shadow of the mighty A.R. to the T.
This smooth little adjuster is ridiculously expensive relative to the money I pull. But it is life support, and I was so tired of messing with finicky hitches. It's a tight package and operates flawlessly and predictably loaded and unloaded. The swivel is brilliant and I wouldn't suggest buying the version without.

Wow, I didn't think it could be this good - 11/08/2014
Reviewer: Moses

Holy cow. This is the supreme friction management device. Consistent feed, sleek and light, and well designed. Swivel for sure. Never going back, and I don't see how it could get any better.

Smooth adjustment, small package - 06/22/2014
Reviewer: Aaron Danforth
This lanyard adjuster feeds smoothly and easily in a very compact package. Definitely get it with the swivel, I'm not even sure why they make it without. It takes a little practice when releasing it under load, but once you're used to it, modulation is simple. By far my favorite lanyard I've climbed with. Best of all, no creep!

Da Kine - 11/26/2011
Reviewer: Ian Smith
I have been using the ART positioner with swivel for about a month now and am not looking back! With often finicky friction hitches, the positioner allows for precise slacktending and adjustment. The clutch design takes a few days to get used to, but after that it is smooth, smooth, smooth. I would definitely recommend the swivel, as it keeps the lanyard in line and reduces any hassles in the tree. Thanks TreeStuff!!

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