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Reviews for Notch Pruner & Saw Quick Change Set

5 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 14 reviews

Great pruner set - 12/11/2017
Reviewer: Allen

This pruner set has paid for itself many times over. It has saved me from climbing quite a few times.

Mighty Oaks Tree Trimming - 10/24/2016
Reviewer: Chad Henry

Really nice unit, It has a bit of a bend to it with the 3rd pole but gets the job done like a champ! If your mostly just using 2 poles at a time it's a great time saver. Tree Stuff you all ROCK. I have never ordered any product from you that I haven't liked.

3 Pole set is very useful - 08/27/2016
Reviewer: Jeff

Having 3 extensions is so useful! I feel like Inspector Gadget when using my set.

Mr - 06/01/2016
Reviewer: Wayne Grewe

I received my Marvin Pruner and Saw Quick Change Set today safe and sound even though the end of the cardboard box had been crushed. Shopping on this site was a good experience. Shipping and delivery was lightning fast. I was amazed at the quality of all the pieces. "Quick change" is spot on--easy to assemble, use, disassemble and store. It is suitable for the professional arborist unlike the cheapy equipment offered at the big box home improvement places and even though considerably more expensive is a great value even for a home owner like me. I'm glad I ordered the extra 6' pole! 18' of fiberglass is lighter than I anticipated. The set's use is intuitive although I'm glad I watched some of the YouTube videos before hand -- especially about letting pole flexure work for you rather than against you. This equipment will serve me a lifetime!

Great value - 01/14/2016
Reviewer: Ace

I bought this set about a year ago. I have been very happy with it. Nothing has broke yet.

Good starter set - 01/09/2016
Reviewer: Joe

This is a great starter set. Strong, durable, and versatile. Next time I probably would buy the "bull" pruner head for the extra size.

Good Saw, Fast Shipping - 07/30/2015
Reviewer: Nick Kantola

Ordered on a Sunday, the saw arrived on Wednesday- quick turn around time. The cutting edges are sharp, made quick work of the first tree I cleaned up. Pole sections aren't too heavy, and I appreciate the cap on the bottom section to keep dirt out, it should also help with durability. Super happy with the purchase.


great product - 07/26/2015
Reviewer: john mcintyre

great product much safer to prune on the ground than on a ladder

Good tool - 04/10/2015
Reviewer: Nick G.

The pruner and saw work fine. Was very happy I got the third pole as it has come in handy on many occasions, it will work your shoulders though.

I wish I had picked up the bigger bull head instead though as there is a size of branch that is too big for the pruner but too small to saw.

business owner/tree trimmer - 02/20/2015
Reviewer: Bryson Bedwell

I ordered this on a recommendation from a fellow tree trimmer. I received the set within 1 day of ordering. (Great response time). I used it the next day and am very pleased with it. Seems to withstand normal wear and tear, and appears that it will hold up for a very long time. The price on this set is also unbeatable. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone, new or seasoned.

Great set - 01/02/2014
Reviewer: Willow
This is a great set. I bought mine a few years ago, and it has held up to a lot of use, wear and tear, and not much pampering. In my opinion, it is well priced and bombproof.

Great product, still works as good as the first day - 12/29/2013
Reviewer: Rich Phalin
I purchased this a few years back mainly because I was tired of using those cheap models at the big box stores. It works great, the locking feature makes it so nice. My old cheap ones would slip and slide back together all the time. The saw and pruner cut like butter. The poles are also very sturdy and don't flex much. Great product.

still working great after 4 years - 05/04/2013
Reviewer: kevin j
I bought this set 4 years ago, use it on average one day a week for the bypass prunner or saw. use it almost daily for a reach pole. it paid for it's self on the first job and i still use the original rope that came with it. i've gone through several blades but i sharpen the pruner head and keep on making money with them. an invaluable piece of equipment on the truck that's worth its weight in gold.

Owner of Pinnacle Landscape Services - 06/01/2011
Reviewer: Ryle
I received my order of the quick change pruner and saw set by Marvin and found the quality to be very satisfying. The price was considerably less than at the local equipment supply store. I will be checking out in the future for any of my tree care supplies.

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