How the Krista Strating Action Statue was Made

Behind The Scenes

The Krista Strating Action Statue was a collaboration with TreeStuff, Krista, and Selftraits Toronto. Here's how it works.

Step 1: Pictures

Creating a 3D model can be done in two ways - by modelling by hand, or by scanning. The way it works with Selftraits is that Krista arrived and jumped into their big sphere of cameras. After a couple minutes there was enough data to give the computer.

Step 2: Computer Models

Once the computer triangulates surface information from the parallax information from the cameras (exactly how our eyes determine depth) there are 3D models to choose from.

The great thing about using cameras to do the scan is that the shape can be extrapolated as well as the colors of the objects! Now the 3D artists have a full-color model to work with. If there are any changes to make, this is where they can be added in 3D - such as the base, or adding another TreeStuff logo on clothing.

Step 3: Printing

Selftraits uses top-of-the-line ColorJet printing for full-color, highly detailed prints. First the models are stacked for faster printing.

Then they're printed.

Cleaned of support material.


And shipped out to us!