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Reviews for AlturnaMATS Groundcover Mats

4.9 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 11 reviews

Wonderful - 03/25/2017
Reviewer: Dom D

the residential crew uses theses on a regular basis and always complain about the weight but I never hear a single word about having to fix tire tracks or trucks getting stuck since we purchased these last summer.

Life savers - 03/20/2017
Reviewer: Ian

What can I say, these things are a pain in the ass to drag around, but they can make it seem like you never drove the bucket/chip truck on a lawn. Super durable, and worth the money.

Great scott! - 01/08/2016
Reviewer: Royce

Great product. Never bought/never will buy plywood. Total waste of money and time.

I have the white 3x8s, which are great. The 4x8 size is way too heavy/awkward for one person (unless you're a giant, maybe), but the 3x8 size is doable at about 60lbs.

A must have for any careful, technical tree removals near nice turf.

Tough as nails, but without the flat tires - 01/01/2016
Reviewer: Matt Heder

Tougher and longer lasting than plywood, these are great for driving on lawn or blocking down logs without causing unneeded damage. However, the are heavy, cumbersome, and difficult to store.

Sturdy - 04/03/2015
Reviewer: Jason Thompson

Have had the same set at work for about 7 yrs , for backyard bucket, still holding up fine after years of use and abuse. Building a road with them is tough on an old back but it better than having to repair ruts. STAR WARS - Luke's favorite movie (and the best movie)

Solid - 06/27/2014
Reviewer: Aaron Danforth
These things are awesome. Great for protecting turf from falling logs and brush, great as a roman road, great for protecting windows when grinding stumps. These things are far stronger and more durable than plywood and lets face it, far more professional. An absolute must for those zero impact jobs.

Your mobile road has arrived. - 06/25/2014
Reviewer: James
I've got all three sizes 2x8 for mini skid steers *grab a 4x8 or two for where your need to do 360 turns*, 3x8 works well for most chip trucks and non CDL Lift trucks *note if the ground is soupy you'll wish you had the 4x8's*, and 4x8 for CDL trucks. All the lift trucks i've used needed six mats to get in and eight to move. If you have to make a turn it helps to have ten. Larger trucks like a three axel log truck need two more for each of these situations. After your down the the job take a blower or a rake to the grass and give it a fluff 95% of the time no one knows you where there. If the guys walk on these don't be surprised if someone falls they get slick. If doesn't hurt to look into the vera mat version also.

YORK Tree Svc - 04/25/2014
Reviewer: G.York
Bought 10 of these in white, they have came in very handy, $ well spent. Yea they're heavy but in this industry what aint ?

Puts plywood to shame - 01/16/2014
Reviewer: Markley
Doesn't seem like they're ever going to wear out. We have the 3x8's which are great-much easier to handle and lighter. No soaking up water, if they get muddy you can pressure wash them, don't kick out from under a spining tire like plywood does, great traction.

Pretty Sweet - 03/24/2013
Reviewer: Ernie W
Durability and quality are great. Of course we use them to drive on. Another use is as a ground cover for massive stump grinding ops. Especially over a big stump in rock. Makes clean up much faster.

Something to think about: We got the 2'x8' mats which are pretty light relatively speaking. Downside is that no turning going on with those. Upside: cheaper, lighter, less space in storage.

Way better - 03/02/2013
Reviewer: Nick Bonner
These things are way better than waterlogged plywood. They last forever, unless you hit em with a stump grinder or flop trees with big stubs onto them, both those things will put holes in em.

A bit heavy but then so is plywood. Easily outlasts a piece of plywood 10:1.

Treestuff has the best price, 5% off and free shipping over $1000??? I wouldnt even look anywhere else.

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