CMI Holdway Friction Device


CMI has developed the Holdway in conjunction with arborist JB Holdway to simply add friction to a rigging scenario. With a 3/4"� rope capacity and an incredible MBS of 35,000lbs the Holdway can be used as a midline attachable rigging point or redirect. The large bend radius of the Holdway allows more of the fibers of the rope to safely share the load and increases the life of your line when compared to other friction devices. This device is intended to replace rigging rings or standard arborist blocks in different situations.



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Weight: 3.10lbs

Rope Capacity: 3/4"

MBS: 35,000lbs

  • Mid-line attachable friction block
  • Large bend radius on non-moving sheave for additional friction when lowering heavy loads
  • Integrated slic pin and shackle assembly ensures you don't lose your pins at height
  • Much larger bend radius than most other devices - especially rigging rings
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