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Reviews for Lanyard Manager Clips

4.7 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 31 reviews

Less knots - 02/07/2018
Reviewer: David

These clips make managing a long lanyard easy. I dont know why i waited so long? They hold when i want them to and release when needed.

Great for Petzl Sequoia - 12/12/2017
Reviewer: Allen

I used these on my sequioa saddle and they are perfect. It took a little work to get them onto the saddle, but once they are on, they aren't coming off unless you take them off.

As far as holding the lanyard, it works great too. I have used them with both xtc lanyards and blaze lanyards. Both worked just fine.

Clips - 12/12/2017
Reviewer: Scotty

needed these to replace the one i lost on the magnetic lanyard bag.

Convenient Little Clips - 12/06/2017
Reviewer: TJ

The clips work very well. They hold the lanyard line in place pretty securely so excess line is not constantly getting tangled up on your feet or on little banches. I was surprised at how well they hold the line in place while still being able to easily slide line through for when you need more length. Much quicker to adjust the length of your lanyard with these clips than tying a daisy chain. For 6 bucks, it's worth it.

Accessory mode - 08/25/2017
Reviewer: Tree Girl

Break it in to break Even!
Love the neatness these provide my saddle!

Lmc - 07/20/2017
Reviewer: Tree bastard

Best way to manage a lanyard i've tried. See installation on New Tribe Onyx saddle here:

Doesn't Fit New Tribe Onyx Saddle - 05/21/2017
Reviewer: Robert Bovero-Spina

This flipline managing tool seems to be a clever and simple concept, but it unfortunately won't fit anywhere on my New Tribe Onyx saddle. This tool could easily be a 4-5 star item, but if it can't clip onto my saddle then I can't give it that rating.

Great clips - 03/22/2017
Reviewer: Ian

These clips are pretty great. My first experience with them was on my magnetic lanyard bag. My 10mm lanyard never comes unclipped. Pretty burly too, after a year, still going strong.

Great little tool - 01/12/2016
Reviewer: Greg

They hold onto the rope a lot more securely than I actually expected...I figured the rope would pop out too easily when trying to pull it through, but it doesn't. Holds just securely enough, and even a fairly fat rope (11.7 mm) slides through smoothly.

Read a few comments on them being hard to install...there's a bit of a trick to it, but you CAN get them on a fatter gear loop without drilling them out. There was no way I was going to get them onto my Petzl Sequoia gear loops at first, but it's doable and I never used a drill.

If you squeeze the clip opening and your gear loop together with the jaws of a pair of pliers, making like you're going to force the gear loop into the slot, you can then stick a small flathead screwdriver into the side of the clip, and twist it to bend the clip open. Squeeze with the pliers as you twist, and the gear loop will pop right in.

Note: Colors will vary from the picture. I got 1 black, 1 yellow, and 1 dark green.

Glad I bought them - 01/07/2016
Reviewer: Chad U.

Great little clips. Once you find the right spot on your saddle to put them, you'll be happy. They're a little stiff at first, but I guess that's a good thing. It's nice to have your slack behind you and not in the way. I haven't had my lanyard 'pop out' of one yet. Glad they come in multi-packs in case I ever lose one!

Best alternative to a Sidewinder - 01/02/2016
Reviewer: bruce

Cheap as chips and easy to work with behind your back.
A million times quicker than daisy chaining and making 3 loops is enough to make a 5 metre lanyard not reach my calves.
Not bad for a short bugger like me.

nice - 01/01/2016
Reviewer: kyle

these are great little clips thatll make your lanyard so much more organized, i love these!

Keep it simple - 08/25/2015
Reviewer: Shane B

the clips are a simple solution to a long lanyard slack problem. They pop off my saddle every so often, but it most likely because they need to be attached to a different type of accessory loop with a larger cord diameter. The plastic clips are very durable, so I think I'll just modify my saddle with some thicker cord.

Great buy - 08/03/2015
Reviewer: Randy

Well worth the money, I have a 20' lanyard and it clips up nicely to keep it out of the way.

Why was I waiting so long? - 07/08/2015
Reviewer: RK Safety LLC

Well bought two packs of these little guys after seeing a few other climbers with them. I put two on each accessory ring on my Petzl Navahoe harness and they work awesome. use two for my lanyards and the others are place throughout to hold my Prussik loops and gloves when not wearing them. Waited to long for a simple tool.


Lanyard clips - 06/18/2015
Reviewer: Austin

Great product a perfect way to manage the slack of ur lanyard a must have

Great little addition - 03/10/2015
Reviewer: DMALONEY

I bought a set of these a while back and had a lot of guys make fun of me for buying them. Once I showed my crews how handy they were at managing the tail end of the lanyard they all wanted one. I just bought them for all my crews, and as always the customer service puts the competition to shame.

Handy and simple - 06/30/2014
Reviewer: Jon M
Got a few of these at a recent competition, and didn't think much of it.
But now, it's a pretty essential piece of my lanyard management
Just get one. Get a few.

My friends made fun of me. - 06/18/2014
Reviewer: Aaron Danforth
I picked up some of these after nicking the tail of my lanyard with my saw. My wife and friends ridiculed me and claimed it was evidence of my gear addiction, but these little clips have made a huge difference in my everyday climbing. No more fussing and fighting with managing your lanyard tail, no more nicks and best of all, I got the last laugh.

Best under 10 buck work purchase ever - 06/17/2014
Reviewer: James
Placed these on my ergovation bout a month ago... Love them... I use it with blue moon (11.7) as my lanyard rope. I used a small piece of 6mm accessory cord that I sewed into a loop around the load bearing webbing in four points. That was a total pain but worth it. $6.00 for these babies and an hour of sewing well worth it. I get complements from other climbers and people ask what are those all the time.

Great !!! - 05/08/2014
Reviewer: Mathieu Audette
This is a fantastic product. Clip nice into my 11.5 lanyard of 30 feet. No more chaining the tail. For the price this is great. I try it on my 13mm lanyard, but the clip do not really fit.... Be aware.

Nice Lanyard Managment - 04/13/2014
Reviewer: Ken B
Took me awhile to get these onto my Petzl Sequoia, ended up heating the plastic up w/ a lighter to get them to open enough to go onto the loops. Installation aside these are very handy and useful aloft. Very easy and fast to reorganize rope back onto your saddle when not in use. Be curious to see how they hold up, but as it stands I feel they are a great investment if you want to run a long lanyard.

Hard to install - 03/26/2014
Reviewer: Timothy Green
These are great clips, and they make life easier VS daisy chaining long rope.. Once on your harness they are great. However they are very difficult to attach almost to the point of crying.. I ended up getting my drill to enlarge the attachment point. It was still hard to get on, but it worked and now I'm happy.

Organized - 01/15/2014
Reviewer: Chris Baugher
Lanyard Managmenr Clips, One Of those Items That Makes You Say "I Should Have Thought Of That". Just Like The Others Have Shared, I Easily Carry A Tame 20 Foot Double Ended Lanyard. The One Thing I Wanted To Add Is Related To The Install. If You Plan On Adding Then To The Red Loops On The Tree Motion Saddle There Is Just Enough Room To Slide Them On From The Middle Adjustment Slide With Out Trying To Expand The Clip With pliers. The Red Gear Loop Is Hollow In this RegioN Allowing ThemTo Be Slid Right Into Place. This Was discovered After Soaking Then In Boiling Water For Several Minutes To No Avail. sliding Them On From The Middle Was Much Easier. Now That They Are Installed I'm Not Sure How I Managed With Out Them.


Not suitable for 13mm diameter lanyard rope - 01/09/2014
Reviewer: Lee
Quite disappointed when trying to use it for dressing my lanyard . The clip did not fit into my 13mm lanyard rope end:(
It can be forced into the clip loop , however the taking out may exhausted if you trying to do it during the limb walk !

Why didn't I think of this? - 01/07/2014
Reviewer: Mike
I've been using these on my saddle for several months now and let me tell you they are FANTASTIC! So much more convenient than daisy chaining the tail of my lanyard; need some extra length just pop your rope out of it, with 3 of these on my harness I can easily store a 20' lanyard out of the way.

These best part? As i'm sure many of us have experienced in the past, when taking a short swing, your lanyard gets caught on a branch stub, or something like that and you jerk to a stop mid swing. With these your lanyard just pops off and you continue along unimpeded.

These fit with some effort on a Dragonfly/Butterfly saddle.

I have found it best to open these up a smidge with a round file before attempting to install these to make it a bit easier.

Good solution - 01/03/2014
Reviewer: Markley
These work well, I was hesitant to try them but I'm glad I did. 3 clips will take care of a 20' lanyard quickly and neatly

awesome - 08/20/2013
Reviewer: Bryan
I have a Kolibri saddle and had to remove the plastic cover to my accessory loop to get them on, but it was worth it. By using just a few of these I have been able to keep my 20' lanyard from getting tangled up in my feet but I can also get the right amount out quickly. I have also seen a climber be pulled from a tree because his excess lanyard was caught in a limb that was being removed from the tree, which makes the breakaway feature a nice extra! Thanks.

Love 'em - 08/16/2013
Reviewer: Jason
They took some persuading to get onto the accessory loops on my harness, but i quickly realized the effort was worth it! I use a 20' lanyard and regularly deploy all of it for accurate work positioning as a second Ddrt system. Having to undo and re-daisy chain became annoying. These clips allow me easily and quickly deploy and re-store my lanyard in no time. For six bucks you cant go wrong here.

Awesome Gadget! - 07/25/2013
Reviewer: Cameron
I love this thing. I also received it at the WI competition, but would definitely buy it after trying it if I hadn't.
I used to have a daisy chained section clipped to my harness, but always would have to un clip to take out more than the slack available. with this, if i let out more rope it just pops off the clip and I don't have to do anything. The rope also clips back in very easily.
I've never seen this for sale other places, thanks TreeStuff! Awesome product!

Unexpected awesomeness - 07/19/2013
Reviewer: Ryan
I received this as a gift while competing in the WI climbing competition. For something so small it has made a huge impact on my saddle. I no longer have to tie up my lanyard while on the ground. It also minimizes the size of the loop in the tail end while rigging and climbing.

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