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Reviews for Rope Logic Rig and Ring Large

4.9 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 32 reviews

A great Anchor of the Larger stuff - 01/30/2018
Reviewer: Heath

A Grrat Replacement for a Block & a Sling for some Applications.

Another user mentioned the lack of adjustability as being a downfall: I added a Rigging Prussik & the XL Rigging Ring to my Rig & Ring to give me adjustability, or to add the additional Radius of a 3rd Ring. Don’t overload it, however.

You Know You want it, just Buy it.

Hell ya - 12/10/2017
Reviewer: Kodiak

Amazing being able to retrieve a rigging point or set it from the ground. It's great when you need a point in a tree your not climbing. My only problem is you need retrieval balls with any rope over 1/2!!! I was hoping a overhand knot on my 5/8s kracken would work but it won't pass threw the biggest ring..... Still an amazing products!

Game changer - 12/04/2017
Reviewer: Anthony B

Picked this up at the TCIA Expo at the Treestuffdotcom booth. I can't use it enough;it has opened the doors to a number of new rigging techniques that make work not only safer but oddly more enjoyable as well. This is also great for light to medium duty rigging with a 2 man crew as the climber can take over the lowering of limbs to allow the groundie maneuver and land them correctly.

Pros and Cons - 04/06/2017
Reviewer: Brett Seidel

When its on the rope, its absolutly bombproof. One of the minor downfalls is that it isn't mid-line attachable. The other downfall is that the length can't be adjusted. I love how i can remotely set it from the ground and retrieve it remotely, however!!

How did I RIG without it? - 04/04/2017
Reviewer: William Cragg

What did I do before. 1/8 the weight of a pulley with massive capacity. Can be used in unlimited ways and can help provide a more distributed load throughout a spar without excessive load at anchor point. Allows for less wraps or non at all depending on cut. Really awesome when your in a hurry and have a sprawling canopy. I'd buy two if I were you.

Customize it, - 12/03/2016
Reviewer: Ray C

I asked for this to be spliced into an Ultra Sling, and made out of 3/4' tRex. Best custom item I've ever though of. Now I have "one sling to rule them all." If I'm trimming of removing the tree, I usually only set an access line from ground; after I'm in tree I set my load line, then I ne'er have to go back and get it. If you need to lower the top, or a few blocks, use the large eye sending it thru the Ultra Sling holes, sinching it up tight to tree. Great sling folks! Though the "experts" in Rope Logic, should've put the fabric tubing near the large ring base, similar to the Omni Block sling (prevents picking). They didn't do it for me, I'd make sure to ask for it.

Awesome rings - 03/14/2016
Reviewer: Al

The ABR rig and ring is so fast to set up and remote retrieval is great also. It is way lighter than a block. I definitely recommend this product. Get one and get creative.

Great stuff! - 03/08/2016
Reviewer: Derrick Catlett

This is an amazing device! Check it out in action for the first time on a light oak limb. After taking down our first tree with this my groundie loves me!

Beast - 02/13/2016
Reviewer: Zach

Great product, very strong

What did I use before? - 01/10/2016
Reviewer: Dmaloney

These are awesome. Being able to set and remove a rigging point from the ground is priceless. I bought one about a year ago and have since made a second since I learned to splice. These are my go to for storm damage and rigging out branches. The only thing they aren't good for is rigging down a spar but that's a given.

Simple And Strong - 01/06/2016
Reviewer: john reich

Takes 2 seconds to set up. This thing is huge. Can't go wrong for the price! Get one!

Contest - 01/04/2016
Reviewer: Pat R

This is another must have Not only is it ridiculous strong but you can now set your rigging point from the Ground !! I mainly use it for rigging out the Canopy. . Great tool again for your rigging equipment / arsenal

MR - 12/17/2015
Reviewer: H Fox

GREAT product - absolutely love it, and efficient and speedy service from Tree stuff. Very happy all round.

retrievable from ground what?????? - 11/02/2015
Reviewer: joe millar

Love this for years ive wanted this to exist for so long works great as a retilrieveable redirect for pull lines rigging anything big crazy and bad thank you BAR and way to go treestuff.

I've got the blue one - 09/28/2015
Reviewer: Dr. Greenthumb

Buy this! It is an incredible saver of time, energy, trees, and rope. You could set up a natural crotch rig remotely and burn up your muscles, your rope, and possibly a limb. This piece does exactly what a friction saver does only with rigging sized loads and ropes. If you're uncertain about installation or removal there are tons of instructional videos on friction savers. It stays in my climbing bag with a lightweight rigging rope because it is light and compact enabling me to leave the heavy arborist block and bull rope at home or in the truck most of the time.

WOW - 07/12/2015
Reviewer: Jared C

Wow says it all the versatility of this product is beyond imagine, really imagination is the only limit to their use. I know one idividual spoke they use it on the all but the small jobs. This can be used on a multitude of jobs induding the small infact I love it for the small projects almost the best. You can cow hitch it and use one end ring to blow the top and it has enough friction if it top's size is apropriate no porty is needed. You have two options as to which ring you can you use. Hang it right and you use both rings one as redirect and one as weight point. Large trees throw it over a crotch and use both rings. Wrap it around a large

The no climb instalation could be a huge asset but one i have not atempted as yet so I can not speak of the use of this.

The quality of this product is top notch and the ABR rings are amazing in size and finish nothing to be scared of there. While speaking on quality yet another advatage to ring gig in comparison to blocks is the speed removal technique ie watch here comes, I wouldn't recomend throwing near concrete but a pile of bursh is def fair game. I know the ABR guys don't want to hear this but we all know it happens, on second thought maybe they do if I break them I will have to order another pair cause I am not sure i would ever want to take on another project without.


super big - 06/16/2015
Reviewer: ted gibbs

i just open this in the mail today, and LET ME TELL YOU this thing is huge, just looking at it makes you feel no worries. this thing is a beast and thank you TreeStuff i found a new place to shop lol cant go wrong with this if you want something to count on

Great set up - 04/04/2015
Reviewer: Jon matych

This is so slick, set it from the ground, retrieve it from the ground, tie it midline in a hitch of your choice to set a 3:1 on a pull line, so many other options. A really handy tool that allows me to leave the heavy block on the ground and climb with, using when needed.


Simple and Indestructible - 04/04/2015
Reviewer: Armstrong

There's not much to say about this simple device. With no moving parts, and quality components and construction, it will perform as expected for many, many jobs.

A True Rigging Wonder! - 04/04/2015
Reviewer: Joel Campbell

ABR's large Rig and Ring is one of the most used rigging devices in my kit bag. I use it on all but the smallest rigging jobs.

The large rig and ring can be set remotely in a crotch. It can then be easily retrieved from the ground. It can also be choked around a stem, although doing this will prevent it from being retrieved from the ground. This makes it no different than using a sling and block, but involves far less gear.

I've girth hitched a loop runner through the small ring, then used the large ring as a single ended redirect. (no sharp rope bends when used in this configuration)

At five feet in length, ir will wrap around most any top rigging stem, or branch union. This is one of the only devices I own that does not allow for mid-rope installation, but I soon got over that minor inconvenience.

Overall a great product and super fast and simple to deploy. No moving parts. I love this thing.

Absolutely love it - 03/27/2015
Reviewer: Chris Ivester

I use this nearly every day and absolutely love it. It's made me a lot of money and saved a lot of time

Soooooo Smoooooooth!! - 02/05/2015
Reviewer: Ira

Awesome addition to the rigging kit! Retrieving from the ground?...just tie a simple over-hand stopper knot with 6" tail (when using 1/2" rigging rope).

Quality Product - 11/24/2014
Reviewer: Chris Clark

Just received my order and I am ecstatic about the build quality of these rigging rings and I am looking forward to using them this week, I expect that I will be ordering more rigging rings in the future.

How did I do without this? - 10/30/2014
Reviewer: Steve

Awesome piece of equipment! No more burning ropes and damaging the tree with natural crotch rigging. Predictable friction is your friend.

Using the 35mm retrieval ring that comes with the U Saver I've always managed to retrieve this from the ground without it getting stuck. Attach a throwline to the end of the rigging rope if you're worried about damaging anything below.

Yesterday I pulled the rigging rope through without the retrieval ring but still managed to get the Rig and Ring out by installing a climb line in the same fork and using that to flick one of the rings back through. Saved me climbing 50' at the end of the day.

I received my order in less than 48 hours - 09/25/2014
Reviewer: Jake Robbins

Treestuff has the best selection and fairest prices on the web. I placed my order on tues night and received it Thursday morning. I will continue to use Treestuff for all of my equipment. Thanks guys.

Must have - 07/18/2014
Reviewer: Mike Tilford
Excellent rigging option! This is one of those tools that once you start using it you wonder how you ever worked without it. Being able to set a rigging point from the ground without double loading the rigging point is an excellent option for removals. I haven't found a retrieval ball that works for extraction but the ring that comes with the U Saver is perfect for it or find an appropriate size washer and add some throwline to it. I'll be putting one of these in every rigging kit!

Buy it NOW - 06/22/2014
Reviewer: Steve Connally
I love this thing. Time saver, energy saver and bombproof. Too many uses to list. Just get one and be glad you did.

pair it with little blue brother for spar rigging - 06/13/2014
Reviewer: ciptree
Girth hitch around appropriate stem diameter ..then cow hitch blue sling around legs ..three rings or four at your like a charm. If stems bigger just start timber hitch and do same to legs with little blue guy ..three rings for top down tightness . The beauty is the rings trap rope so tail can't unroll..I found that putting Xl ring in middle works best with the large on outsides but Xl ring works well for top ring also ..for biggest wood this configuration allows I leave the little ring out of it ..kinda gets lost in the mix with the big boys..happy topping!

Rig and Ring ROCKS! - 05/12/2014
Reviewer: Brian Bixler
Simple, effective, and a bulletproof tool. I love how easy it is to retrieve as a redirect or top lowering point.


very good - 05/06/2014
Reviewer: matt
saves a ton of time climbing to set rigging plus its light and super option to set rigging remotely by far

Simple Rigging - 03/17/2014
Reviewer: Rick Denbeau
This simple to use piece of equipment works great as a remote rigging point within an appropriate branch union. Providing friction management with both tree and rope preservation in mind the Rig and Ring takes up little space in the rigging kit while providing a simple solution to the demands of tree rigging.

Awesome For Remote rigging - 02/26/2014
Reviewer: Mike Dunn
I have an early prototype of this and must say its a super convenient time saver. In the recent ice storm on the East coast I was able to employ its use to rig whole trees from the ground in lieu of climbing icy trees in terrible conditions. Buy one, you wont regret it!

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