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Reviews for Buckingham Empire Tree Saddle

4.9 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 18 reviews

Comfy all day - 12/06/2017
Reviewer: Matt

At 5'10" 210lbs this saddle keeps me comfortable all day long. Lots of room for gear and seems to be holding up quite well. As long as it lasts, I'll buy another jist like it when it's time to replace it.

First Harness - 08/25/2017
Reviewer: Luke

This is the first and only harness that was purchased after trying out many different styles. The quick buckles are great and it has held up well with occasional use over the years. I would definitely recommend it, and I have gotten lots of compliments on it.

Excellent!!! - 03/28/2017
Reviewer: R Barnette

Recently purchased this saddle to upgrade from my Buckingham master saddle. This is a excellent saddle. Has all the adjustments and rope bridge.

Amazing saddle - 02/08/2017
Reviewer: Edro

Just got this saddle couple months ago. Switched from a sherrill edge. The empire blows it out of the water. Super comfortable with a little extra loops for whatever.

the best - 01/12/2017
Reviewer: Nicolas Allison

This is the best saddle I have ever used I just bought this saddle a week ago from treestuff and I'm super glad I went with this it's super comfy and I could ask for more!!!


Great saddle - 12/31/2016
Reviewer: Brett crabtree

Been climbing 26 plus yrs. Have used or owned some of the besr made and wouldn't. Trade my empire for anything

Best one ever - 03/12/2016
Reviewer: Tyler deel

Thiso is the most comfortable saddle I've used yet definitely a recommended mid priced product

Comfortable - 02/18/2016
Reviewer: TA

Been climbing in this for a while used to use a sequoia and not bad but the empire blows it away with comfort because of the better padding than other harnesses. Removals r so much more comfy now can't complain great product from buckingham

Like a gentle hug for your nether regions - 01/12/2016
Reviewer: Adam Van Egmond

When I bought this saddle I had been using a old Weaver Cougar borrowed from my boss... lets just say it was not a good fit for me and prolonged use may have spelled disaster for my future progeny.

The first time I climbed in my Empire felt like running naked in a grassy meadow compared to the stifling constriction endured previously. Ample leg and back support and a good price sweeten the deal... I'm looking forward to many years together.

I dig it - 01/12/2016
Reviewer: A.Z

I got this saddle when it first came out. I had emailed Buckingham and asked if I could get an ergolite only with rigging plates and rope bridge. They said something to the effect of "if you can wait 2 months we'll actually have one on the market", so I did. I pre ordered it through treestuff and one day it showed up on my doorstep. It's essentially the same thing as the edge. There hasn't been much to not like about it so far. There's no saw snap if you use one. If I had to find something I didn't like about it...I just wish there was a bit more padding on the leg straps, but it certainly isn't a deal breaker. Stays comfortable but still digs in sometimes, maybe I've still never gotten it adjusted quite right. I've tried more comfortable saddles, but they were certainly more $$ than this one.


End of the Search - 11/18/2015
Reviewer: BBaer-Baer Forestry(Owner); ISA Certified Arborist

I've owned this saddle for 2 years. After climbing with other, hand-me-down harnesses for a while, I invested in my own harness. I went with the Empire because of a few reasons: Buckingham's reputation as a good arborist outfitter, the construction of the harness bridge and waist clip, and the idea of attaining comfort without adding too much more weight. I will say that this harness not only met these expectations, it surpassed them! I plan to climb on this for a long time to come, and I'd advise anyone to spend the money on this saddle...Lord knows there's more expensive saddles that possibly aren't as good as the Empire. FYI- I climb almost every day.

Great Saddle - 09/07/2015
Reviewer: John Wargo

Oh baby what a great investment. So much more comfortable and maneuverable than my basic saddle. Should have bought this a long time ago. Highly recommended.

runs big - 04/09/2015
Reviewer: Howard

I was stoked about getting this harness. Great value for what you pay and what you get. Not only that, it's made really well. Was fairly comfortable when I used it, but unfortunately it doesn't have a small enough waist for me... even the smallest size which is what I got. I ended up going with the Petzl Sequoia because of that.

two thumbs up - 02/26/2015
Reviewer: Guillaume Parent

Good looking Harness, the blue it's just perfect. I like the multiple accessories places all around the harness and the chainsaw clip on both side. Verry confortable and ajustable. I'm 6 foot 2 and it's fit perfect. I'm realy happy about the service of the tree stuff crew to. The shipping is fast and they are very concern about their clients question. I got an answer to my e-mail in the same day.

cool saddle yoo - 01/16/2015
Reviewer: Kody Busse

awesome saddle, lots of attachment loops, the blue is killer. super comfy as well, the back pads could be a little more padded but excellent product all around. good in between from your basic d ring harness to your treemotion.

Very impressed - 12/30/2014
Reviewer: Lee claxton

Recieved my Empire in two days durong holiday rush. I am very impressed with the lightweight but heavy duty construction and all the features. Very comfortable too. Cant figure out possibly what the accessory loops on the legpads are for, but.. oh well, lol. Great saddle.

excellent choice - 10/25/2014
Reviewer: John D

This saddle is just excellent.
I am a tall climber 6'8
This saddle has plenty of adjustments for my long legs and it fits just perfect.
No irritation at all from prolonged use.

Really nice saddle - 05/20/2013
Reviewer: Don Churchill
This is a very nice saddle. I really like the security of the rigging plates verses the clevis attachment on the old ergolite. The adjustments are easy and numerous, very easy to get that customized fit. There are accessory loops on the leg pads, not sure when they will get used but I am sure if I need them I will be glad they are there. Overall, a great saddle, very comfortable and easy to adjust. Well done buckingham.

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