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Reviews for Buckingham Ergovation Pro Saddle

4.7 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 17 reviews

Comfy but not durable - 06/23/2018
Reviewer: Lew

Very comfortable, balanced saddle. When hanging your body stays upright. Small dees keep climbing hitches close to you. Stiching on bridge wears out quickly so dees don’t slide well. More comfy but less durable then the weaver model.

Great saddle! - 02/23/2018
Reviewer: Eric Shepherd

Very good saddle, the moving D-rings make walking limbs a lot more comfortable.

Great value - 01/23/2018
Reviewer: Devin

This saddle is a great value. It is super comfortable at a great price point. I can definitely say that you could use this saddle for hours on end with no discomfort. 

Good for beginners - 01/05/2018
Reviewer: Devin

This is a very comfortable saddle for the price point. With the wide back and heavily padded leg straps it is great for ddrt and spur climbing and I’m sure it would be great for srt as well.0

harness - 10/12/2016
Reviewer: trevor white

best harness i've ever had! wicked comtable and wicked good price with 2 floating D rings it helps a lot! i'm a kid climber:)

Good value - 08/16/2016
Reviewer: pt

this is my first saddle. I got to try a buch at work. I tried the Buckingham basic double dee, it was pretty comfortable for the price compared to the very high end ones I tried, so I figured I'd try this one, it seems to be similar but with better leg and waste belt pad. Good upgrade with out huge price jump. The stitching on the bridge under the floating dees seems to have worn a lot for only using it a few times though, we'll see.

Awesome!! - 08/10/2016
Reviewer: Chris

Saddle arrived as shown in website and in a very timely manner. I'm very pleased with my first experience with I will deffinately recommend this site to others and will be back many times in the future! Thanks!!

Great piece of equipment - 06/02/2016
Reviewer: JMS

Cannot beat buckingham quality and at an unbelievable price point! Excellent saddle which is super comfortable to wear and work. A++

Good saddle for a good price - 03/27/2016
Reviewer: Derek McCarter

Been in this saddle for two years now and it's still going strong just some wear on the bridge for the floating ds but what saddle wouldn't holding a 250 lb climber everyday.

Comfort! - 01/01/2016
Reviewer: Brandon

This saddle is so comfortable it's unbelievable. A huge upgrade from my old basic saddle. I could stay suspended in it for hours without any discomfort. However, the floating d's on the bridge are nice but can be difficult to manipulate at times.

Awesome saddle. - 07/18/2015
Reviewer: Brian Klinger

awesome comfortable saddle for the money. Allows comfort and agility and doesn't break the wallet. Highly recommended.


Very lightweight and comfortable! - 06/01/2015
Reviewer: Chris langston

Great double D rings features, Very comfortable, I like the old school tech and the new added features make this a great saddle. I've had mine two weeks and its great. Very light and comfortable. 

Buckingham Pro Saddle - 09/02/2014
Reviewer: Callum

Great saddle, very comfortable. Not a big fan of the velcro but overall very pleased.

Great saddle - 06/24/2014
Reviewer: Nick
Super comfortable saddle that gets the job done. And the price is awesome to. Plenty of room for tools and anything else you could possible store. If your looking to make an upgrade from your old saddle go with this one you can't beat it for the price and comfort.

Comfortable Work Saddle - 11/16/2012
Reviewer: MG
This Buckingham saddle provides the comfort of a $500 saddle for less than half the price. Good saddle for tree climbing with a split tail and does the job behind a pulley too. Only thing that could be better is the two floating D rings on the bridge can become kind of a hassle and I think an O ring would be a lot better.

Finally - 07/28/2012
Reviewer: Mike
This is a great saddle. Huge upgrade from my Buckingham wideback. Im a bigger guy and could never get used to the rope bridge saddles. Bout time a webbing bridge saddle got comfortable. And the small d rings bring my hitch a good 3 imches closer. The best part is that i got it in 2 days, thanks to treestuff shipping. Overall great for the money.

awesome saddle!!! - 04/05/2012
Reviewer: scott
For those of you who dont trust the rope bridge and dont want to worry when to replace the rope and want webbing bridge like me, the Buckingham Ergovation Pro is the bomb, super comfy, light, plenty of tool straps on side and back and a big upgrade from the weaver saddle...did I say I love mine? YEP!!!

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