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Reviews for Arborwear Canopy Pants - Charcoal 38x34 NULL

4.8 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 26 reviews

Nice pants - 04/02/2017
Reviewer: Ian

I like these pants a lot... the only reason I gave them 4 instead of 5 stars is because the smallest size they have is 30x30. $115 for a pair of pants you have to get altered is tough to digest. The pants are great, just add some smaller waist/inseam sizes.

BEST PANTS EVER!!! - 03/19/2017
Reviewer: BILL

Sure wish that I would have found these pants sooner. I will be buying another pair very soon. Very comfortable & durable! Thank you again Tree Stuff for your GREAT items!


Super comfortable - 03/31/2016
Reviewer: Mike

These are pretty sweet workpants. I've always worn jeans or carhartt type gear, but these breathe and stretch a 100 times better. Certainly worth the money. No issues with any of the pockets or zippers thus far.

Contest - 01/11/2016
Reviewer: Pat Russomanno

They did it again another great pair pant. Great price , great material just one step down from the asender pants !!

chillin' - 01/04/2016
Reviewer: Lawrence

i've climbed in them but these pants are so comfy they got promoted. i wear them as my regular pants all the time. great for warm weather, they breathe like the breeze.

Just ordered my 2nd pair - 05/16/2015
Reviewer: Matt 2.0

I have had a pair of these pants for three years now and they are still in really good shape. I wear them twice a weak and I'm a production climber. I am not easy on these pants and they have absolutely no issues yet. They are extremely comfortable and stretch just enough to avoid tears and pinching in all the wrong places. Iv had other pants from Columbia and kuhl and have had to retire them already and didn't have them near as long as the canopy pants.worth the extra buck in my opinion. I would love to try the ascender pant someday just can't quite justify the extra cost yet since the canopy pants do the job perfectly for less. When I first bought them I was worried that they might get too warm, but that's not the case. I live in wi where we have real hot summers with high humidity, and I have no complaints. Thanks arbor wear and tree stuff for an awesome product once again.

Worth Every Penny - 04/04/2015
Reviewer: Deacon Maloney

These pants are the most comfortable, versatile, and durable pants I have ever owned. The way they stretch you never find yourself finding your pants for certain movements in the tree. I have worn these pants everyday for the last year and they should have ripped, torn, and been stained by now but they are still in great shape. Just ordered another pair and couldn't be happier.

Great Pants - 02/05/2015
Reviewer: love2trees

These are the greatest pants!

I had a problem with the leg zip, contacted arbourwear, explaned the problem, they sent me out a new pair!

I litterly wear these all the time! Such great freedom of movement in and out of the tree! extremly durable and tough, Best pants ever!!

AWESOME product - 08/05/2014
Reviewer: LAngle
These pants are by far the most comfortable pants that I've ever worn, very light Weight but yet just as tuff as normal jeans. Love how much cooler they are than jeans and you can work all day in them and they still look clean. Great pants

Great pants, make some my size - 08/04/2014
Reviewer: Melanie
I like these pants a lot but I had to alter them quite a bit to make them small enough for me. Women work in Treecare too!

Sweet pants - 07/21/2014
Reviewer: Aj Enbody
I have been missing out. We are provided with uniforms which has it's pros and cons. That being said I have never been so comfortable in any pants as I am in these. I want to order another pair but only wearing them two times so far I'm unsure of their longevity.

Awesome Pants! - 06/29/2014
Reviewer: Greg Daniel
I first purchased the Ascender pants and was very impressed with them but I wanted a pair of pants that will be just a bit cooler in these HOT North Carolina summers.
The canopy pants were a no brainer for me, yes, $100 is a little steep for a pair a pants but believe me soon as you put these babies on you'll be so happy you got them!

Crazy Tree climber - 06/17/2014
Reviewer: jimmy prichard
They are great pants even after I had blow outs in the stitching , arborwear and Luke took care of me.

Sharp - 01/19/2014
Reviewer: Jon M
These pants are so sharp, I was able to convince my wife that they were suitable for our Wedding this past August.
They are super comfortable, fast drying and ideal for warm weather work conditions. Wasnt sure about there toughness, but two years later they are still in service.
Arborwear makes some quality gear. Expensive at first, but two years later, how many pairs if stiff jeans would you have gone through?

Just wish the pockets zipped… - 01/17/2014
Reviewer: Markley
Great pants-extremely light and cool, move perfectly with me, surprisingly durable for how thin they are. Once you try these you can't go back to wearing normal pants, you can plain and simply climb better with these. And they seem to always look clean, they're great, just wish the front pockets zipped closed so they didn't fill with saw dust-that's the only reason I step up to the ascenders.

The Best!!! - 01/05/2014
Reviewer: Alex Stepanek
These are the best pants I own. Extremely durable and extremely light. They breathe well. I never thought I would spend this kind of money on pants, but the canopy pants are worth every dollar. The best part is the fact that I can work all day in these pants and still be presentable to customers when the job is finished. They just seem to repel dirt and oil extremely well. I also own the canopy jacket, which is a great compliment to the pants. The pair gives an arborist a professional, uniform look with the ruggedness that the job demands. I will be buying another pair soon!

good pants - 10/19/2013
Reviewer: Eric B.
Lightwieght and unbelievable maneuverability, tough and durable, like the zippered pockets also. Need more color choices black and charcoal, whats the difference? for the price I would like to see these pants made in the U.S. expensive for something made in an indonesian sweatshop, not happy about that, not sure if I will buy more, they will need a couple of changes for sure. But if that don't bother you, buy them, they are good. Excellent sevice again from treestuff, no gripes there, for sure.

Great pants - 03/04/2013
Reviewer: Andy
I've had these pants for 2 years. One of the best pants by far for tree climbing and everyday work. Absolutely no binding and have proven to be very durable despite initial concerns. I would highly recommend these to any serious tree climber.

Outstanding - 02/21/2013
Reviewer: David R
I bought my Arborwear Canopy Pants approx. 8 months ago, and wear them for 2-3 days at a time before washing. They have been extremely durable and suprisingly cool during the hot, humid summers of Nortwest Arkansas. I have been shocked at the times I have snagged them and they did not rip! I will be buying more pairs in the near future. Great product.

WOW!!! - 12/18/2012
Reviewer: Chris
These Arborwear Canopy pants are very comfortable. The fit is perfect. Ideal pants for tree climbing because of the stretch. Stylish too, very professional looking. I've worn them for over 6 months and still look good as new. I'll be buying more. Worth every penny!

UPDATE - 07/23/2012
Reviewer: Will - TreeLogic
UPDATE TO MY ORIGINAL REVIEW: Well, I've had these for over 6 months now and I've dragged chainsaw dogs (aftermarket, BIG) across these pants, and extremely sharp chainsaw chain (not running), and thought, "Here's my first rip, time to stitch these babies up..." and I was shocked to find that they were no worse for wear! PLUS, My groundie...CANNOT fill a tank on the chainsaw without overflowing anything. And my pants always seems to act as the "spill clean-up team". Bar oil, saw gas, no problem. Washes right out and the pant fibers just seem to laugh...yet STILL amazingly COOL in the summer heat!!! I SAID I WAS BUYING MORE AND I'M GETTING TWO PAIR TODAY! THANKS ARBORWEAR, YOU HIT THE JACKPOT ON THESE!

standard issue - 06/28/2012
Reviewer: Justin Gresham
These Canopy pants from Arborwear should come standard issue to anyone who works within 100ft. of a tree. One trip up a tree in these things and you'll be done wearing canvas tarp britches. DON'T FORGET TO ORDER ONE SIZE LONGER SO THE CUFFS WILL STAY OVER YOUR BOOTS!

So Pleased! - 04/29/2012
Reviewer: Will - TreeLogic
Exactly what I was looking for! I have one pair and wear them 2 days in a row. Then I wash 'em and wear 'em again. I know, I gotta get more. Absolutely the most comfortable, perfect, cool in the summer, and surprisingly tough climbing pants you could ask for. They just don't seem to be wearing out. Definitely will be buying more!

Love these - 11/30/2011
Reviewer: Aaron Ross
I love these Canopy pants from Arborwear. They are very durable and comfortable. All my guys were them also and love them.

A MUST HAVE - 10/13/2011
Reviewer: Travis Morales
I have recently purchased 2 pairs of the Canopy pants. All and all these pants are a must have in my opinion. Im in Florida and this past summer was no sweat with the Canopy Pants. I have just about every type of stretch pants on the market, and climb in them year round as far as comfort 5 stars hands down. They are also lighter and much cooler than other stretch pants, (even the well worn pairs I have). Great Summer Pant.

Well worth it - 07/12/2011
Reviewer: Marc Powell
I've worn just about every pant you can think of in search of the ultimate climbing pants. I don't ask for much, just a lot of stretch and mobility and some intuitive thinking (you'd be surprised how little people use their heads when developing tree climbing apparel). Price is never a concern for me as long as the comfort is there. These pants are the perfect fit for those seeking comfortable pants on a somewhat tighter budget. They are very stretchy, significantly cooler than their older brother with the knee pads and I will be able to comfortably wear these 365 days a year regardless of weather (rain might not be ideal though) There is only a few changes I'd make. An adjuster at the cuff so that chips don't get in my boots and id still love to see a zipper opened venting system on the outside of the knees with a mesh to keep out saw dust. For the price you can't beat these beauties.

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