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Reviews for ART Snake Anchor

5 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 10 reviews

Basel anchor God - 08/02/2018
Reviewer: Frankie

Brought this to help save time on setting anchors on large base trees and it kills the game. Couldn't believe it fit the base on a 200 year old Burr Oak the other day. All the way on the last stitch. Used it as a canopy anchor one time but the 16' doesn't shine up as it down low. It's a bit pricey but ART makes the highest quality tree tools and it shows. Buy the big one and never look back.

Fantastic idea - 12/13/2017
Reviewer: Ben

Such possibilities. I've used it as a base anchor, re-direct, lanyard, canopy tie in point, friction saver, and that just scratches the surface of what you could potentially use this for. I bought the 8 foot, and i can't wait to buy the 16 foot as well.

ART Snake Anchor - 01/06/2016
Reviewer: Dan C

Outstanding - Very portable, easy to setup and it has multiple applications as a base anchor and in the tree. You will love this item. Worth the money.

Everyday! - 01/04/2016
Reviewer: Calvin

This thing is my baby! I use this on 95% of my DdRT climbs as an adjustable buckstrap/friction saver. Sooo nice to set a cinching TIP anywhere you want, and it's fully retrievable (with a little practice ). It really helps keep the pine sap off the climb line, too. It does make a nice base anchor for SRT, but spring for the long one if that's your plan, and you have fat trees in your area. Seriously love this thing!

ART Snake Anchor - 11/01/2015
Reviewer: Jesse miller

The snake anchor is an awesome item to climb with, awesome adjustable friction saver for double line and great canopy anchor for some fun SRT swinging, me personally highly recommends any climber to own one of these 

eEffective and efficient anchor - 05/06/2015
Reviewer: Clayton

Brought this anchor to tied SRT anchor which is a perfect married.

Amazing - 07/14/2014
Reviewer: will
well...the sky is the limit with this item. There are so many different set ups and options drt or srt. Really helpful with removals! Shaggy bark is tough on stitching though only down side. Seriously just buy it u won't be disappointed.

Great Basal Anchor - 06/27/2014
Reviewer: Aaron Danforth
This is an awesome, easy to deploy basal anchor. I know its simply a fancified daisy chain, but it is rad. And that ring is so smooth. Seriously though, very useful piece of gear, both on the ground and in the tree. Buy the long one if you intend to primarily use it as a basal anchor.

a little to be desired for Tree care but... - 05/30/2014
Reviewer: Marc Powell
It gives me everything I desire in life (and love?)

Although this thing is basically just a glorified cmi daisy chain at 3 times the price, it's the lavishness of the purchase that really gets my motor running. It has multiple uses in real life applications but by far my favorite is to use it to choke myself while starring at an amazing poster of Drew Bristow. I just gaze at the poster and think. Just me, my Drew Bristow poster (with 2! Rope wrenches!) My snake anchor and my thoughts...

Sucked in by the gadget factor! - 04/18/2013
Reviewer: Alex
I saw the ART video and thought it would be a great upgrade/replacement for my chunk of climbing line and Prussic base anchor. This with 2 biners and a petzl RIG and done! Having the dynamic rip anchor adds a little piece of mind and hopefully never need but nice to know it might prevent snapping my back on a hard fall.

Makes base anchor nice and clean, easy to setup and inspect for correct placement of anchor. I got the longer version for a couple bucks more. The extra tail doesn't affect use and makes it easier to whip it around the trunk(whip the soft end, not the ring).

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