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Reviews for ART SpiderJack 2.1 Dyneema

4.9 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 8 reviews

Lo mejor - 08/21/2017
Reviewer: Maycon flores

Este es uno de los mejores productos Mecánicos que ay fácil de usar no crea mucha fricsion

Best product ever - 07/22/2016
Reviewer: Bill Rieger

Just received the ART spidertjack couldn't wait to try some practice moves at a low height. It is the best product I have ever used. It is well designed as very intuitive to use. I be using it a lot working my trees. Also just found Treesuff what a great company well designed easy to use web site and fast shipping.

Lo mejor - 12/31/2015
Reviewer: Maycon Flores

Este es uno de mis favoritos para trabajar no tiene fricción al principio es difícil pero después lo amas

Spoiled - 04/27/2015
Reviewer: Mike

I love this thing, it took me awhile with the price tag but I am so glad I got it. I wanted to climb on it for awhile before writing a review. I have had it for roughly 6 months now and haven't looked back. There is the slight learning curve but maybe I am fast learner but within three four climbs on it I was comfortable. Whether or not it matters I run kernmaster, feeds nicely threw it and grabs good to, I run a abr u sling to. YOU CAN FLY OUT OF THE TREE! The reason I say I'm spoiled I rather run this than my srt setup. Once you use it friction hitches will drive you crazy. Just the constant pulling yourself up pulling your tail. In my opinion this has increased my productivity and giving me the ability to work trees longer with less fatigue. It seems to be holding up well I have had no problems with it. All in all I am very happy with it and glad I made the purchase the only thing I wish u didn't have to do is feed the rope All the way threw from the end, but maybe if possible a future version you can put on mid line?

takes some getting used to - 01/09/2015
Reviewer: alex

Scary quick! Getting used to it, is probably the spookiest curve on this thing. Use the brake block! gets easier with practice but it has some quirks to get used to. If you use a foot ascender or footlock to get back up to another branch, you gotta!! slack the line or cam won't grab! Kinda freaked me out. seems almost counterintuitive, but if line feeds taught through the device it runs free. Easier to hand over hand above SJ. No setback and tails through like a dream! Just gotta get used to a slightly different climbing style. haven't used on bigger or more technical climbs yet till i get more comfortable with it.

Hard to beat this device - 06/26/2014
Reviewer: Casey
Finally after taking the time to really learn this device I am sold on it. Much more user friendly than a hitch once you get comfortable with it. There is a slight learning curve but I found if you really wrap your mind around it it doesn't take long. My only problem right now is really getting my jumps to where I am on target. I find it's really easy to overshoot with the lack of friction so that takes some getting used to but I can now jump farther than ever with it. I went back to a hitch for a half hour and hated every minute of it even in pitchy pines I still use the spiderjack. My only complaint with it is I am so used to climbing with 2 lines and it's kind of a mess at the bridge vs using a hitch climber with a v-rig. Other than that it's perfect and the dyneema version is well worth the extra money for the easy and quality of the 2 biner set up. My only advice to anyone who tries one is stick to it and just climb on it, don't do what I did and go back and forth and not give it a chance. If you really use it and climb fairly agressive with it after a period of low and slow I will bet you will stick with it.

Good tool but learning curve - 10/06/2013
Reviewer: Michael
The SpiderJack definitely has some great benefits but also definitely for most will take some time to master. If you use the thumb break in conjunction with the cam as recommended by ART to assist with cam life then both right and left hand use is required. The only issue with this compared to a friction hitch setup is its not as universal a position as a friction hitch for both hands meaning at least in my case, that both hands had a learning curve more significant than a friction hitch. Not hitting the cam with your elbow or keeping it clear of obstacles can be a tast. I am very very impressed with the ability to use 1 hand when taking out slack and the slack tending provided by the spiderjack...impressive. From my experience I'm not sure this is an all inclusive tool for all aspects of climbing. I think it is a very good tool to have available and a daily used tool but dont think its the final answer for all forms of technique employed daily for tree work. Its great for crane work, large tree pruning, large removals except when blocking the trunk as a friction saver or something of that nature has to be employed if you use your climbing line as a backup to your lanyard for emergency descent. I'm sure as with any other tool imagination helps when using this tool so I expect its a continual learning experience as to when and where to deploy the SpiderJack. I would purchase this again.

Amazing Product - 06/19/2013
Reviewer: Brandon Ziegler
After using this for a few hours I wonder why any other method of climbing still exists. It self tends perfectly. Just continue to pull your self up hand over hand without tightening knots or losing inches each time with a prusik and pulley. It took about twenty minutes to figure out ALL of its tricks and now I use it nearly as well as the guy on ART's video. Highly recommended!

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