Buckingham Steel Climbers with Soft Cushion Wraps

$266.99 - $281.99

A complete set of quality steel Buckingham spurs will last you a very long time. Cushion Wrap pads have thick foam and a 4" wide velcro cinch strap for a perfect fit. Comes with nylon foot straps. Choose between Buckingham 1 3/4" replaceable pole gaffs, 2 3/4" replaceable tree gaffs (most popular) or 3 1/2" permanent tree gaffs.

$266.99 - $281.99


This set features an adjustable sleeve to control the length of the climber for a great fit. Standard Stirrup Width. Buckingham Climbers may be used by persons weighing 350 lbs. when fully outfitted with tools and equipment.