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Reviews for Buckingham ErgoLite Saddle

4.3 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 14 reviews

Good - 07/05/2017
Reviewer: Eastcoastboast

I like this saddle a lot. This was my first saddle ever. I'm a very skinny guy and this saddle fits me well due to the Velcro straps that run under the waist buckle. The waist buckle unfortunatly loosens very often but doesn't seem to bother me during the climb as long as I tighten before each climb. Overall the saddle is comfortable enough to keep a new climber happy. Like others i too wish that I had rigging plates to easily replace bridge like my co workers saddles but hopefully camp safety will release their tree access bridge separately i would really like one of those on my belt!!

Comfortable - 03/10/2017
Reviewer: Guatavo Martinez

Today is the second I've used my ergolite saddle it was about time I had to upgrade and I got say this saddle is the best. If you're looking for something that fits perfects this is it. I'm a tree worker and comfort is what we look for .

Ergo Lite - 01/28/2016
Reviewer: Steve Shaver, Colorado

Fits perfect, super comfortable, lots of accessory loops, leg straps are really comfortable. So glad I picked the ErgoLite.

Comfy saddle - 01/03/2016
Reviewer: Chris Doeg

I got this as a work issues saddle and I love it. Comfy and light weight. Sizing is right on and adjustability is great too. I currently use this for putting mostly and have very little mobility issues.

Good Saddle and Great Customer Service - 07/08/2015
Reviewer: Gabe

I have used this saddle and liked it a lot. The new one I bought did not have a ring on the rope bridge and the rope bridge was much shorter. The ring was easily added and the rope bridge is actually better once i got used to it. Unfortunately, this saddle was on back order from buckingham so I didnt get it until a month after ordering it. TreeStuff handled it very well by offering me an uprgrade or a dramatic discount and even threw in a nice pair of husqvarna hearing protection. They sure know how to retain their customers.

other option - 04/20/2015
Reviewer: Eloi

Bought this harness with a arborist store in canada without much choice! I modifed it but after modification my harness at the end was the same as the Buckingham Empire Tree Saddle really recommend to buy this one instead of the ergolite! you won't regret it!

Ergolite review - 04/16/2015
Reviewer: Eloi

The ErgoLite is a great saddle! its light, and comfortable! But, it is always loosing I got to tight it two times per week! Second when I am moving in the tree the carabiner was frequently surpassing the clevises and was out of the bridge, so I bought a swivel. It solved part of the problem.I bought a Petzl Paw Small Rigging Plate instead of the clevises and a Yates Dyneema Loop Runner 9'' to replace the strap and I put two bridges of 16 strand from the Bag o' rope. Big improvement! The harness with the modification cost 460$ without shipping. Is it really worth it ! Better check other option!

Good saddle. - 04/08/2015
Reviewer: Jacob

On my third year with this saddle. It is comfortable and durable; no doubt there. However it lacks a little in mobility. One thing I did to remedy that situation is remove the clevises that connects the bridge to the raiser and replace'em by the Petzl ring open + a slightly longer bridge. I can now move more freely and I can clip into these rings same as the more expensive saddles like the treemotion. There is one thing that really bothers me: it won't keep the adjustments I do. Tossing it in my duffle bag a few time is enough to losen the belts,? Very annoying as I have I have to constently readjust. I am simply anxiouslly waiting for the Matt Cornell rope saddle to come out. Nick Bonner, you said "very soon" a couple months ago. Just how soon is very soon exactly. The wait is excruciating!, :p

Excellent Saddle - 11/28/2014
Reviewer: Brandon Williams

This saddle has a good balance between comfort and weight. It's light enough to be super mobile without sacrificing too much comfort. It is very well built and durable. I also appreciate the velcro gut straps to cushion the belt against your stomach when working in awkward positions. This is my second saddle purchase after using a cougar for a couple years and the ergolite is by far a way more enjoyable saddle. Lastly, the sizing runs bigger. I wear 32x34 Arborwear pants and they are tight in the waist and a small ergolite fits me perfectly. Thanks treestuff for your awesome customer service!

Great Saddle - 08/15/2014
Reviewer: Dave C.
The ErgoLite is a great saddle. I have climbed in one for about 3 years climbing 10 trees a day 5 days a week on the ALB Contracts. It is very sturdy and has great back and legg support. The only thing i would recommend to change on this saddle is the locking clevis. They can sometimes get really tight after not being opened for a while and become difficult to take off. What i did was just replace them with the locking Petzl Rings and i was good to go. Other then that, this is a very comftorble saddle for everyday use.

Awesome Saddle - 08/11/2014
Reviewer: J Harkins
Great saddle. I got one of these at advanced arborist training through Davey Tree earlier this year. I've climbed with the ergovation as well but prefer this lighter weight of this saddle. I like the attachment loops and with the addition of a petzl caritool you are ready to go. I also like the fact that this saddle is easily adjustable, my girlfriend can adjust it all the way down to her size and she'll prob have one of her own for her birthday. Great price on here too you won't find it any cheaper

should've got the Empire - 06/22/2014
Reviewer: Kirby Brokofsky
I got one of these from my work 2 years ago. It's built well, and has some really nice features. I like the extra D rings for bridge suspension and the Velcro belt makes it really easy to put on and take off and seems to make the whole thing more comfortable. I have a 28" waist and this saddle is very nearly too big for me and I'm not a fan of the cleviss on the bridge. The ErgoLite is still pretty heavy compared to most other saddles, although it is more comfortable than most others. All in all this is a pretty good work saddle and if I had to spend all day hanging on a rope I would rather be in one of these than a racier lightweight saddle.

Wisconsin Climber - 11/26/2013
The Ergo Lite Empire saddle is a great saddle! It is by far the most comfortable saddle I have ever worked with. It is easily to adjust to fit whatever size is desired. There seems to be a little extra back support which goes a long way when wearing it all day. The weight from a chainsaw seems to be evenly distributed throughout the saddle, unlike other saddles I?ve had where they just seem to pull your side down. The accessory loops on the belt are in convenient places and are large enough to locate them easily in the tree. The loops on the leg straps I have found little use for. The last thing I want to brag about is the D-rings, they are large and stick out to make it easy to clip into when in a awkward position. No more searching for my D-rings. I would highly recommend this saddle to anybody.

Excellent Saddle - 03/09/2013
Reviewer: Rob H
The ErgoLite is an excellent saddle. Like all Buckingham products, it is built to last, and will give a long service life to any production climber who puts a lot of wear and tear on their gear. The floating bridge provides superior mobility, and can be adjusted to suit any climber's individual center of gravity. The large D rings are user friendly and provide an excellent interface for all variety of safety lanyards. The saddle has ample loops and slots for carabiners for gear storage. The padding is wide and provides generous support, making for a comfortable seat. The only improvements I would suggest would be to have a rope bridge that is anchored to the saddle with double fisherman's knots, similar to this saddle's big brother, the Ergovation. This improvement would allow the climber to change out the bridge more easily, for less money, and therefore more frequently. Otherwise, fans of the Sequioa will find this to be a comparable saddle, with perhaps more generous padding.

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