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Reviews for Rope Logic Rig and Ring Small

4.8 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 9 reviews

solid as can be - 07/23/2017
Reviewer: TED GIBBS

i have the large ring a medium on mine, it is super strong and will hold up to any test. rope running is smooth as can be. is the fastest delivery i have every seen, and the people are very nice to talk with been a customer for years now and i am going to stay that way. thank you tree stuff TED

Ex ISA and MCA Arborist - 03/27/2016
Reviewer: Dan Connell

Bought this in the fall, used it till winter and now back at it. Love the simplicity of it! super easy to set up and retrieve from the ground . Very quick install when up in the tree, I've been keeping 1 on my harness. Nice job!

Couldn't be without - 02/13/2016
Reviewer: Scott walker

Love the X rings really valuable bit of kit that I now wouldn't be without, simple to set up, and ridiculous strong, also love the single rings for redirects.

Nearly perfect - 11/15/2015
Reviewer: Mark Collins

In my opinion this is near perfection for the price.
5 stars for simplicity,
5 stars for practicality,
5 stars for for the evolution of an idea that began years ago.
One critical omission: The correct size retrieval ring or ball is necessary and different for various devices, and the small rings are easy to lose. An inexpensive bright colored retrieval tool should be included with each rig, and once you know what works, get several of them.
Thank you ABR!

Can't do without - 09/02/2015
Reviewer: Mark Shingo Heines

Can only agree with the others posters, just a simple yet awesome piece of gear. Use this with a P and N Bull rope and you can lower some serious weight... Love to see a few of these made up of Poly for some better dynamic properties for those of us who sometimes stretch the limits.

Stable braid is fine for short catches. Just well thought out and very versatile. Well done guys.

Great tool - 05/16/2015
Reviewer: Wes Advanced Arbor Work Greenbay Wi

I love this thing. Set it from the ground, retrieve it from the ground. It's used every time I use a 1/2" rigging line. I bought the old version, and one of the splices had a few yarns start to pull out. I called tree stuff, they sent me a new one that day and had the old one picked up. I got the new one in less than 48 hours, and they included 3 new carabiners for my troubles plus the usual swag bag. Treestuff is the best company I've ever dealt with as far as costomer service, and their prices are great. If they stock the product, I want I buy from them. By the way the new ones way beefier feeling with the 9/16 line. Nice!

Great - 04/06/2015
Reviewer: Mike P

I had this unit made out of 9/16" Stable Braid and a bit longer. I am really liking the rings a lot. Very versatile, easy to install/retrieve remotely, and the little added friction helps keep your rigging line free from being pulled away from the climber.

If you like using spliced eyes and shrink wrap like the previous poster said, just go up in size on the rings to the larger Kiss Version.

Must Have - 06/24/2014
Reviewer: mt
This is a must for anyone who does removals and storm damage. It's as simple to set from the ground as a friction saver and is easily retrievable with the right ball (which I modified with throwline). It's an excellent way to set a rigging point before entering the tree.

very cool - one concern - 05/29/2014
Reviewer: jerszak
Great tool, I love it? but--- you are limited by the max diameter of work line being 1/2" Which really isn't the issue at all.
The real problem is when setting up remotely. On all my lines I use shrink tubing to terminate my ends. The line can then only be rigged thru the device by hand.
But, even without the shrink tubing, simply having your throw line wrapped around the ropes end, doesn't guarantee you'll be able to set your line easily -either.
I'm kind of surprised this one single oversight was not recognized.

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