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Reviews for Silky Tsurugi Curved Hand Saw - Large Teeth

4.8 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 13 reviews

Good Hand Saw, However... - 07/15/2018
Reviewer: Brian Witt

I recently purchased the Silky Tsurugi, I love the weight and the way the saw cuts. However two weeks into using the product full-time I snapped the tip-off.. heh total boo.. I found about an inch of the blade in my Scabbard. Which note the sheath is awesome.. I'm not sure if during the heat of battle I hastily put the blade away and that is why I'm sad.. or if the steel isn't as tough as my older Sugoi 420. Regardless I did enjoy the product,. And I will purchasing another one here soon.


if it only had a hook - 12/06/2017
Reviewer: isaac schumacher

It is amazing. The blade is so easy to replace, it is skinny enough to get into tight crotches from pruning, but sturdy enough not to break, and bada** enough to power through some thick stuff. It locks in the scabbard and that scabbard is tough and has a large opening at the bottom so it never gets clogged. I'll put it away with leaves stuck to the teeth and it has never clogged. looooove it!

well made handsaw - 08/22/2017
Reviewer: Aaron

This is my favorite saw to date. I have also used the Zubat and Sugoi and definitely prefer this blade. It is light, has a great stroke and fits well into tight cuts. The large teeth work fine on small stuff and help a lot on the bigger stuff in my opinion.

great saw - 01/17/2016
Reviewer: JeremyR

Great saw! cuts great! Best scabard ever!! Ive had the same saw for 1.5 years. other than replacement blades, scabard has been best design ever! Very durable!!

Pruning beast - 01/14/2016
Reviewer: Jon

This is by far my favorite hand saw. Lightweight and durable. I have had mine for two years and it has held up great.

amazing saw - 12/31/2015
Reviewer: kyle

the saw is great, its perfect for small to large branches, and great for tight branch unions.
the blade is a breeze to swap out, and youll never have to worry about the saw falling out of the sheath while climbing.
great job tree stuff for always delivering on time, fantastic!!

Wonderful Product - 07/11/2015
Reviewer: Jasper Treeman

This hand saw is a fantastic piece of equipment. When shopping around, I was a bit skeptical that it wouldn't be strong enough, and would bend.. But after almost a year, this has not been a problem. Even my friend who is known for breaking things (like his Zubat) agrees that it is tougher than he thought.

It cuts exceptionally fast, has a great scabbard (although it makes a click-click noise from the blade tapping the side of the aluminum when stowed), is very lightweight, and fits in the tightest of crotches. The large tooth version that I purchased destroys 6 - 8 inch, dead oak limbs in under a minute. The medium tooth would be perfect for ornamental pruning.

Silky created a winner with this one. Just don't let it get anywhere near your skin, or rope. Yikes.


Great saw - 04/12/2015
Reviewer: Jon matych

This is a fast cutting little bugger. Less drag with the narrow blade, fits in tighter crotches.
I love the way the handle snaps securely into the scabbard, hoping not to DQ this year in competition.
The best feature to me is the rollers at the insertion point, which keep out larger debris. With my zubat I was always getting stuff jammed in the scabbard and having to clean it out, what a pain. Also, any debris that makes it past the rollers can fall easily out of the open bottom of the scabbard. A well designed machine that allows me to leave the chainsaw on the ground more and more!


Pruning Ninja wizard - 04/04/2015
Reviewer: Caleb L.

This saw can fit in tight crotches and is excellent for restoration pruning. On removals, it is the sprout King taking less time than my chain saw. This is certainly the best hand saw I have ever used. Silky saws keep getting better.

Outstanding handsaw - 01/28/2015
Reviewer: Coolguy

This handsaw is exactly what I hoped it would be. Great cutting ability with the narrow blade and man is it ever nice when dealing with a tiiight crotch! Small issue with the scabbard in that it didn't sit flush with my leg.. however the top piece unscrews allowing you to flip it and problem solved!
The grip is nice to hold and overall it just looks pretty dang cool. I plan to continue enjoying this saw for quite some time.

Wha a great product! - 01/29/2014
Reviewer: Owen Winter
First off, silky hit the nail on the head with this one!
While waiting for this to arrive I had a few doubts about it.
One was that it would have a flimsy blade for having such a small width, not true!
The blade on this saw is just as sturdy as a zubat blade!
The width is perfect aswell.
I was worried about the handle coming loose with a large amount of use and abuse.
Almost a year later it is as sturdy as the day I got it.
The scabbard is tough and in my opinion the best designed scabbard on the market.
This saw is best used in conjunction with a sawpod. (Another phenomenal product )
My ONLY thing I think could be changed would be that silky would include an extra top peice of the scabbard that had no obtuse square peice of plastic on it.
Just to switch out for carrying the saw on the leg.
This fits better in crotches than any other curved saw on the market, and like the rest of silkys products stays sharp for forever and a day.
I don't even have to mention that it cuts just the same in hardwoods, softwoods and deadwood.
It also works well in a two fisted grip.
This will be my only climbing handsaw for all of my pruning!

Great saw - 07/22/2013
Reviewer: Ta
Great saw just flipped the top of the scabbard around by unscrewing the pieces and the saw fits flat to your leg. Great for pruning in tight places

Soo close yet so damn far - 06/17/2013
Reviewer: Marc Powell
Silky. You were so close. So so so damn close but you screwed it up on what seems to me to be the simplest design factor. If you make a saw that can attach to your leg STOP MAKING THEM WITH HUGE, INTRUSSIVE PIECES OF PLASTIC THAT STICK INTO YOUR LEG!

The saw cuts amazingly well. It's lower profile made my Bradford pear reduction much easier in those tighter crotches but the stupid scabbard, as advanced as it is with its fancy rollers and aluminum body, sucks. It has a huge square piece on the back side that sticks directly into the side of your calf. The redesigned zubat had a similar problem. It's mind boggling how they don't think of something so simple like making the scabbard smooth.

For now this will replace my zubat but there's no doubt in my mind that ill have a square shaped bruise on my calf for awhile.

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