ChainMeister Filing Device

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The ChainMeister is a revolutionary time-saving device that solves a longstanding problem; the issue of having to incorporate an entire chainsaw into the sharpening of a chain. As we all know, the chainsaw powerhead itself has nothing at all to do with sharpening a chain, except for the tensioning device within the saw.



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The ChainMeister IS the tensioning device. It is designed to do one thing, and one thing well: mount and tension a chainsaw chain on a chainsaw bar, allowing you to hand-file chains without bringing an actual chainsaw into the mix. This means you never have to put a dull chain back onto a chainsaw. You sharpen dull chains on the ChainMeister and your chainsaw gets only sharp chains from now on.

In use, you only tension 1/2 turn to sharpen, 1/2 turn the other way to loosen and advance the chain. Removing the sharpened chain can take as little as 5 seconds. Putting on a dull chain back on, about 10 seconds.

The ChainMeister is designed to accommodate any length chainsaw bar, from power pruners and top-handles up to the Magnums. Any pitch chain ; 1/4", .325 and 3/8" will work. All gauges of chainsaw driver links will work; .043, .050, .058 and up to .063 . As well, all bar mount slots are accommodated, all the way up to the Stihl .475 widths will work on the ChainMeister. Any bars or chain from any manufacturer will work.


You supply the bar for the length chains you will sharpen. Old, retired bars can be used, as long as the sprocket nose still works and the guide rails are dressed and the guide rail slot is cleaned and lubricated. Bent or old, rusty bars are not recommended.

The ChainMeister is the most innovative chain management device inside the logging, forestry and arboriculture industries. Apply the ChainMeister onto the bar and chain, secure the bar into a vise or other clamping mechanism and begin sharpening with a new level of control, speed and precision. Longer bars and chains, from 18" to beyond 48" will realize the greatest benefit. You no longer have to tie up a chainsaw to sharpen a chain.

The ChainMeister is now available in both Zinc-Galvanized, or in a long-lasting All-Stainless Steel.

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