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Reviews for Buckingham BuckCat Saddle

4.5 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 25 reviews

Buckcat saddle - 09/14/2018
Reviewer: Aaron cotton

I previously used the tree motion harness, bought this after seeing reviews and it was well worth buying. Extremely comfortable and did not break the bank either 

Great saddle - 12/09/2017
Reviewer: Steve

I've had this saddle for about a year and it is awesome. Big upgrade from my old weaver. It's really comfortable and the rope bridge is nice. It has a lot of extra loops for tools. The only thing thats not so good is the leg straps are really long but overall it is a great saddle.

Good beginners saddle - 12/05/2017
Reviewer: Matt

This saddle is cheap, comfortable, and has a replaceable bridge. The leg strap buckles are very useful, and I wish they had opted for that instead of the tongue and buckle for the waist strap.

Good, modern saddle - 08/28/2017
Reviewer: Brent Chalker

This is a nice, budget friendly, modern saddle by OGs, Buchingham MFG. I was really surprised at how high quality the buckcat was when I received it because of the low price point, but it definitely exceeded my expectations. This saddle fits well, the back pad is nice and soft, maneuverability is awesome, it's comfortable in trees, and i really like the accessory loops, the connections for chainsaw/handsaw and the d-rings for suspenders. I have to agree with other reviews about the leg straps being pinchy, but you can remedy this issue to a degree with proper adjustment.

Buckcat review - 04/05/2017
Reviewer: Chris Alexander

Love this saddle. I have been using it for work for the past 2 years and have never had a problem. I did replace the rope bridge due to a recall but other then that nothing. Very comfortable and affordable . Actually recently purchased another for a backup.


Saddle - 03/25/2017
Reviewer: Tim tratt

Best saddle for the price wore mine for a year now no problems

Really Good Harness - 09/23/2016
Reviewer: Nate

I wanted to wait a while before I shared my thoughts on this saddle and now I've climbed in it for just about a year and here's what I got. It's great. It's has the features of the more expensive saddles at a lower price. The bridge is replaceable, it has sewn in attament points for added storage. Straps are all adjustable and pads have held up good. I'm pretty big @ 210 and 6ft and it works well for me. If you're new to climbing this is a good place to start.

Worth every penny - 08/28/2016
Reviewer: Taylor Kunder

This belt is well worth every penny and it's very reasonably priced. I upgraded to this from a simple d-ring belt with no leg straps so the upgrade was from a pinto to a Cadillac. I can do so many more things in a tree with this belt and limb walks are amazing because of the rope bridge. Probably won't ever buy another kind of belt again.


great saddle for the $$$ - 07/09/2016
Reviewer: Dalvin Bermudez

recently switch to this saddle from a weaver 4 d and i wish i had done it sooner! Very Comfortable once I adjusted it. Only Gripe is how sometimes the leg straps try to bite the "Boys" between the legs. Every now and then i need to keep sliding them back down. The rope bridge is a big help also for someone who has only climbed in a 4 d saddle. I can rotate without fighting with my rope or my saddle twisting on me.

sobnice i bought it twice - 02/26/2016
Reviewer: Scott Dewey

My second time buying this saddle amd out of the box it was almost perfect for my build and comfy as ever id recommend this saddle to anyone who is looking to practice and learn climbing as it will be long before you could grow out of it if even possible but thanks gor reading...

BuckCat or T Rex? - 01/12/2016
Reviewer: Christian Beliveau

Lets start with the pros:

-Well priced, a rope bridge, tough materials and stiching

Now the cons:

-Heavy and bulky, hot back pad, leg pads that pinch every 15 minutes, annoying even while climbing the coolest of canopies.

If you climb alot, you might as well cough up the extra cash into a better product, your body will thank you in the long run....

Super Comfortable - 01/06/2016
Reviewer: Chad U.

This is a great saddle. It's unbelievably comfortable compared to the old-school strap-style rigs. I can spend hours in a tree while wearing the Buckcat and still be comfortable. Take a few minutes and adjust it so that if fits you well and you'll be glad you did. It supports all the saws I have had hooked on it without any problems, doesn't feel lopsided or weighty at all. I don't climb enough to justify a Treemotion or other Revolutionary type saddle, but this one has been plenty sufficient for me.

lovin it! - 12/31/2015
Reviewer: carver mark

absolutely love it, easy to assemble and disassemble, had an issue with the stock rope bridge, luke fixed it for me with no down time! thank you! great investment, tons of versatillity...

psyched! but then... - 09/26/2015
Reviewer: mark

Very psyched! it is nice for the price! I tried an ergolite, and an argovation... this fits, and is very similar to the more expensive ergolite... I'm highly disappointed though in the quality, and pretty shitty splicing job on the rope bridge... not the first questionable splice I have bought from buckingham... it's not the rope bridge pictured iether... too bad I need to go to treestuff for buckingham's shitty standards on the rope bridges, it's not treestuff's fault... lol... but try talking to the a-holes at buckingham about it... lol...I wish ABR would make an alternative, I know their's would be high quality... lol... I would not deal with buckingham at all if I didn't really like the fit of their saddles...

Buckingham Puma/Viking saddle - 04/10/2015
Reviewer: Todd Cazavelan

This a great saddle!! A huge upgrade from my old Linesman style saddle. The rope bridge gives you a great range of movement. It takes a bit to set it up for your taste. Great saddle for the part time climber.

Beginner Saddle - 04/09/2015
Reviewer: Anthony Bauwens

This saddle is impossible to put back together, i have done it twice and it is a nightmare! The leg pads are so pinchy! I'd rather have all leather, than nylon. It does have plenty of rings and loops. Not a bad back pad but I would not recommend if you do a lot of canopy works.

Whole lotta saddle for the money - 04/03/2015
Reviewer: Andy T

I bought this saddle because of the features and the low price point... and I was shocked at how nice it is. Can't believe what a solid and comfortable saddle this is, for just a few more bucks than one of the butt-strap jobs.

Gotta agree with Clayton about the leg straps shifting. It probably wouldn't matter as much if there were more padded section and less webbing strap, but at the end of the day, you get much more than your money's worth.

Great harness Great service - 09/16/2014
Reviewer: Dave

this is a great climbing harness.
very good quality .
extremely comfortable for the price.
The bridge does come with loop, one other thing i didn't have to buy for this harness.
very very economical.

A good starter unit - 06/18/2014
Reviewer: Matt H
It will be "pinchy" in certain "areas" and getting it to fit perfect is difficult with the buckled waist strap, but it keeps you safe, which is what matters. I found the bridge to be quite short for my liking and gear attachment and adjustability is limited. However, if you're on a limited budget, just an occasional climber, or want to keep a backup on hand than this is a good saddle to have.

Great value saddle - 04/24/2014
Reviewer: Clayton
I climb with a Petzl Sequoia saddle at work, but that saddle was a little out of my price range. After a lot of searching, the BuckCat was the least expensive saddle I could find that had a rope bridge setup similar to the Sequoia.

Overall, it is a very good saddle for the price. It is surprisingly comfortable and has plenty of accessory loops for lots of gear. I would definitely recommend this saddle if you want versatility and comfort, but don't want to shell out big bucks.

My only gripe is that the leg straps seem to shift while climbing, and I have to move them back in place. That is probably operator error that could be solved by taking two seconds to adjust them better. Additionally, it seems to take a little longer to put this saddle on because of the tail on the leg straps that you have to wrap around and Velcro. But who's to complain about two extra seconds of time for such a great price?

Thanks TreeStuff!

Review - 10/20/2013
Reviewer: Ricky
Not a bad saddle for the price, had too do some proper adjustments tho after that tho its very comfy on the back,and also on leg straps I have had it now for 6 months and love it, added a dmm ring to it,. A lot more comfy than the old school saddles, would recommend too other people, if you find it too be uncomfortable liger mod will take care of that ,

Good first saddle - 08/31/2013
Reviewer: Tom Beauregard
This is a very comfortable saddle and has lot of nice loops to hold all the gear , this is my first saddle and I have to say I'm glad that I got this one. Thanks to the guys at tree stuff best place to find tree working gear and helpful advice.

Great saddle at a great price - 07/08/2013
Nothing bad to say. Very comfortable (especially for the back), very functionnal, and even if the ring on the bridge is missing (like the previous person said), just buy one on TREESTUFF which has the lowest prices. Shipping excellent even if I live in Tahiti.
Don't try to get another treestuff shop, get here at TREESTUFF.COM.

Awesome Saddle! - 03/30/2013
Reviewer: Tyson
Buying a new saddle has been something that i had been putting off for a couple years. My previous saddle was my very first and a great beginner saddle also made by Buckingham. Comfort and tool storage however were not its main selling points but it was simple and rugged.

My new BuckCat saddle came in yesterday and I have only one climb on it so far but compared to my old saddle it blows it out of the water! This thing is awesome! Very comfortable and does not restrict any movement like my old saddle. I did install a ring on the the bridge right when it came in. Also this thing is packed with places to store your various tools. I really like the fact that on each side is a slot made for a caritool or carabiner. I am looking forward to using this great saddle for upcoming climbs.

Buying it from Treestuff is also the very best deal you can find on this saddle.
P.S. ( I actually would have rather bought the Rebellion saddle but I could not look past the orange color. So when the Bridge does wear out I will be doing a "Liger" mod myself).

Great saddle for a great price - 08/23/2012
Reviewer: Evan
Just like the title great working saddle for a great price, could work all day everyday in this saddle very comfortable. Only thing missing is a floating ring for the rope bridge and it would have a 5 rating.

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