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Reviews for Rope Logic uSAVER

4.5 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 39 reviews

Nothing but good things to say - 09/22/2018
Reviewer: Ken B.

I've used this numerous times, and it worked like a charm every time in both basket and choker configurations. It did not get stuck at all for me like others have mentioned. The one time it almost got stuck was on the fall back down in a maple with many limbs and the rope wrapped around a limb and itself, but with some jerking and tugging, it released itself. I have tested it in tight V crotches and noticed how it could get stuck, so I avoid those crotches in favor of more U shaped unions or wider V shaped ones. Great product!!

base anchor - 04/23/2018
Reviewer: mt

I was having some trouble extracting this from the canopy and then started using it as a base anchor and it's great. very versatile configurations.

Best friction saver - 02/07/2018
Reviewer: David

This is the best friction saver that I have ever used! It works great with my zigzag. It's easy to set and retrieve from the ground. I would recommend it to all climbers.

Best friction saver - 12/04/2017
Reviewer: Alex Magalhaes

my favorite friction saver by far, easy to install and remove. Really good idea with the pulley and the big steal ring !!

great device - 08/27/2017
Reviewer: Justin M.

I am giving this a 5 because the issues I've had with it are more on my end and less on the product's end. First of all, it is well constructed and makes you feel safe. I own the 8ft version and rolled up correctly it fits well on the back of my saddle. It doesn't always live there, but when I forget to put it on, I usually curse at myself. It is extremely versatile. I have used it in most any situation and configuration you could think of, and it most always is easily retrievable. I will say, the retrieval ring can get wedged just perfectly in the pulley when you're trying to retrieve from a choked configuration. So, that could be tweaked. Also, use a spliced eye, because a 1/2" rope with a sewn eye, probably won't fit through the small ring (at least not easily). The large ring can get stuck in crotches. So while it allows a lot of versatility, you as the climber must choose wisely the best placement and really think through any potential hangups for retrieval. Once I experienced a few really frustrating "retrievals", I started placing the friction saver with a lot more forethought. It is great, but be smart and you will be happy with it. The reason I bought this was so I only had one friction saver that would do it all. The only time is doesn't is on spars that are too big around for the 8' sling.

Finally here! - 08/17/2017
Reviewer: Chuck

Purchased and arrived in 4 days! I have only used it in the choker configuration. I am very pleased with it. I use it for my tie in point Drt. No problems at all. Very pleased with the quality of the product. Loom forward to ordering other products in the future!

Love it - 06/07/2017
Reviewer: Justin

I love this can't set it in the tree from the ground and retrieve it from the ground very smooth Pinto pulley with no friction. very nice design would suggest for anyone to get it and try it.

8 months in... - 01/08/2017
Reviewer: Jason J

Reviewed previously right after purchasing and just as I predicted a few bugs have revealed themselves. I'm an "old school" climber (20+ yrs) but use and keep up with the newer innovations in gear , but this is the first friction saver I've purchased. As another reviewer stated the bulk of the stitched eyes (which I have never been a fan of) and more importantly the heavy shrink wrapping has caused SEVERAL (7+) very angry reclimbs along with muffled (sometimes not so much), cussing to retrieve it, which after a long day sucks like none other! I did find that in choked configuation leaving it a little slack helps but much line flipping, jerking, and a little luck is still necessary. Setting from the ground works fairly well, but I have had the throwline (Samson Zing-it) wedge itself between the cheek plate and pulley of the pinto twice. (Mutha Effer!) This was NOT funny at all. In short, after calling it a $150 paper weight, threatening to sell it and take the loss or just leave it in the tree altogether I kept it. Awesome when it works (80%), infuriating when it gets stuck (20%). As long as you plan a little and are careful how and where you set it, it's ok. Therefore for me it dropped a star. I think ditching the stitched eyes for hand spliced on the pinto attachment to streamline it would be a huge improvement, and worth a few bucks. As is, I still use it regularly but don't trust ground removal 100% and frequently retrieve it while still in the tree. Just in case, LOL!

Loved this! - 09/05/2016
Reviewer: Marilyn

I see that there are some poor reviews on this, so thought I would contribute my good experience! I am a wildlife biologist and an inexperienced arborist, but I needed to be able to climb this summer to set time lapse cameras in northern goshawk nests (~70 ft up). I purchased the uSAVER to protect the less than stellar rope that the university provided us for this project, and it turned out to be a wonderful purchase. Prior to getting this, we had several issues with fraying and the rope getting hung up. With the uSAVER, we never once had an issue. Even for inexperienced climbers, we had no problem setting this up, and the assembly was very easy to retrieve every time. I will say it worked MUCH better on the Doug fir and lodgepole pine that we climbed in Montana than it did on the cottonwood we practiced on in Nebraska, but I really loved having this piece of equipment along and it made things work a lot smoother for us.

So far so good... - 05/28/2016
Reviewer: Jason

ordered this last week. Arrived in 2 days! Guy I work with used to climb the competition circuit and has just about every gadget and/or in many cases several from different manufacturers. He recommended this over the other 5 friction savers. I must say having the opportunity to try his gear before I buy is awesome. So far I love the uSaver, smooth running and ground install is nice. Giving it a 4 due to short time of ownership, I'm sure any bugs will or won't reveal themselves in the near future. That being said so far I am totally digging it.

Losing faith - 05/01/2016
Reviewer: Trenton Baird

So I wrote a review on this about a month after I received this thing and I was loving it. Since then I have been using it in a more demanding way with the multi anchoring options. and the more I do the more disappointing it is getting. I was working in a big Silver Maple that was kinda sketch so I used it in a multi anchor configuration and after conquering the beast 9hrs. I was done and on the ground. After pulling yanking tugging cursing for about 30 min. I had to climb back and retrieve it myself. Did not like that. Yesterday removed 7 very large Ponderosa Pine having the ABR U saver set up in the choker configuration "the safest configuration for it not to snag or unset" I could not get it to unlock. So again climbing back to the top to retrieve I was not happy. So I am a little gun shy on this thing it might be one of those things that look great just hanging on the wall with all the other looks great on paper things. Will keep you all updated.

like it so far - 03/04/2016
Reviewer: Trenton

Today I was in a 100' Sycamore. After the long day. and a ton of climbing. Half blown out ok completely blown out I was so hoping for ABR uSAVER to do it's job........ Bammm. just like a charm. I can say I am glad that I got the large one I can see how the 4' would not be as useful. Also make sure that you daisy chain the tail with the small ring. Have not had a issue yet. Very nice piece of equipment.

good for right situations - 02/21/2016
Reviewer: Colin

I've been using this for about a year now. Sometimes I use this, sometimes I use the flexible conduit friction saver. I climb with the Hitch Climber system. On long descents the hitch can bind up due to the low friction at the pulley, so be careful. Works great with a Petzl Zigzag. Do not use it in the basket configuration with large ring and pulley; it will often get jammed for retrieval. I only use it in basket with the small ring or in choking. Even then it often will get stuck. This is in part due to the stiff and bulky sewn eyes on the rings and pulley prussik. A spliced version would well be worth the extra cost. Most of all do not use it in narrow crotches or the ring will not pass through. The retrieval ring I modified to one strand of throwline with a bowline on the end to girth hitch. This was after getting the supplied loop version snagged twice. I haven't tried the double safety configuration yet since the 4' version isn't really long enough.

dislike - 01/22/2016
Reviewer: buddy

Couldn't wait to get this....then it's stuck in tree and broke my throw line twice...can't get the rope through it and the small one is way to only works on very small branches and even if it enough to get it around the small branch you can't use the backup ring....of I had to but another it would be the longest one they make...I rate it a one because I like the quality of materials. ..i.e...pinto and rope and ring

Bueno - 12/30/2015
Reviewer: Maycon.flore

Este fricción saver es la mejor me encanta las diferentes configuraciones que puedes haser y el presio súper bajo

Worth the money! - 12/07/2015
Reviewer: J. Cutshall

I have had this now for almost 3 months and can say with certainty what a great product it is. The choking ability is the main reason I went it but have since found many more reasons why I like it.
First the previously stated choking ability is actually better in reality than I though. The fact that it stays tight when the load is taken off is great. This happens because when the pulley is adjusted correctly it does not fall back through the large ring. It still is retrievable added bonus and makes it great for working on pines which have smaller limbs up top.

Second different methods you can put a secondary safety into your climbing system is great. I use that feature all the time.

Long and short this a great well built product that is worth every penny. The loss in friction with this vs the old buck rings is amazing and I though that was great when I first went to that. Buy this product with great certainty.

owner - 10/18/2015
Reviewer: Raymond Pacheco

Love this tool. Have to watch how you set it up. It's my go too tool day and day out. Love working off a spar on it and love making 3 to 1 mechanical advantages with it.

cool - 04/13/2015
Reviewer: warren

pricey but well worth it

Pretty good - 04/12/2015
Reviewer: Chris

I won this at the raffle at our chapter comp last year. The ring has got stuck in a crotch a couple times during retrieval and twice, the retrieval ring got stuck in the pinto pulley. I finally freed it by putting my full weight on the line, but I also ended up crashing onto the ground as the ring suddenly pulled through the pulley. Also I was a little disappointed with the efficiency of the pinto pulley and have since built my own friction saver with a pintoRig since I like having less friction at my TIP.

on second thought.... - 04/06/2015
Reviewer: mt

I reviewed this one before and I've changed my mind on the versatility. the large ring is great to run the pulley through but it gets hung up when pulling out of a branch union. I have gone back to a pulleysaver as my primary. A long uSaver is still the best for working off a spar with a choked system but for normal pruning operations it causes more end of the day canopy extractions than a ring to ring or pulleysaver.

multi use - 04/05/2015
Reviewer: matt

like having a few friction savers in one.very smooth with the pinto

Tree climbing - 02/08/2015
Reviewer: Mike Flores

ABR saver is best product that I have I use it every day in pruning remubal I love the different ways that you can instal

satisfied - 10/07/2014
Reviewer: Curtis J.

My Buckingham ring savers are old and worn out. Bought this as a replacement and it works great. I only utilized it in practice mode to familiarize myself. So far, no troubles at all. When installed from the ground if your afraid of pulley sneaking into and possibly over big ring just put the small ring in between the big one and the pulley. Planned retrieval is key. When in doubt pull it out, as in while in canopy. Came down every time. Tried multiple configurations.

Totally Worth It - 07/16/2014
Reviewer: Vinny
Great piece of gear. Not cheap but compared to its competition it is worth it. Be careful where you set it because it can get stuck during the retrieve.

To Tom H - 06/24/2014
Reviewer: Tom Hoffmann
To Tom H (Is there another Tom H or is this a posting error ... I'm not sure who I'm talking to).
Regardless, I'm truly sorry that your early experience was crummy. But what is "guaranteed" is that the ring will release the pulley. You can bank on it. But it's a truism for trees that even an unknotted throw line can find a way to get stuck on the way down. Your best approach is careful choice of installation position and, when in doubt, use the double-end retrieval shown in my videos. By the way, Nick is now working to shrink the big ring diameter at little. Everything helps, but it won't change my overall comment here.

bummed about the U-Saver - 06/21/2014
Reviewer: Tom H
So i saved up for the Usaver for a while thinking this will be the greatest thing since sliced bread have the frictionless benefit of a pulley with the ability to install it like a ring in ring i however have not been impressed with the runction of the u saver as every time i have installed it in the choking configuration it has gotten snagged and i have had to reclimb the trees to retrieve it and whei installed it like a ring in ring i was unable to pull it over the limb even with two guys pulling and in followed tom hoffmans videos when practicing at home so i unfortunatly will be disassembling it into a secret weapon and a big ring in ring unless i am working where i know i will be going back to retrieve it However the function of the thing is flawless when installed but the installation process from the ground and the ground retrieval unfortunatley ruin the concept

glass - 06/20/2014
Reviewer: Dylan
Have only used it a handful of climbs in choker and basket configurations. Climbing on the pulley is as smooth as glass. Even smoother than a rope wrench when its in a straight pull. Respect Tom for the work and development on this thing. Only problem for me is retrieval. I have gotten the big ring caught the majority of the time. You have to be careful where you set it. Other than that it functions great!

Smooooth - 06/18/2014
Reviewer: Phil Poarch
Tom and Treestuff hit a home run with this extremely versatile friction saver. Super smooth and easy to install and retrieve with a little practice. Treestuff prices and service are second to none.

The You Saver - 06/17/2014
Reviewer: John_KAYS
I had been following Tom Hoffmann?s development of the uSaver and was eager to se the culmination. I tried to build one of these myself?how hard could it be?...I built one, but being a novice splicer and all I eventually encouraged myself to buy the real thing. Seeing the professionally built uSaver up in an 85' TIP I immediately felt secure knowing this was put together by ABR. Great product! TreeStuff did a great job collaborating with Tom H. to put together this streamline friction saver that I trust my life with daily. Outstanding performance comes back every time. It makes me happy when I start my day out by placing this uSaver in the tree. I know the ?u? stands for universal, but I always take it to mean that it save u?and it does, it really does.

TreeStuff is an incredible resource and an outstanding company that exceeds my expectations with every order I place. Incredible price, incredible quality, incredible service?let?s just say you wont find a more exceptional team than the one at

most versatile friction saver - 06/11/2014
Reviewer: Mike Tilford
I got one of these a few months ago and it is by far the most versatile tool for friction management. The number of configurations you can use it for sets it apart from the pulleysaver and traditional 2 ring friction savers. My favorite method has been using it in a choked system on a spar- it pulls back with little effort thanks to the retrieval ring that is included. Only drawback is that the large ring makes it cumbersome to set from the ground.

hmm - 06/07/2014
Reviewer: Chris Lucas
I dunno. Is it well made? Very much so. Sexy even? Yep. Super smooth? Words can't describe. BUT...I used it several times today. On not once...not twice...but FOUR occasions today, this little bugger got hopelessly, unbelievably, totally and irretrievably stuck. I was pretty much homicidal on the last one. I'm taking the learning curve into consideration, but I can't overlook that I'm having some serious PITA over this rig. I'll give it more time/practice, but I can't give it 5 stars right now. ...I remain hopeful..

smooth - 03/15/2014
Reviewer: bryan
I have used the usaver in the basket setup and was surprised how smooth the rope action is going through the large ring and the pulley. So much easier than any usual friction saver. Very nice to have when you will be in a tree for an extended time.

Slick setup - 03/15/2014
Reviewer: Brian Bixler
Great product for so many applications of tree climbing.

It looks awesome and functions well, extremely simple to set up, and ALWAYS comes back for retrieval.

A must have for every climb kit!

Very Cool Product - 03/06/2014
Reviewer: John Mitchell
I use the u-saver once i get up into the tree for time sake because it does take some practice to set up. Once it is set up you can expect a very consistent climbing system that is very easy to ascend, descend and tend. Not to mention the fact that it saves wear on your ropes and doesn't hurt the trees.

The best - 02/07/2014
Reviewer: JT
Made one of these when they were fresh on the forums, and I have to say that I have no need for any other friction saver but this one. It beats the others no questions asked and folds up nice and small in a ditty bag. This professional version looks even superior to my own. Well.....I know where my next budget of tree toys is going.

It comes back. - 01/29/2014
Reviewer: Tom Hoffmann
Nice job, TreeStuff! Yes, it's very flexible. But the best thing is that it comes back. See release test


NICE! - 01/22/2014
Reviewer: John Pomeroy
Just got mine today. Very nicely constructed and actually much heavier duty than it looks in the pics on the web site. Totally looking forward to trying it in all of its possible configurations.

finally a production version - 01/08/2014
Reviewer: mark13y
now i can purchase a nice version with clean sewn splices instead of my version with all the bulky knots that get stuck every chance they get, and this one has been properly tested to give me piece of mind. If you haven't seen this thing in action take the time to watch the vids-it will do some slick tricks, but my favorite part is not having to climb back up and get the thing (i use mine for light duty-well almost all of my rigging)

a step up - 01/05/2014
Reviewer: Jon M
In my opinion, this saver is head and shoulders about the teufelberger option.
The large steel ring makes retrieval automatic, no getting stuck and having to chase it back up the tree.
the small ring on the other side gives you so many options for configuration/retrieval, not to mention the price difference, that the U saver is a no brainer.

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