ISC Rigging Rope Wrench

$219.95 - $234.95

The ISC Rigging Rope Wrench is a variation on Kevin Bingham's original concept for midline friction that allows control of your rigging line from the ground or in the treetop. Perfect for small crews because of its versatility and tiny size, the Rigging Rope Wrench anchors at the top of the tree and provides friction to the lowering line, or it can be attached at the base of the tree allowing more pulleys to be rigged for mechanical advantage applications. The RP292 Version is tweaked for heavier applications and includes a locking bearing in the sheave for additional friction while lowering that runs freely while lifting.

$219.95 - $234.95


ISC RP290 and RP292 Rigging Rope Wrench Instructions

Maximum Load (RP290): 70kg (154lbs)

Maximum Load (RP292): 120kg (264.5lbs)

Maximum Rigging Line Diameter: 13mm

  • Set up in the canopy and control the descent of limbs from the ground or from the tree
  • Simple and quick to install
  • Turn it upside down to lift and tension limbs
  • Perfect for small crews
  • RP 292 has a black dogbone for easy identification
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