Baseline Insecticide

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Arborists and landscape management professionals have a high-performance product for control of the toughest pests - including borers, beetles and mites - as well as more than 50 other turf and ornamental pests. Offering both cost effectiveness and outstanding plant protection, Baseline insecticide contains 23.4% bifenthrin combined with a proprietary carrier that optimizes trunk spray applications. It is highly effective at low-use rates and maximizes residual and control because it remains on target even when subject to irrigation or rainfall. Sold by the quart.



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Baseline insecticide controls three distinct groups of pests:

• bark beetles and borers

• other ornamental pests including scale, mites, bagworms, lacebugs, whiteflies,
tent caterpillars and twig borers

• turf pests such as billbugs and armyworms, as well as ants, crickets and flea


Baseline insecticide is most effective when applied as a preventive treatment, prior to the adult flight of selected pests. (See chart.) Application rates range from 0.07 - 0.3 fl. oz./1000 sq. ft. for turf protection, 2.6 - 12.8 fl. oz./100 gals. for foliar pests on landscape ornamentals and 6.4 - 32 fl. oz./100 gals. for bark beetle and borer control. Always refer to the product label for information on specific pests, sites, spray rates and intervals.

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