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Reviews for Arborwear Tech II Pant - Forest

4.6 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 12 reviews

best value! - 09/22/2018
Reviewer: GMP

I have owned 3 pairs of these pants and rotated them for 4 years now. Great in the air or on the ground. They have held together without any major damage other than a muffler burn on one of them. Super strong, lightweight, pockets protect things from sawdust and best of all, super quick to dry. If you are a worker, these pants are the best buy for you hands down.


Best Pants! - 06/30/2018
Reviewer: Patrick Quirk

Got these pants for summer work...they are lighter weight and extremely comfortable....I highly reccomend these pants to any one...spray techs tree climbers or bucket guys or gals!!! #shirt 10 nickerson rd apt 3 peabody ma 01960 size xl

Excellent for Plant Healthcare Techs - 08/18/2017
Reviewer: Casey Snyder

I have been very happy with these pants. Lightweight and comfortable. I have used them for PHC work and tree climbing and they have been very useful for overall tree work. I like the side pockets and the velcro pockets so things don't fall out of my pants. The only issue I ever have is forgetting things in the pockets and finding them later in my washing machine. Overall a great tree care pant.

Socially acceptable pajamas pants - 04/13/2016
Reviewer: Dominick

These pants....the only way I can possibly think to describe them is that they have the comfort and freedom of movement that pajama pants have but all of the functionality of a good pair of work jeans.

Great but could be greater - 03/07/2016
Reviewer: stumpnut

These are great pants for the money. They are even better if you carefully (exacto knife)remove the cargo pockets off the legs and the velcroed flaps on the rear pockets. Why bother? They become a much more svelt canopy pant for starters- no more snagging cargo pockets and a better fit under your sadle with out the back flaps. Is it worth the trouble? I think so, especially for the price. If they made this pant as modified, even at the same price. I'd buy a dozen. Rock on.

Buena calidad - 01/09/2016
Reviewer: Maycon Flores

Estos pantalones son fantásticos no son los mejores pero duran

Great pants! - 01/08/2016
Reviewer: Travis vickerson

Got these pants a few months ago and I find myself wearing them all day and then coming home and not wanting to take them off! They are so comfortable i would sleep in them if it wasn't for the sawdust and bar oil stains! Just blown away by the comfort and durability!

Fancy Pants! - 01/07/2016
Reviewer: Brandon Ellis

It's a good thing they only offer these pants in two colors or I might go broke! I've beat the snot out of these pants and they still look almost brand new! They are so tough in fact I hope if I'm ever being mailed by a vicious squirrel its on a day I'm wearing these pants. Wouldn't want to fight a tree rat without these britches covering my boys! 

Fit is good, very durable - 04/05/2015
Reviewer: Daniel

I've had my arborwear tech pants almost a year and they show little signs of wear. I climb mostly large live oaks with deep bark and the pants are holding up great. I work in the south and it's hot, which I why I went for these as opposed to the cotton and I believe I made the right choice.
As far as the size, I wear a 32x30 so I ordered 34x30. Fits perfectly. Tons of leg room. Waist sits slightly above the hip and the guessetted crotch is very ample, more so than my duluth trading co. pants. I will definitely purchase another pair.

Tuff - 04/03/2015
Reviewer: Benjamin Maurer

The fabric of these pants is great; super-tough yet still relatively light. The fit is not so great for me. They feel like a slim fit yet billowy at the same time, if that makes sense. When I get sweaty the pants will stick to my knees and the tops of my legs and walking/climbing motions will pull them downward which feels very restrictive and annoying.

Great Summer Climbing Pants - 06/29/2014
Reviewer: James
Great summer work pants. I live in my arbor wear 6 days a week. Durable yes, Like how the cargo pocket was relocated from the original version so you can access it with a harness on. I've got over two months in on my two pair and they both look like I got them in the mail yesterday. I believe they are true to fit. Another reviewer said it was more restrictive than other pants but those pants const almost twice as much. Good bargain for the buck.

Durable Fabric but restrictive fit for me - 05/24/2014
Reviewer: Michael Curtis
Fabric appears durable, but the fit was restrictive. The cut and fabric limited me from raising my knees as much as other work pants such as Ben Davis and Arborwears Canopy Pants. The pockets looked like a nice addition. Wish the Canopy Pants would have pockets like the Tech Pants. If they fit you and don't restrict your movement they will probably be great pants.

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